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(I felt very sorry to the Lord because He gives me 100 of the love but I do not give him the love of even 1.
I prayed with tears to comfort him thinking how he would have felt lonely from the lack of my love.
I prayed to the Lord, “Lord, I don’t need fame or money. I only want to love you.” 
But it doesn’t work out as I hope in actual life 
so I only end up making you feel lonely and that hurts my heart.”
Please change me. Only you, Lord, can do this. Lord is my only destiny so I will love you forever.”
I confessed to the Lord like this.  At that time, I heard a voice full of love in my heart.)

We were born to love each other. 
However whether we go till the end or not is your responsibility and it is your choice.
This also, is your destiny.
All the human beings are born with this destiny, which is ‘the destiny of loving the Trinity.’
Destiny that the trinity will love each person,
destiny that each person shall receive perfect love from the Trinity,
and another destiny is the destiny that each human being should love the Trinity.
This is like a picture that is drawn on the backgrounds of ‘freewill.’ 
In this picture, I, the Holy Son always keep my eyes on you and watch over you.  

Drawing a picture of destiny is not that easy.
It requires a training of tears, time to persevere/endure, you must overcome the limits of loneliness
and your heart must be filled with only my love.
Also, you must defeat the Satan’s interference; 
you must run over the mountain called ‘yourself’ and you need to bear the fruits of action. 
However, all these (things you must do) are not difficult if you do them with me.
Even if you go to other countries across the ocean, if you ride an airplane,
it wouldn’t be so hard and you would be able to get there easily.
You cannot cross the ocean by walking across. 
Even though you have mastery skills in swimming, you cannot swim across the ocean.

All people draw their own pictures of destiny.
How would you draw the picture (of your destiny)?
If you ride me, the Holy Son, it wouldn’t be that difficult. It would be easy.
Even now, I am also looking at each person’s drawings of their own destiny.
Some are trying their best to draw their own, some cheat by copying other people’s pictures, 
some even give up saying that they cannot draw (their picture).
Let me, the Holy Son, draw the picture of your destiny. 
That way, you and I can be in the same destiny.
Going to a different destination means eternal death.

Let’s save those who are still wandering to seek the ways to be in ‘the same destiny’ as mine.
Hell is the place of fate where people who live different lives of destiny from mine, go, 
and (therefore) can never get out of eternal agony.
Until when, do I have to appeal to you in tears of blood?
I need dried firewood. I need a person who can throw away everything that they possess and follow me.
Fire sets very well on such people.
Just as we need firewood when setting fire, climb over the mountains of the world 
and bring (me) dried firewood that are prepared, 
and not the firewood that are already soaked with things of their own.
You need to keep setting fire of the words to the people.
At first it may seem as if it didn’t catch fire, but it will eventually burn brightly 
and become a fire that will never be go out. So do not give up on lives.
Your destiny became the same destiny as mine, 
use your strength and put forth your best effort to save lives.

Love also must reach the orbit that I want.
The orbit that I want (you to be at), is the orbit of becoming one with me, 
the orbit of love that cannot be stopped, the orbit of obedience, the orbit of perfect belief,    
the orbit of perseverance, and it is the orbit of emptying yourself.
Even if a rocket was launched, if it cannot get into the orbit, 
it becomes nothing but a piece of useless metal piece.
In order to get into the orbit, it requires more fuel than you think it needs.
The words, they are (more than) enough fuel that helps the rocket called ‘you’ to fly into the orbit.
However this all depends on how much you use of this fuel.
Use the Word. Use them now and come into my orbit.
That way, you can fly around the orbit with the sun of Jehovah.

Also, do not fly off of the orbit.
Then you will fall into the pits under the universe where it is never ending, 
and will become a being that will disappear without a trace. 
The ones who couldn’t come into the orbit in the time given, their destiny will be in great danger 
so quickly repent and use the fuel to get into the orbit.
You have only a little more ways to go so don’t give up and do it till the end.
You must do it till you get into the orbit.
If only 0.1mm was left (to get into the orbit), yet you give up, then it is the end.
It becomes a destiny as if you haven’t done anything at all. 
If you do it with me, your destiny will become the destiny that I want, and the destiny that you want it to be.
I love you.

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