Prayer is the conversation filled with love.
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Prayer is the conversation filled with love.

When we love each other, we are able to communicate. 
When you pray, consider like you are conversing with people. 
Isn’t it true that when you converse with people —especially with your beloved one—
you try to be aware of moods and expressions? 
The conversation may be about things on your mind —such as secrets, joys and difficulties—
but you still pay attention to the reaction of the listener and hope they give you rejoinders don’t you? 
In this way converse with me. 
Do not feel it is difficult to conserve with me just because I do not have physical body. 
I stand right in front of you.

Miscellaneous and worldly thoughts, troubles, your preferences, emotions
—empty all these [from your heart] and listen to me with a peaceful heart, 
then you can hear my voice. 
Different outcomes are determined by different attitudes while praying. 
It is the same when you converse with people. 
Some people talk only about what they want to say, and they completely ignore other peoples’ responses; 
they care little about the other person’s mood or desire to express something. 
Instead they keep talking endlessly. The same is true with prayer. 
I come to you in many occasions because I hear your calling and your desire to converse with me, 
your longing to exchange with me with love. Therefore, I came with elation and expectation.   
But when I want to say something, you give me no chance to talk with you. You go on talking and talking. 
It’s almost as if they plug their ears and keep talking zealously. I just look at them, listen, then leave. 
If you really want to converse with Me, 
you need to be equipped with the mentality that you want to converse with Me. 

Sometimes, distracting thoughts might come in your mind when you pray. 
It is Satan and ghosts who want to destroy your prayers, 
so they continue to drop distracting and irrelevant thoughts into your mind. 
Indeed, human beings are so weak and influenced all the time. 
Therefore, you need to train your mind. First of all, start with prayer. 
When you start to have distracting thoughts, you have to cut them off totally. 
Haven’t I told you that if you pray with concentration —the kind needed to thread a needle—
you can enter deep prayer? 
Can you thread a needle while thinking about other things, looking around elsewhere, 
or moving your hands casually? Prayer is the same. 
If you think about other people, other work, other things, your physical life, 
and just move your mouths while praying, would you be able to enter deep prayer? 
It also takes determination and efforts to pray deep prayers. 
When you decide to give up everything but focus on conversing with Me only, 
you could get into deep prayer. 
When other (distracting) thoughts appear in your mind, cut them off immediately. 
Do not treat Me carelessly just because I do not have physical body. Know that it is sin, too.

Think that I am the person who is next to you. 
When you converse with your beloved ones or good friends, 
you do not feel the passing of time even after one, two, three, or four hours.
When the meeting ends, don’t you wonder where the time went, as you anticipate the next rendezvous?
If so, why do you try to calculate precisely the duration of time for which you have conversation with me? 
Some people even speculate how long it takes to end the conversation [with me] while praying. 

If you feel sleepy while praying, you should stand up and pray.  
If you still feel sleepy while standing, you should walk around and pray. 
When you doze off while praying, your prayer is meaningless. 
It is similar as the class notes you take when you doze off during the class. 
When you are clear-headed and read your notes, you will realize they do not make any sense. 
You even do not know what you wrote. It is the same as prayer. 
If you do not pray perfectly, this kind of prayer is completely useless. 
In Heaven, everything is totally perfect. There is neither imperfection nor fragmentation.
Angels could not send senseless prayer to Heaven, and they feel very embarrassed. 
You have to wake your spirit up and pray with focused mind through prayer. 

The spiritual world is the world of heart where I and you can feel each other’s feeling. 
Hence, you have to clean your heart, and converse with Me with empty heart. 
You also need to listen to what I want to talk to you so that our love could be much stronger. 
When you pray in the deep spiritual world, 
you can break all the physical limitation and physical thoughts but only pray while sensing my presence. 
Therefore, Try this way. I am looking forward to it. 
One day, I anticipate to converse with all people, love them,
and live together with them at every minute and every second. This is the presence of Heaven. 
-I am the Holy Son who loves you. 

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