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Rise up and Shine the Light of Your Talents, 
and Gain from the Talents [That Have Been] Given to You.

Just as nature shines its light according to their unique traits and is used by people, 
people who are created by the Almighty God also shine their lights respectively. 
Talents and gifts that you are born with from heaven, 
talents that are passed down from your parents, 
talents that you have developed through your own efforts and struggles
-when they are all used according to my Will, they will shine for eternity. 

If you don’t take action, you will not know what your talents are. 
You need to take action to know [what they are]. 
Since I have entrusted you with talents so that you can gain profits, 
shouldn’t you diligently take action and gain even more talents? 
Those who gained twice as much as they received 
are people who were not lazy and have taken action diligently and faithfully. 
But those who have not gained anything are first of all, lazy. 
Second, they are people who have not been faithful. 
Third, they are indifferent people who don’t know the master’s heart, 
and don’t treat what belongs to the master as if it belongs to them. 
They are people who are pathetic in the Lord’s eyes, 
and people who only did their own work burying in their hearts the talents of life 
and talents of faith I have given to them by failing to fulfill their responsibilities, 
and not making an effort even though they have skills and abilities. 
You need to use the talents of life and abilities in a way that shines. 
Then both your spirit and body will become prosperous and abundant 
so that you will be able to shine the light of life, brilliantly. 

Talents are the work that I, the Holy Son, and the Omnipotent God have entrusted to you
according to your abilities. 
Everyone, rise up and shine the light! 
Those who take action with me using their abilities, skills, and gifts 
are the ones who shine the greatest light in life. 
My Omnipotent Father and I, the Holy Son who saves you have given you talents 
so that you can live for Heaven, which is the purpose of life, 
but if you use that only for yourself and for the world, 
how can you shine the light of the talent that my Father and I gave to you? 
You must live using the talents and abilities 
that my Father and I, the Holy Son have given you only according to my Will. 
Then I will be with you, give you power and bless you so that the talents of your abilities will shine.  
Listen to my words today, and find out what the talents that my Father and I have entrusted you are. 
Pray deeply [about it]. 
If you think only physically and use your talents, then you will use them without wisdom and knowledge, 
and you will not be able to make miracles according to my Will nor will you be able to shine the light of life. 
The body is weak, unbeneficial, worldly, and lives without knowing the essence, doesn’t it? 
Use your talents and abilities and take action 
after receiving the power of the eternal God by doing things with me. 
Then you will shine the brilliant light like the sun.  
Work hard every day. You must be faithful. 
The more diligently you work [the more] you will shine the light of your abilities/talents. 

If you want to shine the light, you must pray, hold my hands, and do things with me.
Don’t be idle. If you are idle, who will do the work I have entrusted to you? 
I only look at you. You are the one who must do it. 
Those who work hard but those who gradually lose [fire] in their hearts 
and have a change in their heart because it is difficult, shine the light of actions.
Before the owner sets the weeds in the field on fire, 
look to see whether there are crops left, and harvest them. 
I have given you talents in saving lives, so don’t be lazy, work diligently, 
and shine the light of righteousness. Shine the light of life. 

The more you run, the more brightly you will shine the light of your talents. 
Rise up! Then you will shine the light of talents of abilities. 
‘To rise up’ means to begin, to move, to run, to take action, to put it to practice, 
to obey my words, and to become swift clouds.’ 
You must rise up in order to shine the light of your individual fate respectively, 
shake off worry that says, “How should I live my life?” and live a valuable life, 
be filled with joy and hope, and gain many things. 
You will not be able to say, “I couldn’t do it because I didn’t know.” 
How much have I spoken to you about how to live your life until now! 
Study. Make the effort. 
Spare your time. Make the determination to do it and make sure to take action. 
Then you will receive the blessings according to the Word 
and shine the light of the gifts that I have given to each of you. 
You need to shine your light. 
Then you will be able to make your way through the dark world, 
shining your light in the midst of this wicked world. 

Raise your level in evangelism; raise your level in church operation; 
raise your level in sermon delivery; and raise your level in fulfilling the tasks given to each one of you. 
Then it will not be difficult, but instead it will benefit you, and it will be ideal. 
If you think at a lower level and take action, it becomes more difficult. 
Shine the light of praise and the Word. Shine the light of becoming one and being in harmony. 
How can you give up and say, “I can’t do it?” 
Even if you cannot do it, you can do it if you go on holding my hand.
Also, take care of yourself everyday and keep your body, spirit, and faith from getting sick. 
Be healthy and shine your light. 
If each of you does not raise your level but only maintains your current condition in faith, 
you will gradually lose hope. 
It is hard whether human beings walk the path of despair and death or walk the path of life. 
There are times when it is difficult, worrisome and disappointing 
even if you receive my, the Holy Son’ love and you give me your love. 
In those times, pray more deeply and make it an opportunity to draw close to me and receive my blessing. 
[You go through that] so that I will lead you to another higher level path. 

Everyone, polish your talents so that you will shine more brightly. Practice. 
Train yourself more. Make more effort. Completely cast away what you must cast away. 
True repentance is casting [it all] away. 
Contradictions must be thrown away. The more you throw away what needs to be thrown away, 
the more brightly your life will shine.
If you do not get rid of what you should get rid of, you will not be able to shine your light 
because contradictions you have in you will cover, obscure, 
and bury your talents, merits, and righteousness. 
Pull out and cast away everything that I do not want and that has filled up your heart like weeds-
contradictions, weaknesses, mistakes in speech, unrighteous deeds, being extremely worldly, 
bad habits, wrong behaviors to which you are awfully addicted to, and etc. 

My Father created each one of you according to His image and likeness, 
and that is why you have your own unique and boundless talents. 
You need to take action with all your heart, will, and life. 
Then your talents will be revealed one by one, benefiting yourself 
and stacking up as merits in the kingdom of Heaven. 
You need to receive the gifts from Heaven and take action according to Heavens’ Will. 
Then during your life on earth, you will be able to use the talents properly, receive blessings, 
and live a prosperous life. 
Otherwise, even if you toil and gain things, your worries, troubles, and concerns of life will [only] continue, 
and your life will be filled with agonies, emptiness, and letdown.
Take action to the utmost degree, 
and you will be able to shine the light of your talent to the utmost [levels]. 
Then each one of you will gain victory in life and gain eternal victory. 

Now that I have spoken to you and said, “Shine the light of your talent,” 
I will be with you even more so that each one of you will shine the light of your talent. 
Everyone, let us all rise up! If we do, we will reach a different level. 
I am the Holy Son who loves you. 
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