Emptying and Giving-up
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Emptying and Giving-up

(The Lord said especially about ‘emptying.’
And He added, “Read Matthew 4:20.
If you do not learn and change completely now, you will be the one who will suffer most. 
So discard now whatever you should discard, change, and control your heart.”)

‘Emptying’ is to cast away your net and walk without looking back at it once;
‘giving-up’ is to cast away the net but regretting, looking back at it once in a while. 
Giving-up and emptying resemble each other but they are different. 
They are similar. 
But know that the difference between them is like the difference between heaven and earth. 
Many people follow me, saying that because they love the Lord they have given up 
their desire, their dream and what they liked to do.
However, in the core, it was not emptying of their hearts but it was ‘momentary giving-up.’ 
Therefore, they think of what they have given up at times and they regret over it, or take hold of it, 
or return to the path they momentarily gave up on account of me. 

Giving-up is not the end. So I, the Holy Son, want ‘emptying’ from you.
‘Emptying’ is not to look back again. 
‘Emptying’ is that it does not occur in your head 
and that filthy things are thrown away, so they do not exist any more.
‘Emptying’ is also walking forever the path I want. 
‘Emptying’ is uprooting from your heart what must be cast away; 
adorning with new mentality and philosophy; 
and turning and not repeating the same deed again. 
Also, ‘emptying’ begins with me; it can be achieved because of me; 
and you need to plead with me for that. 
Beloved one, don’t you also want to empty many things out of your heart? 

(Lord, I do.)

I know. I know your heart. 
I know that you desire to empty but it is not easy for you.
And I know also that one side of your heart does not like to let go those emotions and thoughts 
that I ask you to empty. 
Many people realize the direction they should go when they hear the Word. 
So they cut off the shoots of filthy things within their hearts. This is giving-up. 
Most of you think, ‘I should not do it,’ or ‘I cannot do it,’ and suppress your heart. 
This way, you ‘give-up,’ this is cutting a filthy mind. 
Giving-up is cutting momentarily. 
Hence when time passes by, new sprouts come up again and make you do bad behaviors,
entertain wrong thoughts, and act against my will. 
Therefore, what you have to achieve in your heart is not giving-up but emptying. 
You can change only when you uproot and empty dirty things from your heart. 
If you give-up temporarily and snap a dirty heart, 
you may seem to have changed for that moment.
But with this, you cannot fundamentally change.
You can change only if you change from the bottom through emptying 
and taking action with thorough knowledge of your wrongs. 

(What is the method to empty our hearts?)

Emptying begins with ‘admission.’ 
You can take action only if you have proper knowledge 
about what you need to do and what you should not do. 
So listen to the words of the truth and sit with your deepest heart face to face. 
Shine the light of the Word upon your heart brightly and search for what you need to empty out. 
Additionally, know properly about yourselves; think what you need to empty; and confess to me. 
Repent and confide in me. 
Confess to me about your faults and things that you have hidden deeply in your heart. 
And earnestly ask me to uproot it for you. 
Confess to the Trinity in detail and repent of your fallen nature, 
filthiness in your heart created by your sins, and what must be emptied. 
You need to pray deeply.
You need to pray with deep sorrow, sincerely, truthfully, and honestly 
as a mere fragile human being before God and ask for forgiveness from the Trinity. 

In addition, you need to fight and win over yourself. 
You need to triumph in the battle against your evil deeds and wicked heart. 
Regardless of what kind of situation you may be in, 
you should know yourself and take action of fixing and casting away your own thoughts and deeds.
Know that the Trinity is with you be conscious of them and abandon yourself. 
For perfect emptying, you must truly leave yourself up to the Trinity. 
Do you think your heart can be emptied by one time effort? 
The heart is like water, like the wind, and like fire.
Therefore, you may declare that you have taken hold of it but it does not seem to be taken hold of.
It may seem to be still, but again, it doesn’t seem to be still. So it is hard to empty the heart at once. 
Also, it is hard to move the heart as you desire. 
For this reason, a person who can move their heart freely at their will, 
a person who use their heart as they please become the master of themselves and the master of their life. 
Then how can you move it as you desire?
You need to grow habit of using your heart as you desire then you will be able to use your heart. 

The heart can be divided, by and large, into good and evil.
Most people do not live their lives led by the ideal heart, that is, the good heart that they desire. 
On the contrary, they move and use themselves following the flow of the instinctive or physical heart, 
that is, the evil heart. 
They are enslaved by the evil side of the heart in their lives. Because they live this way, they fail. 
The reason why it is difficult to live an ideal life as you hope 
is that your good heart and evil heart keep fighting against each other.
For this reason, in order to control your body and heart, you need to develop your ‘spirit.’
If you develop your spirit and make your good heart strong 
then the wholesome good heart can move your body 
and your spirit too can move your body in your life.

The human beings that God created at first were good people.
They were people who did good deeds with good hearts. 
But because evil crept into you, your root is good while your stem is evil. 
As a result, your fruits are either good or evil. 
Should I sit down? Or should I move forward? Should I hate? Or should I forgive?
Should I disbelieve it? Or should I accept it? Should I take it by force? Or should I share?
These two thoughts—good and evil—are always in your heart. 
These two hearts fight and the evil side usually wins.
Therefore, many people end up doing evil things differently from their good hearts. 
Except those who are only full of evil and bear only evil fruit
people always ponder over these two and most of them choose the evil. 
How to live according to the good heart, bearing good fruit,
how to live an ideal life that you think of is to be equipped with the truth [of God], 
put it to action, endlessly empty yourself, and entrust your heart to the Trinity. 

Do not just give up on your evil heart only momentarily, only for a short while.
Instead, cast it away. Uproot all the deep roots that you should uproot.
Empty out of [your heart] the things that you should empty. Then you will be able to communicate with me.
To move your heart, to empty your heart, all these things should be done first
in order for me to completely come upon you and fully communicate with you.
So truly know my heart, take action, and practice. 
I love you. I pray my love will rest upon you completely. 

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