Prayer is, conversation; ask Me.
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Prayer is, conversation; ask Me.

(I had something that troubled my heart but I could not tell the Lord. 
Then I opened up my heart and started having a deep conversation with Him.
I realized that the Lord could not tell me profound things because I was not completely opening up my mind. 
I received the following Word, feeling sorry to Him.)

My beloved ones! Have you now realized it?
How many things I hoped to tell you, but because you kept the doors of your minds closed, 
I could not open them; I could not enter into your hearts. 
If you don’t want to miss the things that I truly want the most from you, 
you must empty your hearts. You have to keep it always empty. 
I always desire to converse with you and confide My inner heart to you. 
But if you don’t lay the foundation [for Me to speak to you], 
I can’t make Myself confide in you.

Even with My loved ones, if they have not laid their foundation to the level I want, 
I cannot reveal what is in the recesses of My heart. 
If deep things cannot be shared between lovers, 
the distance between the two—you and Me—becomes wider and wider. 
Then the situation will develop in the way Satan intervenes 
and even steals the love between you and Me. 
Therefore, we cannot be detached in our conversation
If you are occupied only with your own thoughts, I cannot show My heart to you. 
And If you won’t give Me your heart either, the result will be [our] conversation coming to an end.
Because you always think from your own standpoint, 
all of you stop talking, misunderstanding and feeling left out and unappreciated; 
you don’t come to speak to Me. 
Instead, you lock yourselves even more closely, living lives distant from My thoughts. 
This is the same as misunderstanding Me. 

Ask Me as he does. Ask and ask again. 
If you don’t ask but only complain [going] here and there, 
you will only let your sins grow and disturb My heart. Don’t you think?
Converse with Me through prayer and tell Me your stories. 
If you keep the doors of your hearts closed and don’t pray, 
while trying to resolve the issues in other physical methods, 
will satans that are always watching let the opportunity pass? 
Especially when those who have lived united with Me do so, 
satans will work even more fiercely to keep you distant afar from Me. 
Using the opportunity, Satan widens the gap between us more and more. 

My beloved people, Do you know how broken My heart is to see you walk away from Me?
You will be able to receive Me only by uniting with Me even more firmly. 
Don’t go away from Me even for one moment. 
Just as a child who lets go of their mother’s hand 
while walking in a market place goes stray from her and can never see her again, 
I am afraid the same [fate] may befall you. 
My love is like double blades: those who love [Me] as  love them [receive] eternal blessings. 
But those who betray My love won’t be able to avoid serious punishment and judgment. 
Because they have received this love but have not pay back with their love, they have become debtors. 
In the end of their lives, they will be like trees without any fruit; therefore, they cannot escape hell. 

My beloved, 
Love is this good. But know clearly that there is dreadful consequence to those who fail to fulfill that love. 
It is true, especially to those who have received a lot of love. 
Those who drove a dagger in My heart and turned back on Me, those who betrayed My love;
they all are accountable for those grave sins 
and they will receive the sword of My Father as deeply as they were loved. 
Even if I don’t judge them at all, 
they already cannot avoid the horrific punishment of hell while they live on earth. 
Those who fail to repent while living in this world cannot return to Me even after death. 
They will not be welcome in hell either. 
They will be the target of mockery and contempt of satans in hell, and they will taste the eternal pain.  

My beloved, How distraught I would be watching their suffering!
Out of anxiety, blood of tears run from My eyes to My feet, 
but I cannot help those who are not Mine any longer, who have become the possession of Satan.
My loved ones, do you understand why I say even these things 
after starting to mention about the small gap in our conversation? 
It’s because the discontinuation of conversation can cause such a result. 
Isn’t the one who had been loved from the beginning misunderstood and felt left out [by God]? 
He could not dwell in the eternal kingdom of heaven any longer and came to rule hell now. Isn’t it so? 
Things can go awry like this if you don’t have complete knowledge. 
Those who don’t know Me completely misunderstand Me.
Therefore, your knowledge of Me must be perfect and wholesome. 

I love you. 
Conversation is prayer, so don’t be lazy in prayer. Good-bye.

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