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Pray a prayer that I, Jehovah want from you!
Pray a prayer that fits My heart! 
Pray for My Will! 

(I was praying at dawn. I prayed for each thing hoping that the will of God will be fulfilled on this earth. 
Then God spoke, ‘Pray for My will!’ 
While I was praying about this word, He gave His word in more detail.) 

*God’s Word*

What would be the prayer that I Jehovah want from you? 
What would be the prayer that I truly want from you, from this earth? 
It is to pray for My Will to be fulfilled on this earth! 
It is to pray for everything to go according to My Will! 
Truly, everything will be done as you have prayed!
I Jehovah listen to your prayers whether they are small or big. 
If that petition and that earnestness reach the point where I, Jehovah, 
can use it to spread history upon the land you are dwelling, 
I can make history upon that condition up to that condition by seeing everything as a condition.

I truly tell you. When you pray, think about what prayer I, Jehovah, want. 
Even when conversing between people as well, the other person will happily receive talk 
if you consider their situation at each time and talk accordingly. 
It is like this when conversing with Me, Jehovah, as well.
Prayer is ‘earnest conversation.’ Prayer is a deep and constructive conversation. 
If earnestness is missing, it is easy for prayer to flow according to your direction.  
Saying that ‘prayer is deep’ means that it is not only considering your position 
but also considering the subject who receives the prayer, that is, Me, Jehovah, 
and you pray while fathoming My position. 
To have a deep conversation between those with bodies, one should not just talk about their own story. 
Wouldn’t the conversation deepen if you listen to the other person’s inside story 
while understanding and considering their position and while you also tell your story? 

Also, prayer is a ‘secret conversation’ with Me, Jehovah. 
You must not let anyone take your prayer away. 
If you fall in your thoughts and say things over and over again while praying, 
that prayer will be taken by Satan not by Me. 
I cannot receive that prayer because it is not perfect. 
You fall in your thoughts because you pray only caring about your own position, right?  
You should consider the person whom you are conversing with. 
However, since you cannot do that, the prayer becomes shallow, you cannot meet Me, Jehovah, 
you remain in your own level or in an even worse condition; it becomes a prayer of meeting with Satan. 
You should pray to Me. Do not give your prayer to another person or to Satan!
Everything will be fulfilled ideally if it goes according to My Will. 
But since you say to fulfill the things at your own level, 
you only see what you can see and ask for it although the will of Satan is in it. 
Sometimes the thing that would be more ideal could be obliged to be fulfilled at a lower level,
and some prayers are not fitting of My heart at all, 
so I cannot carry it out according to your prayer even if you do pray.

If [you ask] whose prayers are the greatest, it would be the prayer of a ‘clean person.’ 
From My, Jehovah’s perspective, ‘clean’ means that they are pure. 
In other words, they don’t consider their own profit, or don’t see themselves in a great way and instead, 
they put Heaven as the center of everything perfectly. 
It means that you ask for Heaven’s things on the earth 
and wish for Heaven’s will to be fulfilled on the earth. 
From that, rather than praying that you will gain things that are specific 
and expect to be raised to a certain level of position, 
you truly and purely wish for My Will to be fulfilled on this earth.

Also, to be ‘clean’ means that the ‘brain is clean.’ 
You meet Me, Jehovah through your brain. 
I also receive through your brain when I listen to your prayer and receive it. 
The brainwaves of those who have a clean brain are stronger than those of others. 
The stronger the brainwaves are the more quickly and easily you are able to reach Heaven.
If the brain is clean not only the brainwaves will be strong, 
but also there will be less of your own thoughts and the world’s thoughts. 
There will be less human thoughts and more of Heaven’s thoughts!
The thoughts that are centered on human beings cannot cleanse the brain. 
All the thoughts of human-centeredness is not clean in the eyes of Me, Jehovah. 
The thoughts that are centered only on Me, Jehovah are clean.
Therefore, make your brains clean! 
The less aspects of humanism you have in your brain and the purer you are, 
the more your prayer will move My, Jehovah’s, heart. 
Those who are like that don’t pray from their own position 
or tell their own situation unilaterally when praying. 
Instead, they empty their own heart and thoughts, ask for the heart of Heaven
and ask earnestly for Heaven’s heart and thoughts. 

Prayer is not something you do just for your own satisfaction of ‘praying at a specific time.’ 
It is not a thing you do just to fill in time. 
Prayer is the process which makes what is real in Heaven a reality on the earth. 
If you pray, Heaven’s things will also be made on the earth. 
If you pray, My, Jehovah’s, will also be fulfilled on the earth. 
How great is it when a thing that is only in Heaven is also made on this earth. 
It is the most essential thing in the process of fulfilling My, Jehovah’s, plan!

Since I have told you how to pray, I wish for all of you to know the core and take action. 
The core is the condition that fulfills My, Jehovah’s, Will on this earth, that is, your ‘prayer!’
Therefore, you should care for My position, 
think about what I want to fulfill for you as individuals, families, nations and the world and pray
according to that direction. 
I have told you that the prayer to fulfill Heaven’s Will 
is the most appropriate to My, Jehovah’s, heart and it is the greatest prayer in My, Jehovah’s, eyes. 
I expect that the sound of your prayer will be unceasing 
and that deeper prayers that touch My, Jehovah’s, heart will come out of you, every day. 

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