Do Not Fear Repentance.
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Do Not Fear Repentance.

(There was something I had to repent for, but as I was about to begin prayer of repentance, I felt lost. 
Even after starting the prayer, I felt like finishing repentance quickly and move on. 
When I was about to finish the repentance prayer, I heard God’s voice saying, “Do not fear repentance.”) 

* Word of God * 

Do not fear repentance. Do not be stingy with repentance.
I, Jehovah, who see through every detail of your heart and soul, bones and marrow, tell you:
Do not avoid repentance! Do not quickly go over repentance! Love repentance!

‘Sin and repentance’ are inseparable like the head and tail of a coin. But divide it clearly and discern. 
Sin is evil; repentance is good.
The wage of sin is death; the wage of repentance is life.
Sin is unrighteousness itself; repentance is righteousness itself.
Sin is squandering wealth of righteousness; repentance is amassing wealth of righteousness.
It is so because sin is disobeying the Word of God, but repentance is obeying the Word of God.

Sin came from Satan; repentance came from Me, Jehovah.
Sin came from ‘all kinds of evil hearts’; repentance was given from ‘one kind, love.’
Therefore, sin is Satan; repentance is I, Jehovah.
If you repent, you can live with Me. Is it your will to not repent and live with Satan?
Sin is bondage; repentance is liberation.
Sin is oppression; repentance is freedom.
Why do you continue to live tied down by chains? 
Quickly set yourself free and fly around to your satisfaction!
Restore ‘spiritual liberty’ that you lost to Satan!

Sin is wound; repentance is healing.
When [a child is] stabbed and bleeds profusely, would you leave it untreated? 
If you do not treat [them, they] will die. 
You must treat them immediately then they can be recovered fast.
If you do not repent, it is uncomfortable and weigh down your heart.
Why do you tell yourself, “I’m a filthy person” after sinning 
and go about avoiding Me, Jehovah, on your own? 
Why do you feel awkward about yourself on your own?
I do not look at you that way, but why do you recklessly conclude how My thoughts would be? 
Because I look at you with love, it hurts and troubles My heart. 
I want you to quickly repent and be forgiven. By doing so, heal My heart too.

Human beings sin because you live with the body. There are many sins that you are not even aware of.
It is so because all things that are not centered on Me, Jehovah, are sins. 
That is why I allow you to clear up sins by giving you a gift called ‘repentance.’ 
Repentance is great love of the Trinity! But do you still shun repentance?
Satan desperately blocks you so that you will be unable to clear up sins.
The methods he employs are many too.
First, Satan makes you ignorant about sins.
Second, he makes you shun repentance.
Third, he makes you repent roughly. 
Fourth, he enters thoughts of self-comfort—I am forgiven.
Fifth, he puts thoughts of giving up—I cannot be forgiven.
Know that all of these are Satan’s cunning tricks 
and live checking clearly through the soul and spirit 
centering on the Word of the time period and the savior!
Check it through My eyes, the eyes of Jehovah!

Do you know why Satan blocks it so desperately? 
When a person has sin, that person belongs to his domain for the time being.
They are caught by Satan through a condition. 
Satan struggles not to let go of the sin like seizing someone by the hair and not letting it go. 
It is because once the sin is absolved, he cannot lay his hand on them.
That is why Satan blocks so frantically so that you will not repent while prompting you to sin continuously. 
The bigger a sin becomes, the harder repentance is. So repent immediately and cut if off! 
Satans became satans because they did not repent.
Satans themselves know about the eternal punishment of the future.
However, satans cannot and do not repent.
It is because even if they repented, their sins could not be absolved.

Do not move on after judging according to your own level and thoughts.
Originally, sins are ‘sins’ because they are looked at from My, Jehovah’s, position.
Therefore, repent of the things that are sins per My, Jehovah’s, standard!
Also, repentance is something you do in order to receive forgiveness. Who absolves and forgives sins?
It is I, Jehovah, that does so. The savior whom I, Jehovah, sent does so.
You shall not forgive and absolves your sins by yourself!
Before you are forgiven by Me, 
you provide self-forgiveness and then live satisfied thinking you are forgiven.
Your sins are hanging from you cluster and cluster just the same. 
From My standpoint, such are people who think they are the Divine Being.
When people have a hard time, when they feel ashamed, or when they are not confident, 
they justify themselves from their own position. 
They try to reduce pain through the justification. That is a delusion. It is not reality, is it? 
Your body may feel better, but what are you going to do with your spirit?

Face [your] sins! Do not fear repentance!
I, Jehovah, do not criticize you with your sins.
I embrace you and I comfort and encourage you.
However, if you do not repent out of ignorance and keep walking the path of death, 
I scold and rebuke you in order to bring you to the path of life.
I judge you in order to clear up [your] sins. I do that to rescue you.
I do not want to judge even one person.
So before that, I give an opportunity to repent time and time again. 
Repentance must be done right away the moment you sin.
At the moment you sin, the [only] way to live is repentance.
It is the top priority to not sin.
Hate sin and rebuke it. Control yourselves strictly!

The door to repentance is open but do not abuse the blessing of repentance.
I, the Almighty Jehovah, am seeing through your heart and deeds.
I hope you will repent with a sincere heart. 
If you evangelize lives, a multitude of sins are covered.
Still, repent for whatever you have to repent for!
I love you.
I am Jehovah who truly loves you and so always forgives you whenever you repent.
I bid you peace.
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