Call on the name of the Lord.
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Call on the name of the Lord.

Your mind wants [to do] it, but you cannot do it because your body is weak. 
Therefore, train your body and mentality, and make it a part of your physical constitution. Make it a habit.
You know that doing it once or twice won’t habituate you to it, don’t you? 
The first stage of habituation is completed when you have done it 10, 20, 30 times. 
You’ve heard, “A habit is second nature,” and that it is like a characteristic you are born with, haven’t you? 
You have to become accustomed to it. 
When they become your habits, you do them automatically. 
You know [how a] vending machine [works], right? 
When your body becomes an automatic body, you naturally wake up, 
although neither an angel nor someone who got up earlier than you wakes you up; 
or even though the alarm did not go off. 
This age is so highly advanced that everything is automated.
In fact, the creation moves automatically, [too,] according to time, doesn’t it? 
Your body and mind are manual, and that is why they are slow in being developed. 
If you do it repeatedly dozens of times as I tell you from now on, 
it will be settled into your physical constitution. Then you will be able to do it. 
So I want you to do [what I tell you.] Your life will be easy and self-maintained. 

Calling on My name should become your habit, then you will be calling on Me [always]. 
If not, you will call on Me only when you face a problem. 
There are various reasons why you call on Me. 
You call on Me for [your] salvation, because you love [Me], because you like Me, 
because you’re thankful, because you are in pain, because you need My help, 
when you have a question, when you’re in pain, or when you are praying. 
When you acquire good habits, 
and positive [characteristics] become constituted into your mentality and spirit, 
you will call on Me in every situation every time. 
At any time, God rescues and helps every person who calls on My name;
therefore, don’t be lazy but diligently call upon Me. 
Those who don’t call when they have to call are lazy; and they cannot earn what they hope for. 
If it were a name through which you would get no answer even if you called on it, 
why would I ask you to call on it? 
If there was no use of calling on that Name, why would I tell you to call on it? 
The spirit of a person who calls on Me, seeks Me, and cares for Me 
will be walking on the path of eternal life 
while his body will be also blessed during his life on earth. 
I call you and look at you tens of times each day. 
But you are the body so you neither hear My voice nor see My [feature] 
because [only] your physical eyes [are open]. 
The world of the body and the world of the spirit are different.
If you call on Me, whether 10 times, 100 times, or 1000 times, each time you call on Me, 
I hear everything you say and see everything you do and how you are. 
I can [hear and see all] because I am an almighty God. 
Call Me anytime, every time on your own. 
Furthermore, tell Me about your situation. Confess in detail. 

Repent in detail, too. That way, you will not have a guilty conscience. 
If you do not confess [your sins] but vaguely say, “I have done wrong,” 
even after you’re forgiven, you will continue to feel, psychologically, that your sins remain. 
Therefore, confess every single sin that comes to mind. 
“To confess” means to identify each and every thing that you have done, one by one, 
as if you exactly read every single word of the Bible without making a mistake. 
Why don’t you specifically tell me your actions and thoughts
—from one motion to another, from one thought to another
—that you did and had while you committed the sin? 
Why do you vaguely state, “I’ve sinned; I was wrong” and close the case? 
If you cannot remember them, receive the Holy Spirit, and be inspired by the Spirit through deep prayer. 
Then you will remember what is hidden even inside your joints and marrow, soul and spirit. 
At that moment, tell Me [everything]. 
Completely confess to Me so that Satan will have no ground to reproach [you.] 
You must make [a full] confession before the judgment in order to escape the judgment. 
Will you confess and repent after being judged and suffering for [your] sins? 
If so, your situation will be like where a child refuses to admit his wrongs 
until he gets thoroughly chastised; 
and only afterward he begs for forgiveness. Won’t his parent’s heart be troubled?  
Will the price of [your] sin be paid off with a simple beating? 
In order to preserve both your body and spirit, you must repent before the judgment; 
evangelize before the judgment; make yourself [whole] before the judgment; 
build merit before the judgment; and receive the Holy Spirit before the judgment. 
With that, you must get ready in the body and spirit while I instruct you, calling on My name. 
Will you call on Me after you go through the judgment and suffering? 
[By then] the situation will be either your body has died 
or you have already slipped into the domain of death. 
If you call on Me, the Holy Son, only then, even if I come to you, what will I be able to do to help you? 
Call Me, right now: “Lord—!” 
As you just called Me, call Me throughout your lives so as to keep Satan from approaching you. 

Look at the people of the world. See who they are calling on in their lives; 
who they are calling on to be saved; who they are calling on to be prosperous; 
who they are calling on to be blessed. 
Can they go to heaven, the kingdom of God, if they call on other human beings or idols, 
instead of My Father God and Me? 
Those who lived [on earth], calling on other human beings or idols 
are nonexistent in the kingdom of heaven. 
How could a person possibly enter heaven without calling on My Father? 
How could a person possibly be saved in My times, and enter heaven, without believing in the Savior? 
No one can go to heaven, if they don’t call on God and on Me. 
Do not call Me only when you need Me, as if calling a servant or an errand boy. 
Instead, call Me with respect, out of awe, reverence, and love. 
Call on Me for help and for [your] salvation. 
Although I am invisible, live your life treating Me like someone you see. I am watching everything you do.
[Only] a few of you call on Me and discuss with Me in all circumstances. 
Only through prayer can man erase distracting thoughts of the world, 
focus intensely to move toward the spiritual world, and unite his mind with his spirit; 
so he can feel the spiritual world and connect with Me as well. 

Whoever you are, do not misunderstand Me, but take firm hold of Me, 
like holding onto a rope and stepping on solid stones on a cliff. 
I plead with all of you to call on Me and on My Father. 
Angels, I, the Almighty God and the Holy Spirit, too, 
can help you and save you, only if you call out. 
I bid you peace. Receive My peace. 
Those who call on Me will remain like pine trees in the winter, like rocky cliffs in the mountains, 
like Lot in the land of Sodom, and like Noah’s eight family members at the foot of Mt. Ararat; 
they will remain with Me forever. 
Save yourself, your brothers, and your nations by having them call on My name. Pray for them. 
The one who have saved you is I, the Holy Son.

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