Humanism vs. Theism
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Humanism vs. Theism

(I wanted to dig out humanism that hides within me and completely get rid of it. 
So I prayed, asking the Holy Son what ‘humanism’ was.)

If a human being loves God based on their own thoughts, they cannot fulfill salvation even after eternity.
The most profound level of love is ‘to completely empty yourself and obey God’s Word.’
To love me begins with ‘accepting my life.’
I am Christ, the Messiah, who puts into practice a life of love and gives up his life for others. 
When I am this way, what kind of life you, who is my counterpart and who loves me, should live? 

Numerous human beings distance themselves from me 
and choose money, fame, comfort, love, and other things over me.
They put their lives on the line for what they enjoy because they do not want to love me!
Even if you live for one day, you should have a definite will and purpose.
Only then, can you barely run to the destination and reach there breathing hard.
Earnestly pray that I will guide your life in all aspects. 
And when I guide you, you need to put aside all your thoughts and follow my lead with agility. 
The time is urgent, and your youthful time also disappears in a moment.
Save time.
You will realize that the day of your departure from the world is suddenly right before you. 

Ponder deeply over the reason why I remain next to you.
How can I fully express my love? It is something that you should feel.
‘Love’ is God’s mysterious and grand art of creation. 
Realize that you and I exist for that piece of art. 
The absolute destiny of human beings is ‘to seek God’s love and reach the eternal world.’ 

I said it is ‘love.’ Through love, you seek me and meet with me.
Love can melt you completely. Melt yourself completely by uniting with me.
Throw away your own rigid thoughts, your dark thoughts, 
all the looks that distract your heart, and all things of that sort; 
and become one with me in the smelting furnace of truth and love. 
Ask sincerely for my power.
Rely on me with all things. This is ‘theism.’ 
To acknowledge me, to have yourself live as my body -this is ‘the life of God.’ 

If you center on your ability, your experiences, and your knowledge, I will destroy them. 
If you discuss with me, all things that you own will start emit my lights. 
Do not judge me, centering on yourself.
Do not judge me and confine me inside human beings. But absolutely, entrust all things to me. 
Will I just hear your petition and do nothing about it?

Run from all your tribulation and suffering, and hide in me.
I exist for you until today
and because I desire to love you, even at this moment, 
I open your heart and enter into you.
I am satisfied with your love alone.
In the beginning, I created you, looking forward to seeing your life in which you put me first in all aspects. 
Seek and call me who am within you. Do not make me leave from your heart.
The moment a human being puts themselves in the center, 
they immediately start falling into the deep Hell of the fall. 
Remember my words: “Not everyone who calls me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter Heaven.” 
Know that love is not completed solely by the confession with lips, ‘I love you! I love you!’

You should fulfill God’s will to you. God’s fundamental will is ‘perfection of love.’
Acknowledge that the hours of your life are given today again 
so that you will love God forever, completely and perfectly. 
My love, Human beings’ countless words only confuse your thoughts.
So in quietness, sit face to face with me in love, and first listen to my voice. 
Always, put me first and make me your priority. 
Then every path will open to you and you will walk with me till eternity.
I send my everlasting love. 

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