Have the conviction of my Love
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Have the conviction of my Love

(When I was receiving revelations, I had such a deep fear that the Lord will desert me if I make a mistake. 
It got so bad that my heart just fell apart one day. 
That day, I made up my mind to talk the Lord about what I feel. 
The Lord came and then He spoke softly about the love of Peter and Mary.)

My beloved, Peter confessed to me 2000 years ago when I came in flesh.
“You are the Christ, Son of the living God.”
This was a truly great confession.
His voice was full of conviction that came from deep within [his heart].
At hearing this confession, I looked into his eyes for a long time.
His eyes were pure, and had nothing false in them. I saw a small, yet strong ray of hope in his eyes.
So I preached to them about the death on the cross with peace in my heart.
His tearful hope has made me open up and start to speak 
about the secrets of the history of salvation through the cross that I couldn’t share until then.
That day, the confession by my beloved disciple Peter awoke my sleeping disciples, 
and awoke the 2000 years of history from slumber.

Peter was a disciple who followed me because he just liked me.
He could not have imagined who I really was, 
but he just liked me who looked humble and lowly, and followed me.
Later I asked him, and he said the hands that I reached out to him felt so warm to him, 
whose life seemed ever so dreary and lonely at that time.
He said that the indescribable warmth of love made him leave everything behind and follow me.
But do you know why he disowned me?

(I think it was because he was afraid.)

Why do you think he was afraid?

(I said, afraid because of all the things he was about to face.)

Right. But think about the fundamental, root cause.

(Wasn’t it because Peter didn’t have the conviction about your love for him? 
Had he truly known your love for him, 
he’d have stood by your side and not spared his life, no matter how afraid.)

That’s right. You realized it well.
He knew about my love towards the humanity, but he didn’t quite realize my love towards himself.
He knew Jesus the Savior, but he didn’t know the Jesus who saved him.
He knew the living Jesus, but didn’t know me Jesus his bridegroom.
He knew it in his head, but didn’t quite feel it in his heart.
Let’s talk about what it meant for my death on the cross that was to come.
He protested at me and held onto me, saying “Lord, please do not go.”
But was he truly concerned about me?
No, he just didn’t have the confidence that he can walk that path with me.
He wasn’t able to embrace and love even the path of the cross that I had to walk.
That’s why, on the day I was captured, he only watched me from far away and didn’t stay by my side.
And when he saw me going through the excruciating torment, 
he said, “I do not know him.” Three times he disowned me.

But how was Mary the Magdalene?
She was the one who opened her eyes to my true love.
She had the conviction that even though everyone forsakes her, I would not forsake her.
That’s why she was able to share the spiritual love with me.
She broke her alabaster jar of perfume for me who had to walk the path of the cross,
and vowed with her love that she’d walk that path with me.
And she didn’t leave the harsh path of the cross even for a moment. 
She stood by my side, and loved me even for my death.
Even on the day of my resurrection, she stood by till the end and was the first one to meet me.
Because her eyes were open to my love for her, she was also able to love me with that fundamental love.

I was with everyone and loved everyone equally like the sun.
But, Some ended up sharing the love of bride with me, and some the love of a son and daughter. 
Do you know why? That’s because you can love me only as much as you realize my love.
He who realizes my love like fire, will love me like fire.
He who realizes my love like water, will love me like water.
Peter loved me, but because he didn’t have the conviction,
he wasn’t able to love me with all this heart, strength, and life.

(Then when was it that he truly realized your love?)

On the day of Pentecost, receiving the Holy Spirit, 
he came to experience my love with trembling [all over his body].
What kind of love do you think it was?
It was the love that embraced, without any words, his lonely spirit.
It was the love that laid down [my] life, heart, and body for him and only for him.
It was the love that forgave him who disowned me while looking straight into my eyes from far away.
It was the love that held him in my arms even in front of the gate to hell.
But it was long after my body, who had been with him through laughter and tears, had already left him.
Even my spirit had already ascended into heaven.
How do you think he felt?
It was a grievance that could not be shed no matter how much it was torn into pieces.
He wasn’t even able to breathe due to the agony of love.
That’s how he was able to preach, with fiery love and grieving heart that took over his heart, 
to 3000 people at once.
This is ‘the Holy Spirit of love.’
Once he became blind to my love, he no longer feared my path of the cross.
On the contrary, he boldly preached the gospel wherever my fiery love deeply entrenched in his heart led him,
and lived a life of no regret as an apostle.
And my beloved disciple Peter died on the cross upside down.
Even at the last moment, he gave me a bright smile.
It was a smile that made all those who crucified him shudder
– a heavenly smile that no one was able to put on.
That was my disciple Peter – the one who preached my love with that smile even till the last minute.

I ask you today. Do you truly know my love? Do you truly have the conviction in my love?
Do you believe that it is me who will embrace you and love you till the end in spirit?
That insignificant you, that worthless you, whom everyone deserted.
Unfortunately, many people who confess to me “I love the Lord.” are shaken in their conviction of love.
That’s because they haven’t seen my love towards them.
Conviction in love!
This is the vessel that holds my love that is given equally to everyone like the sun.
It is when the love and faith increase that your heart is overflowing with my love,
that you restore the value of your one and only existence,
that you can easily overcome any tribulations and even death,
that you can’t help but preach my love even till your dying moment.
If you have truly received my love, engrave it in your heart with conviction.
I want you to put a smile on your face with my love that is directed to you and only you.
I love you. Bye.

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