Put on a new person over you through training.
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Put on a new person over you through training.

(I prayed with feeling sorry for the things I lack. 
This is a message [the Lord] gave [me] when I thanked him 
for letting me realize my flaws and for leading me to fill up my flaws.)

‘Training’ is a blessing. 
‘Training’ makes you as My body.
The bigger and bigger My plans through you are, the more I polish and polish you again. 
A masterpiece is not made easily. All figures in the bible were like that. 
Especially for central figures that were used in a great way, 
they were made through extreme training. 
Take a look at Jacob who started the nation of Israel. 
Didn’t he receive training and tribulation for 21 years being away from his hometown? 
It wasn’t just one or two years, but it was a time period of over 20 years. 
He overcame all the times of injustice, times of bleakness, and times of wandering 
and he finally came with victory. 

Be bold in ‘training’ yourselves.
You must be more thankful for ‘training.’ 
I train you even more through training 
because I love you and want you to be used in a great way. 
Don’t give up in the middle and rely on My words absolutely. 
Hold on to My words whenever you reach your limit. 
You must hold on to the word as you reach your limit. The word is the answer.
Even at time when you want to avoid your church members 
because you are disheartened, you must never let go of My word. 
Listen to the word with all your effort and put your life on the line to make the word yours. 
Then you will be reborn in a new way. 
Keep in mind that I am raising you through training because I love you. 

Do you think that your time is coming too slowly? 
Or do you think that your time will never come? It is definitely not the case. 
You who are struggling in training, 
you who are making yourselves holding My words in training, 
you who love Me even more through training, 
you are My precious treasure. 
I also hope your time will come soon. 
I also want your time to come so that you will shine brightly. 
My love, let us now rise up together and shine the light. 

(The Holy Son told me about a verse in Ephesians and told me to find it.)

Ephesians 4:24 
“And to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.”  

You must be a perfect new person to completely 
fulfill the will of the heaven that I am trying to fulfill through you. 
Therefore, even today, run while saving your time to become a new person.
There is really no time. People who are running will understand what I say that there is no time. 
For those who are running with Me, there is really no time, isn’t it? 
The more you run, the more you will realize that you have no time. Therefore run saving your time.
Make today’s time a time better than yesterday. 
Make it so that you give more time to Me. 
A person who tries to give just one minute and even one second to Me 
will be reborn into a new person. 
I will work through people who try hard to become new people. 

Keep in mind. I am raising you, each of you with the same heart and love. 
That is why you determine your own lives. Your time is determined by you.
I want your time to come soon.
I hope you become people who make their own times.
I, the Holy Son will be with you.

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