Life Saving and Psychology
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Life Saving and Psychology

(As I was praying, asking for Words that will help save lives)

The mind, Mentality! In other words, it’s called ‘psychology,’ right? 
The Creator made each person as a unique being, 
so humans are made to share common nature, yet hold unique individual ideas and psychology. 
Therefore, you cannot expect everyone to be the same, right?  
An eternal characteristic of [human] spirits 
that were born taking after the true form of God and the Holy Spirit 
is longing for eternity and seeking absolute perfection. 
The reason for this is that [humans] are created in God’s likeness. 
But, they fell and as a result, they inherited the personality and disposition of Satan.
In sin, human beings have been influenced and controlled by Satan for many ages. 
So they are full of Satan’s philosophies. 
That is, they do not like to think of God or retain His knowledge in their hearts. 

In order to lead a people to the domain of light, 
you need to handle their ‘psychology.’ It’s critical for saving their lives. 
You know the story that I evangelized a Samaritan woman by a well, right? 
Didn’t I see through her mind? Wasn’t it why she was evangelized?
I told you to see through people’s minds and spirits when you evangelize, didn’t I? 
For this reason, you need to become spiritually powerful and strong. 

Evangelism is not duty; it’s not about hitting a number. It is to save lives with ‘truth and love.’
You need to evangelize definitely with love and truth. 
This love-and-truth is not your love and truth but the love and truth of God. 
So if you receive the Holy Spirit; listen to every single message absolutely without omitting one; 
and live your life, loving God and Me, with devoted and focused hearts; then you can evangelize. 
Interceding prayer of repentance is an essential part. You know that, right? 
You need to repent on their behalf because they are ignorant.
You need to pray for their spirits 
as if you are saving a patient in critical contion who has been just brought in to the Emergency Room. 
Read the Bible a lot and pray for yourselves also. 
Doing so, become ‘spiritual person.’ 
Then you will be able to skillfully control their psychology.

The common psychology of all human beings is ‘love.’ They want to be loved. 
They desire to be acknowledged and they dislike to be looked down on. 
Whoever you are talking with, be conscious of God and Me. 
And you need to lead the conversation as if you are gently driving them toward Me. 
Ask Me and let Me lead them through you. Am I not ‘the greatest expert in psychology?’

The first step is ‘the love’ between you and Me! 
You need to do it perfectly. Otherwise, your life can be harmed while you try to evangelize others. 
If you lose your salvation while trying to save others, that will be worst failure, right? 
Therefore, be completely united with Me and be united with My thoughts. 
It’s love, love, love! It’s love!
-Your eternal teacher, the Holy Son- 

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