Love of the Lord, Love of the Spirit
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Love of the Lord, Love of the Spirit 

Do you know what love is?
Love is ‘a spiritual exchange.’ It is never a physical exchange. 
People misunderstand this. This is frustrating. 
The heart is a fruit of good and evil. The heart is a fruit of goodness.
I conduct everything on this earth with ‘the heart.’ 
It is spiritual love!  

Body reacts and feels spiritual love through the heart. 
Even if you listened to the word lots of times, when you take action that becomes the spiritual strength.
When you take action on the heart's interactions, the spirit grows. 
It is the same with love. 
When you take action of the love of the heart with the body, and believe and follow me, 
your spirit grows. 

The only for way for love to grow, to draw close to me, to become united and to shine your spirit is: 
to believe me, obey my words, live with prayer, praise and the Word unceasingly,
and cut off all the physical believing me, and draw close to me. 
Those deeds of the body make us closer.
The spirit is polished through the physical body 
and again the spirit works through the physical body. 
This is the principle and the law of my love. Do you understand? 

I will tell you once more. 
Spiritual love is shown through the physical body.
I will give you an example. 
When you listen to the word, take action and evangelize, 
those deeds transfer to the spirit and becomes righteous accomplishments. 
Those righteous accomplishments transfer back to your physical body and give you blessings. 
Your heart feels happy and your body prospers.
It is the same for the physical body. 
Through the body, when you learn who I am, how much I love you and when you love me also, 
your spirit will make your love grow with righteous accomplishments 
and that love transfers back and is shown through the physical body.  
During this process, I sometimes wake the spirits first but most of the times, 
I make them realize about love through the physical body.  
Even if my spirit goes to your spirit and delivers the word, you wouldn't know. 
But when I talk to you through people, you know it instantly. Therefore, the physical body is important. 
Therefore, physical love becomes spiritual love. It is reciprocating action. 
It is love of the spirit, excitement of the heart, love of the physical body.

Open your heart. I will dwell there. 
Stretch out your arms and receive me. I will be there. 
Cry out to me loudly. Do not be surprised. Do not be surprised of  my love. 
I inspect your heart and have come to speak with you. 
Today again, let's receive the heaven of love. 
Converse with me. Hold my hand. Leave yourself to me.

Now close the door your heart so that no one else can enter.
Let's make the fruit of love even bigger.
Let's raise even more the volume of the song of love. 
It is love with me every day. 
It is ‘spiritual love’ that is raised through the deeds and love of the physical body. 
The spirit is the core. Become a person who loves knowing the core. 
Be a big person who I can go to comfortably and a person who can give me their whole love of their heart. 

Dwell in love. It is because love is me, the Holy Son.
Adorn your spirit and body to receive me. 
It is reciprocating. It is love of spirit. You understand, right? 
Now let's meet through the Holy Spirit. Bye all. 

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