World of order and harmony
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World of order and harmony

When God created this world, He made each and everything in an orderly fashion. 
Order means ‘harmony.’
Only when things are done in an orderly fashion, harmony can be achieved.
Look into the physical world. Don’t you see God’s world of laws, the world of order?
When things are orderly and harmonious with one another, you say, “It’s truly beautiful.” and marvel at it. 
The world of nature and the world of human beings are all the same. 
That is why, when I look at each and every person, 
I don’t hesitate to admire them, be thankful for them, cherish them, and love them. 
The best masterpiece of God’s great masterpieces is ‘human beings.’

The order of the human world does not only pertain to the visible world.
The spiritual world that is invisible to your eyes 
is a world that’s more orderly, systematic, and beautiful than the visible physical world. 
It is a world that achieves perfect harmony. 
Your terminal life that you live with physical life is the period for building a perfect spirit. 
In other words, it is the period before the real match, 
the period during which you train and practice to make yourself capable of competing in the real match. 
Only the ones who have completed all of the consistent, meticulous, and systematic training without rest
are able to compete naturally in the real match without panicking. 
And such people can get a satisfying result. 

At that time when you take off the shell of the physical body and come to My kingdom, 
people who have already met with Me in the physical world and dated and loved Me 
will be able to come to My kingdom in a very natural way. 
Even though you leave the physical body and come to the spiritual world, 
there is nothing that changes abruptly. 
The spiritual world is an extension of the physical world. 
The mind and soul of the physical world get absorbed directly by the spirit, 
and they are brought to the spiritual world and live there. 
This means that the location is the only difference. It is the same life. 
So beloved one, do you understand how important it is to live harmoniously 
and in an orderly fashion in the physical world?
Imagine how much effort, sweat, and dedication are needed to bear one grain of crop. 
That is only for the crops that live only a year. 
How much then would you need to invest for your spirit, which lives for eternity?

(Our entire life.)

Yes, that’s right. It’s your entire life. 
Even though the time for your body to live and breathe may seem long, 
it is [in fact] too short for making a perfect spirit. 
Therefore, you should struggle more and work hard to live a more meaningful life. 
Everyone cannot avoid that day and hour (the day of death).
Therefore, until you reach that day, work hard to live a regular, consistent, and orderly life like a clock. 

In Heaven, there is no such thing as ambiguity.
In Heaven, everything is definite. Everything is neat. 
Therefore, first change the structure of your thinking to be more definite and orderly. 
Then your actions will also change in the same way, and furthermore, your spirit will change as well.
Make order and harmony be a part of your physical constitution. 
That will allow the spirit to also get used to order and harmony. 
Change one thing at a time systematically. 
Change one by one thinking that life is a time of training.
What should you change, you ask? That is all different for each of you. 
Look carefully at your habits and behaviors. Look to see if they are satisfying for Me. 
If you think that something isn’t perfect in the eyes of Me, 
or that I wouldn’t like it, then you should hurry up and fix it. 
You can do it! Challenge yourself and give things a try! 
You can achieve true harmony when you read the Word over and over and live by the Word. 

My beloved ones, 
ultimately, becoming one with Me 
is entering into the world of the most perfect order and harmony. 
The fall of Adam and Eve, in other words, is them disobeying the Word and breaking the heavenly order.
They put their own ways of thinking before the laws of the Word. It’s the same for Satan. 
As for you too, if you tend to take your thoughts as the first priority rather than obeying the Word, 
then that means that you are living a life of faith in which you are under a delusion 
even when listening to the Word. 
Even if you listen to the Word well without missing any and even if you pray diligently, 
you are not one with Me if you don’t throw away your own thoughts. 
Without even yourself realizing, you will enter the path called ‘My own thoughts,’ 
and Satan will skillfully seep into you. 
So hurry up and throw away your own thoughts. 
Frequently check yourself every day. Think about each and every word that comes out of your mouth. 
Speak as you think and compare it to the Word. 
Do not commit the sin of making a mistake when speaking. 
That is something that disturbs the heavenly order.

Be faithful to the heavenly order.
If you live embracing God, who is majestic and rules over the entire spiritual world in order, within your heart, 
then your words and actions will change. 
Because I love all of you so much, I teach you again the fundamentals for living your life.  
I am the Holy Son.

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