Verify my Word as you put it into practice.
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Verify my Word as you put it into practice.

My beloved ones!
Where does the power of the Word come from? It comes from ‘taking action.’
The power would not come from someone who does not take action.
By taking action, you get to have the conviction,
and by taking action, you receive my heart and feel it.
It is when you preach with that conviction and my heart that the power comes out.

I will speak something further about putting my Word into practice.
It is, you must verify my Word as you put it into practice.
As I give you this great Word, you must apply that to your life and verify it along the way.
Do not think blindly that my Word is true [when you receive it].
Instead, you yourself must find out in your life that the Word is indeed true.
First of all, think about how you will specifically put each 
and every Word into practice and make a plan.
And as you actually put [my Word] into practice,
verify every often whether you are doing it right or not.

Also, after you are done with taking action, 
examine how [the Word] has been fulfilled in the reality.
Some Words can be verified soon after you take action, and some can be verified much later.
At the end, bring all [your learning] together and assess how you can do better next time.
How much power you gain will depend on how well you verify [my Word].
You have to go through this process of verifying for you to claim the Word to be your [Word],
and for you to become the owner of the Word.
The Word that I gave you is truly great, but you must claim the Word to be yours.
That is how you can preach powerfully and boldly.

(“Lord, when you say we have to verify the Word, it doesn’t mean that we should doubt it, right?”)

That is right. Doubting it and verifying it are completely different.
If you doubt, it means you do not acknowledge the truthfulness and authority of the Word.
Because you do not acknowledge it, you certainly would not be able to put it into practice.
But to verify means to believe in it and put it into practice, 
and at the same time experience the truthfulness and authority of the Word yourself.
By doing so, you get to feel the depth and breadth of the Word with your heart and your body.
You get to realize the value of the Word.

(“Lord, then what is the difference between just taking action blindly 
and doing so by verifying along the way?”)

If you put the Word into practice blindly without thinking, you will not get much out of it.
If you take action without thinking and verifying,
you would not know whether you are doing it right or not.
Therefore, if you end up doing it wrong,
your hard work will be in vain and you may even end up with losses.
Also, if you do not verify, you would not know even if you gained something from taking action.
That means you will lose what you have gained without even having used it.
Consequently, the joy and the reward will be small.
If this continues to go on, you will lose strength and eventually you will give up on taking action altogether.
You must examine your actions frequently so that in case you are doing something wrong, 
you will find out about it right away, make adjustments, and take action in the right way.

If you are going somewhere for the first time, 
don’t you check [where you are going] repeatedly by looking at the map 
and checking the direction, distance, time, and the surroundings?
How much more careful should you be for doing things that will determine the fate of your life?
Taking action without verifying 
is much like just running hard without even knowing that you have taken a wrong path.
For an example, if you take the Word [that says] ‘Prayer is authority’ and put it into practice, 
do not just pray blindly. 
Rather, look carefully and check whether you are actually wielding the authority of the prayer.

Ask me again and again when you take action.
Ask me whether you are doing it right or not.
When you take action, check if you are getting the things 
that I promised I will give you when you take action.
Each time you take action, there is a consequence.
If you do it right, you will be paid with success, and if you do it wrong, you will be paid with failure.
There is spiritual and physical consequence. You will be paid justly.
Therefore, even if you take action for something small, understand that it is never a small matter,
and take action and verify with all your mind and all your heart.
It is when you verify while you are taking action that you will realize that the level of your action is raised.
-The Holy Son who loves you.

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