Only when you take action can you realize and receive the be...
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Only when you take action can you realize and receive the benefits. 

(I did my dawn prayer. 
I felt this desire to realize something so I pleaded to the Lord to help me realize. 
Right then, I received the inspiration, 
‘No matter what you do, there is nothing you can realize without effort,’ 
and the Lord began to speak.) 
‘Realization’ is a struggle. It takes action. 
All things are realized through action and struggles. 
However, realizations must also be fulfilled truly within me. 
The realizations realized through your heart and your various thoughts can be subjective realizations, 
they can be realizations given to you by Satan, or they can be realizations I have given you. 
Through discernment, what needs to be discarded must be discarded. 
Also, if you want realizations to be fulfilled within me, you need to focus on me. 
You need to look through my inner heart and my eyes. 
Realizations received through these means are what it means to receive my thoughts. 
You need to receive my thoughts and mentality to become me. 
You will become divine. You will be changed. 
The Will that I have for you will be fulfilled in a way that pleases me. 
Then, how can you take on my mentality? 
It is only the Word. It is only when you center on the Word. 
It takes for you to only center on my words, 
and engrave each and every single one of them into your spirit, soul, body, heart, mind, and brain. 
Because that is the only way action is possible. 
Because that’s what it takes for your spirit to be changed. 
Change your mentality. Flip it over. Make your heart and thoughts firm with my mentality. 
Transform your heart and mind to the absolute extreme. 
(“I’d like to change daily. I only worry that I might forget in the course of living.”)
Yes, becoming one with me and changing only for the moment is relatively easy. 
But it is hard to maintain it. To progress is difficult. 
Raising the level is what is difficult. Momentary change is a change that is only brief. 
[True] change is when it is maintained, constant, ever-developing, and raising the level each time. 
Momentary change, brief change is only temporary. It is in vain. 
Then, what do you think you can do for it to not be in vain? 
You would have to struggle with all your might. Take action, then you won’t suffer. 
I am most certainly not a vain deity, nor am I one who causes suffering. 
Also, my love is not a temporary love, nor do I love someone at the spur of a moment. 
I am eternally never changing, I am whole-hearted and faithful. This is my love for each one of you. 
Let’s say that you changed momentarily and raised your level. 
Then how much would the spirit rejoice for having received your deeds at a higher level. 
But the problem is that the body stopped changing after taking action only momentarily, 
it changed and reverted back. 
So, the deeds and the mind of the body went back to square one. 
Then, how would your spirit feel after getting a taste of being at a higher level? 
Then, your spirit will go out of its mind with sadness 
because it wants to draw closer to me and receive eternal salvation. 
It will be unbearable. Your spirit will feel so frustrated that it will pound on its chest. 

You need to take action for your spirit’s sake being considerate of your spirit. 
If the spirit, in fact, is feeling frustrated, 
then your body will also feel the frustration, and you also feel the distress. 
Taking action is beneficial for everyone. 
No matter how difficult it may be, you need to keep taking action, 
then you will want to take action even further. 
Then, you will get a taste of what it is like to work with me. 
My words are true so listen, believe, and take action with gratitude and obedience. 
Let’s go all the way to the end with hope and love. Bye. 
-The Holy Son of those who take action. 
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