Heaven Is Like a Treasure Hidden in a Field.
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Heaven Is Like a Treasure Hidden in a Field.

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. 
When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.”
(Matthew 13:44)  
Because I, the Holy Son, as the owner of Heaven, know how Heaven is, 
I depicted the image of Heaven as ‘treasure’ in a smaller scale.   
The reason why I use parables 
is because all of those who listen to my words cannot see the kingdom of heaven, 
so I spoke in parables using things of the visible world, 
telling them that the kingdom of heaven is just like this as it is like this. 
It says that the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field. 
Do you know what the essence of this word is?
Just as after seeing a treasure hidden in a field, 
you sell all your possessions and buy the field at all costs,
it means that you should make the field of Heaven as yours with all your heart, will and life –
those things that are your possessions. 

The field where the treasure called Heaven is hidden is me, the Holy Son. 
Only when you take possession of me can you make the world of treasure in Heaven as yours. 
I said that Heaven belongs to those who are forcefully advancing. (Matthew 11:12) 
‘Forcefully advance’ means ‘take possession.’ 
It’s a fundamental meaning that refers to going to Heaven. 
It means that you should take Heaven as your [possession] by loving me 
in order to go to Heaven.   
Just as a person sells all they have, buys a field 
and makes the treasure hidden in the field as theirs, takes possession of me 
and takes Heaven as theirs by loving me with all their heart, will and life.
The treasure of a field is buried in that field. It is buried in the field without anybody knowing about it. 
Heaven is buried in the field called me, the Holy Son. 
Those who do not take possession of the field called ‘me, the Holy Son,’
cannot earn the treasure called ‘Heaven’ as theirs. 
Will it be enough if you devote only your heart, thoughts and life that belong to your body
in order to earn me? 
It means that you should put everything you have and do it with all your heart. 
Only then can you earn me, the Holy Son as well as Heaven that is hidden in me.  

What would be the most expensive and valuable thing among your possessions? 
Is it not life? Is it not love? Is it not absolute faith? Is it not absolute obedience? 
Is it not that you honor God and me absolutely and give glory to Us? 
Is it not your never changing heart and thoughts? 
Is it not also what belongs to each one of you? Everything that belongs to you is your possession.
Just as Abraham offered his most beloved and only son, Isaac, before God, 
you should [also] give all you have to me, the Holy Son, 
then you can take me as yours me where the treasure of Heaven is buried. 
Without doing this, how can you earn the treasure of the world of the eternal Heaven?

If you do not sell [your] most expensive and valuable possession 
called ‘love’ among your possessions, 
you cannot take me, the Holy Son, as your bridegroom 
who is the field where the treasure of Heaven is buried, nor can you make me as yours. 
Only when you sell all your possessions can you properly buy me, as yours and make me as yours. 
Only then will everyone acknowledge it and so will my Father and the angels. 
Satan will also acknowledge it and will not be able to take it away. 
Make the field where the treasure is hidden into yours completely. 

Those who have yet to discover the field where Heaven’s treasure is hidden, 
listen to my words now and discover it. 
After buying the field where the treasure is hidden, don’t just look and be happy with that field, 
but discover the treasure and dig it up. 
You sold all your possession to buy the field not just to gain the field, but to gain the treasure. 
If you have bought the field and discovered the treasure of Heaven, 
you must forcefully take Heaven. You must have hope and make Heaven yours. 
“Making Heaven yours” means “You must go to Heaven.” 
If you don’t receive salvation and go to Heaven, what good is it? 
There are so many people who just believed in me in the world, and don’t go beyond that. 
This is because they bought a field that has a treasure hidden in it, 
but because they failed to look carefully, they couldn’t discover the treasure.
Those who believe in me and just attend church cannot receive salvation properly, 
and they cannot go to Heaven. 
Didn’t I tell you that you must adorn yourselves as brides, 
and receive my Second Coming if you want to go to Heaven? 
Only with true love can you receive me, and discover the treasure of heaven hidden in me. 
My Advent is like the treasure hidden in the field of the 2,000 year history.
Those who just thoughtlessly wait for my Second Coming 
are like bridesmaids or guests who come to the wedding banquet and eat, and then leave. 
There are still so many people who will receive that day as guests or bridesmaids.

Now I plan to tell you about ‘the treasure hidden in the field of the earth’ 
so listen carefully, realize, put it to action, and I want you to earn treasures and live in a worthy way. 
If your body is the field, your heart, mind, and thoughts are the treasure. 
Great thoughts, thoughts centering on me, thoughts always longing for eternal things, 
and wise thoughts are the treasure. 
Knowledge about the Heavens and me, the Holy Son, are the treasure.  
Since it is in your heart where Heaven is fulfilled, [your heart] is the treasure isn’t it? 
Time used for me is the time of treasure. 
Even if the body is comfortable, if heaven is not fulfilled in the heart, 
the body cannot live the life of heaven. 
Don’t become a farmer that farms only with the field called “the physical body,” 
but discover the mind, heart, and thoughts that’s hidden in the body as treasure, develop them, 
and live embracing my heart. 

People are the treasure. 
Among people who are living in the field of the world, people that I chose and raised 
are the treasure. 
With your heart, will, and life which are your possession, buy the field called “the world,” 
and dig up the treasure of life that’s hidden there. 
You will be blessed through that, and you will prosper. 

Regarding certain things, what I want is the treasure. 
You need to do what I want. Then you will have gain. 
Those who take action without fulfilling [what I want] 
are like people who buy land that is useless, has no value, and has no treasure. 
Therefore, you must check to see whether there is treasure, and buy it selling all your possessions. 

The treasure in you is skills and talents, and ideas that other people cannot come up with. 
They are treasures hidden in the body and in the field of the heart. 

The predawn hour is the treasure. 
If the time in a whole day is the field,
the predawn time when you are praying for your spirit, destroying Satan, praying earnestly for lives,
praying for the nation and the world and discussing with me -is the time of treasure. 
Even if it’s the time of treasure, if you are asleep in that time, Satan digs and takes away that treasure.

Value small and big treasures and use them valuably. 
You must find the treasure of the Heaven first before you find things of the earth. 
Centering on me, you must first take me and find the treasure of the Heaven, 
and then you must find things of the earth within me. 
Who would know, other than me, the valuable treasures hidden in the field of people’s hearts 
or in the field of the world? 
I will let my beloved one realize and know in what the field the treasure is hidden at. 
I pray that my peace and love will be with you abundantly.  

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