How to raise the level of love towards the Lord
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How to raise the level of love towards the Lord

(How can I raise higher [my] love towards the Lord? 
How can I live spiritually, be reborn with spiritual and divine nature, and make my spiritual body beautiful
while living in the physical world?)

I will teach you in detail about ‘love’ today. Everyone, you want to share deeper love with me, don’t you? 
Today, I will teach you the secret method of how to deepen [your] love with me. 
So listen attentively, write it down carefully, and deliver it well. 

Love is ‘confession.’ Confess that you love me many times a day.
Say, “I love you I am so happy because I love you, Lord.” 
Confess and say, “I am so very happy because I am loved by you, Lord.” 
When you call me and say that you love me, my heart is delighted and your love towards me grows. 
Love grows through ‘confession.’ 

Love is being ‘interested.’ It is ‘curiosity.’ If you love me, you become curious about me.
‘What would the Lord be doing now? Is He looking at me?
What would He want me to do at this moment? Is he joyful or sad...’
This kind of interest and curiosity grows our love. 

Love is ‘confirmation.’ If you love me, you asks and asks again, endlessly.
“Should I do this way? Or that way? Should I go this way? Or that way?”
‘Love’ makes you ask and ask again about every little thing. 

Love is ‘being grateful and thankful.’ 
It is a heart that offers thanks for love given, thanks for being together, 
and thanks for realization allowed. 
Look back at your past. Feel how numerous moments I have been with you.
I was next to you when you were weeping,
I answered your earnest prayers even though I was busy.
I protected you with my great love even when you did not yet realize my love.
I shed tears of joy next to you when you realized my love and grew that love. 
I wish you would realize that I stood next you, 
watching you with love through countless moments you were unaware. 
If you realize it and give thanks, our love will become even deeper. 

Love is ‘effort.’ You desire to change because of love; you begin to change because of love. 
You lend your ears to my words because of love; 
and you move and take action according to my words because of love.
Love makes a person change. 
My beloved, look at yourself. How transformed you are!
Wherever you may be, be a person awake towards me.
Converse with me and become one with me in love.

(Lord~ Truly the physical world is less than one speck of dust in that kingdom. 
I am changing each day, thanks to you, the Lord, 
and slowly feeling the life of that kingdom even in this physical world. How thankful and grateful I am! 
The joy of the physical world is nothing compared to the joy of the spiritual world. 
No, I cannot even compare the two.)

Yes, the physical world is like a training camp where you prepare to come to Heaven. 
It is a place you make yourself. 
Heaven is a world only those who have been made, go. 
So in the end, how perfectly you make yourself is the key. 
Heaven is a place where you enjoy as much as you make [yourself.]
How could I describe all the joy of Heaven in words? 
All I can say is that it cannot be compared with any joy of this world. 
I hope all of you will have that joy. Because I love you so much, I wish that no one will drop out.
However, it hurts me to see some among you go astray during the process and depart from the path of life. 

The decision of a moment determines eternity.
The thoughts of a human being before they are perfected can easily slip, by a momentary mistake, 
into satan’s deception. It is only a second. A second. 
Although they are your own thoughts, if you think in a wrong way even for a moment, they slip sideways.
Therefore, you need to raise the level of your love toward me. 
Do you know why I emphasize love so much?
It is because only my love can raise your level. 
You need to make effort everyday, without cease, to raise your love toward me. 
You shall make yourself so that you will be completely united with me. 
This alone is the path of salvation, the path that will enable you to feel and enjoy Heaven. 
So make yourself even more [perfectly] using my love. 
Come up to a higher level of love.
You will feel it each time when you reach a higher level. You will feel how ideal it is. 

Thank you for following me well in the way I lead you until now.
Let us fulfill our love even more greatly in the days to come. 
I hope you will feel my love more greatly.
I will raise my love toward you as much as you raise your level of love. 
I love you. I am the Holy Son.
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