Pull out useless stubbornness by the root.
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Pull out useless stubbornness by the root.

Many are suffering because of their stubbornness.
It is common that those who could become bigger hit limit and stay in that state 
because of their stubbornness. 
Because of stubbornness, they suffer;
because of stubbornness, they are unable to gain what they could gain. 
Because of stubbornness, their hearts ache; because of stubbornness, they cannot come closer to me. 
The reason why you say you love me yet have not completely received my heart 
is that you have not cast away your stubbornness. 
How can you receive my heart completely when your stubbornness holds its ground in your heart? 
So first look into your heart carefully. Do you see stubbornness that still remains in you?
(As the Lord spoke, I began to look into my heart while praying deeply. 
Then I felt that I still had stubbornness in my heart although I thought I would not have. 
So I repented. “Lord, I am sorry. I still have stubbornness in my heart, too. 
I thought I cast away all but it still remains. I am very sorry.”)

When a person realizes about their stubbornness, 
they are finally ready and qualified to receive my heart.
You say that you love me but if the stubbornness in your hearts keep me from completely dwelling in you,
it is sad, isn’t it? 
In order for me to enter your heart, 
you must pull out the stubbornness that is deeply embedded in your heart.
(Lord, but it is hard to realize about our stubbornness. 
How can we realize our stubbornness that has to be cast away?)
Stubbornness is different from conviction. 
Stubbornness generally comes from heredity or educational background
but conviction grows through the Word and one’s life-experiences. 
Stubbornness is not asking me and not verifying with me
but conviction shines as much as you build together with me. 

Think about Apostle Paul.
He is now respected and honored by many people as a biblical figure 
who established the foundation of Christianity. 
But in his lifetime, on one side, he had to face sneer and conspiracy from the world. 
Some mocked him and said, 
“He became insane; that’s why he began following Jesus from Nazareth, the ring leader of a cult!” 
Others laughed at him, saying, “He is intelligent but he couldn’t be more foolish. 
See that he is blinded by the Jesus sect that was already finished with the event of crucifixion!” 
When Paul was imprisoned, the world predicted, 
“Now he will come to his senses and stop spreading the teaching of Jesus.” 
On the contrary, Paul communicated more deeply with me in the prison and wrote countless letters; 
so he completed the New Testament. 
People were extremely physical. 
So they thought that with the confinement of his body, everything would come to an end. 
However, in the condition of being confined, 
Paul spiritually climbed up even higher and achieved greater things. 
This was very history of mine and the path of my will. 

I tell you again: 
you must discard your stubbornness in order to completely receive my heart. 
From today, pray deeply and realize what stubbornness each one of you should cast away. 
After realizing it, discard it one by one. 
Each one has too much stubbornness that must be thrown away in the deep corners of their heart. 
Because of your stubbornness, my heart and my thoughts cannot work properly. 
Take out everything that you have considered to be your conviction and be verified with me. 
Your personality, matters of faith, problem of life, education of children, future career, etc. 
Many things are stuck because of your stubbornness. 
I hope that you will take out your stubbornness and fill your heart with my heart and thoughts. 
Because of love, I revealed my inner heart again today.
I hope you will fix because of love.
It will be hurtful and difficult, but make yourself into a masterpiece with our love. 
By doing so, let us fulfill the will of my Father. 
I love you and you too love me.
So I believe that all these things will have a good ending.
You can do it since you love [me].
I love you.

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