Get Rid of Old Things from the Environment and Organize Them...
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Get Rid of Old Things from the Environment and Organize Them; 
and Get Rid of Things of the Past from Your Heart and Actions and Put Them in Order.

Even if a person may have earned a tremendous amount of money 
and has built ten thousand beautiful buildings in each city, of each nation, all around the world, 
and has become a tycoon of all tycoons living in splendor; 
if they don’t listen to my words and make themselves perfectly, 
their physical bodies will end up dying in this world, and their spirits will go to the darkness of Hell. 
So ultimately there is no gain. 
That splendor cannot compare to a person whose spirit goes to Heaven 
after living in a thatched roof house or in a rented house having gone through suffering, 
but has made/(polished) himself after listening to my words and has lived according to my Will.  
In this way, making yourself according to my Word 
is the greatest work [for you] in your life, and the eternal task. 

If you want to make/(polish) yourself, 
you need to throw out things that you need to get rid of from your heart and actions, 
and you need to obey my words. 
Those who do so are people who put their past behind, and are living having raised their level.  
Every day you must make yourself, the one who cannot be traded even for the world. 
If you make yourself by yourself, you can be used only in the world. 
You must listen to my words and make yourself according to my Will through me. 
Then your spirit will not go to Hell, the world of eternal suffering, 
and instead, will come to Heaven, my kingdom.
If you learn only in the world, you will transform into a person of the world, 
and you will be used only appropriately for the world.  
You must learn from me, take action, and transform into a person of Heaven. 

People’s hearts and actions are made 
depending on what kinds of words people hear and put to practice. 
Those who belong to the earth will make an image that belongs to the earth, 
and those who belong to Heaven will make an image that belongs to Heaven. 
The one who belongs to the earth is the body, and the one who belongs to Heaven is the spirit. 
That is why I tell you to listen to my words, the words of the Holy Son, and take action.
Look at Heaven and the earth. 
Heaven is the limitless world of the spirits, and it is the eternal world. 
However, the limit has been set for this world which you live in, so eventually it will disappear. 
When the time comes, it will disappear just as the body disappears. 
However, the spiritual world lasts for eternity, just as the spirit lasts forever.
You must listen to my words and throw away everything you need to throw away, 
and make perfect what needs to be made. 
Then your spirit will come to the eternal Heaven. 
Those who failed to get rid of things they were supposed to get rid of 
and failed to make themselves perfect according to my Will while they have lived on the earth 
end up going to Hell, the domain of death where their spirits won’t die forever, 
and they live there receiving eternal suffering.  
All kinds of suffering continue, forever there in Hell. 
I, the Holy Son, also visit [Hell] to show you that such place like that exist. 
I don’t go there because I feel pity for people there or to help those who are there. 
I [already] pleaded with them and told them [so many times not to go there], 
so I don’t even want to think about those who ended up in Hell, 
because they failed to obey my words until the end. 
Whoever you may be, you must listen to my valuable words of life and make/(polish) yourself. 
Then you can come to Heaven. 
If you don’t make yourself according to my words, you cannot come to Heaven. 

Those who do things that were prohibited in the Bible; I want you to get rid of all those deeds. 
You must throw away everything without leaving anything behind. 
Those who live doing only the things that I have told you to do, 
are people who threw away things that they needed to throw away. 
Those who center on themselves and those who are physical are people who [put forth] humanism. 
I want you to fix before me the mindset 
and the condition of the heart of thinking and taking action according to your own ways. 
Such people are those who live caught up with themselves in their self-centered lives. 
Tidy up and get rid of everything. 
Such mentality and mindset are like filthy trash, and rotten water. 
Each nation has their own customs, climates, mannerisms, traditions, habits, behaviors, 
and hereditary traits from their ancestors. 
If you live in that country, you will be affected by that nation’s characteristics, 
and you will live following them [as the people of that nation do things]. 
However, wrong things must be fixed. Whichever nation you may be, all of you must fix yourselves. 
If you don’t fix it after listening to my words, 
you will become distant from me, and you will not be able to come to my kingdom. 

Before you save others, first save yourself perfectly. 
In order to save yourself, you need to fix and get rid of needlessly strong character, scary character,
character that gets angry and has a temper, character that speaks recklessly whatever you want, 
and a heart and actions that are like trash. 
Get rid of lust, lewdness, greed, ignorance, temper, wicked words, laziness, and hatred. 
Were you crazy about entertainment, games, worldly love, love for material wealth and TV, 
and did you make them your source of joy? Throw it all away and fix yourself. 
Did you gossip, ignore others, misunderstand me, and misunderstand your brothers? Get rid of it. 
Did you not pray deeply but just barely manage to pray? 
Did you not evangelize? Did you not study and put in more effort? 
Did you not love your brothers, and put me, the Holy Son, as your first priority? 
Fix your heart and actions and make it perfect. 
Did you do things according to your own mentality, your own heart, and centered on yourself? 
Get rid of everything and fix yourself. 
Did you not repent until the end? Did you feel left out, and not manage yourself? 
Did you not become the swift cloud? 
Did you listen to the Word as if you were eating honey, only when you were listening to it, 
but when taking action, you took action like an ant eating [honey]? 
Did you continue to take action not leaving old things behind? 
Did you not give all your heart, will, and life and take action? 
Did you do things without asking me and did it as if they were your own work? 
I want you to get rid of all that [kind of] heart and actions, and make it perfect. 
Get rid of all the lies, and all deeds done out of formality.  
Some people use the offering which should be given to God however they want. 
You must give offering to God and, 
if there are places you need to volunteer at, or people that you need to sponsor, 
you should do it with your own money. 
Why do you do things according to what you like? Fix yourself. 
Those who have made up their minds that they will do things, 
and have promised to do them for me, but didn’t do them are people who eventually deceived me. 
When the time comes, just as the sun sets in the West, they will end [in vain]. 
Things that weren’t completed in the process of making them will end up as unfinished products. 
I only take things that are complete. 
You regret only later. You won’t regret it during the process because you don’t know. 
If you look from the spiritual world, you can see what their physical deeds are like. 
Some people have built a beautiful house, but because they fail to do their last repairs, 
they still live in a rented home and are not able to move out. 
If there are things that need to be thrown away and be fixed, 
you need to get rid of it and fix yourself in a hurry. 
Then your house of faith will be completed. 

Challenge yourself to [go to] Heaven! 
If you do not work hard and let yourself go to Hell, do you know how much satans will mock you, 
and how much more they will torment you in Hell? 
You are living in this world, so you could not see around Hell, nor could you know the pain, 
even until the end of your lifetime. 
This is why I showed you that world of suffering 
through those who have the mission [to see and relay it], didn’t I? 
And have I not taught you, pleading with you to at least not go to that world of agony?
You have heard my words [of revelation about Hell]. 
Yet just because you have not seen it for yourself, 
do you view that world as nothing more than a dream? 
You see it that way because your heart and mind have become lethargic. 
Those who dread and fear Hell will not go to that domain. 
Those whose hearts are paralyzed cannot move 
even if they see or hear shocking things just as a human vegetable or a paralytic cannot move. 
This is a symptom of a person whose heart has become dull.  

I am giving you the Word in order to change your spirits, minds, hearts, souls, and bodies. 
You need to do your responsibility by throwing away wrongs things, tidying up, 
and taking 100% action to be transformed according to my Will. 
If your body takes action according to my words 
and, therefore, your spirit transforms into a form of Heaven, 
that transformed spirit becomes one with me and goes about in the spiritual world. 
Whoever it may be, you must change for the better each day. 
Put my words into action in order to be perfectly changed. Therefore, be perfectly transformed. 
Everyone in each nation, don’t just attend church, 
but correct what you must correct in your heart and behavior, throw away what you must throw away, 
and be perfectly changed. Otherwise [all] your efforts will be in vain. 
If you just attend church keeping your heart and actions 
which have become the habit while you were in the world, 
then even if you come to church for a thousand years, you will not have salvation. 
You will fulfill a better salvation and live a better life
as much as you fix yourself and throw away your wrong things. 

I bid peace to all of you.
I am the Holy Son, who has given you the word of life. 

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