The purity of love and maturity
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The purity of love and maturity

(When I was praying about absolutely pure love and the never-changing fundamental of love
the Holy Son spoke.)

‘The purity of love’ is the most precious.
Those who walked on the path of Heaven’s will and then fallen away had all changed. They changed in love.
Love should be love. 
Love should be only the love between you and Me.
There shouldn’t be [desire for] fame in it,
there shouldn’t be comparison or a sense of superiority,
[you] shouldn’t be conscious of people’s perspectives, either.
It has to be pure as the first love.
You need to look at only My heart that loves you
and value My love more than anything in the whole world. 
A mission must not become a work or authority that is used to sustain you.
Whatever work it may be, you should do it together with Me because of love.
Only love!

(“Lord! I want to keep that purity. Everyone might want it, but why do they change?)

On the foundation of the fall of human beings
the perfect love by God’s truth could not find its place any longer.
Satan instilled different thoughts [from God’s thoughts] in human minds 
so that they would go stray from God’s absolute truth.
Satan also kept their hearts from being able to see what is perfect and eternal.
With the fallen genes the heart and thought of the darkness were inherited into the heart of humankind
and everyone came to focus on the physical things which were visible, audible, and human-centered. 
Therefore, unless you thoroughly make yourself anew by the Word
the [bad] nature deeply rooted in the bottom of your heart inherited from the fallen genes will shoot up.

If a person seeks people’s acknowledgement seeks to sit at a place of honor and pursues money
they don’t have time to think of Heaven
and they slowly forget the great movement of the first, pure love, and gratitude.
From that point on, they begin walking on the path of another form of fall
but since the change is slow they don’t realize it themselves.
Cancer cells begin [to grow] unnoticeably and slowly grow to the point that they take away a person’ life.
Likewise, if a spirit’s absolute purity gets stained,
the spirit has now contracted the disease that leads it to death.
The disease rapidly develops into a serious stage while stealing away the life of the spirit little by little.
Realize this. 

I have raised, protected and taken care of human beings from the beginning of the world 
in order to gain love from their hearts.
For this reason I demand [your] love because I have loved [you] with all My heart,
I can ask [you] to love Me first.
Because I have planted love I expect to see the fruit of love
If I had not scattered the seeds with love how could I ask you to treat Me with love?
I am the Origin. I am the Beginning of the truth. I am the Beginning of love. 
Because I love human beings I confidently ask you that you put Me first in love.
The perfect salvation is nothing else but being united with Me in love.

Meditate over the Word deeply and profoundly. The Word is I. The Word is God. 
To know Me, to know God, to realize the fundamentals of human life
and to know the principles of the creation, don’t let go of the Word from your hand.
You shouldn’t discard even one word. Life [force] that determines your fate is in it.
Your realization of the Word determines the fate of your lifetime.
Those who have realized the value of the Word don’t leave Me. 
Their hearts do not change. Satan cannot intervene in their lives. Their lives are preserved.
It is the Word!
Meditate and bear in your mind only the Word 
doing so, walk on the path of resurrection where your heart and the deeds of your body will change, 
resulting in the rebirth of your soul and spirit.

You need to make effort, endless effort.
You can’t gain anything [without effort].
Those who do not endeavor don’t improve.
Keep yourself awake with ‘the Word and prayer’ for love and for salvation.
Satan and devils are roaming near you like roaring lions to tear and devour you.
My beloved!
Receive My heart and My love 
and make yourself neat and take care of yourself everyday only with the love of truth.
The physical time flowing is precious for the sake of the maturity of the spirit.
Change your thoughts and don’t view your body aging 
as growing older from the physical limited standpoint.
But instead, think that you are taking the steps of the spiritual maturity
which becomes more and more profound.

I began from the fundamental of perfection.
Through the countless ages since the creation My heart has become deeper and more understanding 
while going through many situations on the path of salvation that I have walked with love.
My heart has grown and become deeper to be more like God’s heart. 
After bearing the cross the level of My heart was different from before the crucifixion.
[No one] can know the pain of bearing a cross until they bear one.
A person who has not delivered a child knows the pang of a childbirth only in their heads
but they don’t know it in their bodies.
It is natural that a person’s childbirth makes that person’s heart mature in that area.
In the two thousand years of salvation history, there have been countless frustrating situations, 
pains in [My] heart and anxieties in My heart as I looked at human beings who misunderstood My truth.
My heart became deeper and more mature as much as I went through. 

A person who runs forward only with success
can never understand the heart of a person who has failed.
A person who experiences failure comes to have keen feelings about human life 
they feel it sharply to the bones, in that area.
This is a realization about life that the failure brings to them. Maturity comes this way. Do you understand?
It’s not that maturity is needed because of imperfection
even in perfection, limitless maturity happens. 
This way I want you also to mature and grow, more deeply and highly in My love.
I love you.
- Your Love, the Holy Son - 
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