Types of Mentality
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Types of Mentality

(I prayed to the Lord. “Lord, Thank you for telling us about the mentality. 
Please tell me about what is the greatest mentality. 
Then I will take action more and become a person like the Lord’s mentality.”
At that time, the Holy Son said.)

Because you prayed earnestly, your heart and my heart came in contact.
Do you know what the greatest mentality is?

(“Lord, isn’t it the mentality of love?”)

Yes, that is right. It is the mentality of love. 
Because you do not take action it has faded in your heart,
And because of that, even the realization that you have kept buried in the midst of being moved 
is fading away. 
People who realize the word and put it in the vessel of the feeling of being moved, 
it won’t disappear as long as you take action immediately.
It is like when you cut jewelry and not wearing it on your finger 
but instead put it in the dresser and got it stolen. 
Therefore, when you take action, you will bear all the fruits.

Before that, one mentality that you have to have most urgently, is the mentality of love
What is ‘the mentality of love?’
You need to have the mentality of wanting to love me truly,
truly wanting to share love with me, truly wanting to comfort me,
having your heart and my heart come in contact where you can feel me,
the mind of missing me (wanting to see me), in other words, you need to have desperation.
I have told you that every hope is fulfilled from ‘seeking,’ right?

Pleading comes from 100% belief that you believe in my authority/power.
Because you believe in me, things are fulfilled as you plea and believe. 
You especially need to take hold of the greatest mentality, the mentality of love.
Love is the very core of super energy that transcend everything and fulfills,
a person who has that love can change their fate
he will rule over himself and he will rule over human beings and the world.
A mentality that comes from the mentality of love is ‘the mentality of prayer.’
It is because all conversations spoken with love and sincere pleading are ‘prayer.’

You need to come to me through prayer.
I have told you that the prayer is the path for everything, so come through prayer.
Read Matthew 17.
『Matthew 17:20- He replied, “Because you have so little faith. 
Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, 
you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. 
Nothing will be impossible for you.”』
What is this faith?
It is the seed and it is the fruit of ‘mentality of prayer.’
Prayer should be done with faith, so that is why it is the seed,
prayer bears the fruit of absolute faith as much as you pray.
Therefore with the prayer of faith, save those lives who are fallen in to the sin.

Also, another mentality that you should have is ‘the mentality of evangelism.’
Even if I tell you to the point that my lips, my heart are worn out, My words do not dwell in your heart.
Why? Because there is no mentality.
‘I will evangelize one life with my life on the line in this month.’
First you need to have a mentality like this then you will bear fruit of life.
Without a mentality like this, there is not fulfillment.
I surely tell you, surely listen to this.
The mentality of evangelism includes,
‘strong mentality, bold mentality, the mentality that you will do it till the end.’ 

Next is ‘the mentality of behavior, mentality of action,’
You need to have ‘the mentality of taking action.’ This is very important.
Even if you listen to the precious word, if you do not take action, it is useless.
Otherwise, it is not worth it for me to give it to you. Therefore, take action no matter what.
Inscribe it in your head and as you listen to my word,
plan out how you will take action perfectly at the same time. Study it. 
Remember the word ‘at the same time.’ You should never say/think that you will do it later.
Therefore, you need to fulfill immediately after receiving the word.

If you weren’t able to receive this light of mentality perfectly, receive it now.
Receive it through the word. I will pour it endlessly.
I am the Holy Son who never left your side.
I will pour you the light of the truth through the Holy Spirit endlessly and I will surely fulfill my Will.
Now, shine the light of my mentality. And have all of these mentalities.
When your mentality resurrects, I will already be in your heart and my Will will be fulfilling. 
I am the essence of love, the Holy Son.

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