Preparation for Prayer
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Preparation for Prayer

(I repented for having not known the heart of the Lord 
and made up my mind to lead my life again in the way He wants. 
As I clean myself in a devoting manner and was prepared physically and spiritually for prayer, 
I felt the Lord was happy and coming to me.)

My beloved people!
There are things you desire to do and there are things that I desire, aren’t there?
When the two differ, conflict is created. 
But am I not your Savior, your Christ, before being your Lover? 
You must listen to My Word 
in order to walk on the path of salvation and to lead your life [properly].
He tells you [what to do], you gain salvation as long as you comply, 
and you will live where I am, forever, in love with Me. 
Yet, you have desire to do so many things and you have a lot of greed, 
so you wrestle with Me and really make Me anxious. 

My beloved, I am seeing your future, from a ground that is much higher than where you stand. 
What you wish to have is all like sugar-coated gimmicks placed right before your eyes. 
It’s like a student sleeping long hours without studying before a test because they feel sleepy, 
or like a farmer lounging at home because they don’t want to labor. 
I am warning you about the future when your laughter of today may turn to weeping then, 
for I already see what will happen in the future. 

If you are complacent only with physical lives for now, saying [prayer] is tiresome, 
you are like a farmer who doesn’t sow seeds on his field in the spring. 
So the farmer will have nothing to harvest. 
Later, during the harvest time, they will have to beg others here and there for something to eat. 
Therefore, when you pray, repent deeply and adorn your body as well. 
Prepare your spirit and body clean beforehand, 
and you will be able to have a much deeper conversation with Me. 

In fact, ‘preparation’ is more important than prayer itself. 
It is so because when you are prepared, on that day, you can pray, 
you will be able to meet with Me, 
and your meeting with Me will be more profound since you are prepared. 
The time of preparation is already a part of your prayer and a time of meeting with Me. 
If lovers who make an appointment to meet with each other, 
prepare themselves a whole day, thinking of each other; they will already feel like they are together. 
When they actually meet, they will feel intense joy and their hearts will be moved in a special way.
In this way, ‘preparation’ is important for prayer also. 
Will you be waiting for the hour when you have a prayer time with Me, 
preparing yourself like a woman excitedly expecting the meeting with her lover? 
Do you know how carefully I prepare Myself for meeting with you, too?

It’s all [about] ‘preparation and preparation.’ 
You have to be prepared in order to meet with Me in the way you wish and with joy. 
Please meet with Me, cherishing the daily sacrifice, prayer time, conversation time, 
for our eternal loving [relationship]. 
Those who make preparation meet with Me fully and meaningfully, even during that [preparation] time. 
I bless you that you will listen to what I say today and be able to meet with Me even more passionately 
and bless your lives that the prayer time will be a time that you wait for with excited hearts. 
Good-bye. I love you.  

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