The greatest brain
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The greatest brain

(I prayed a thanksgiving prayer to the Lord who gave us the words 
that I am finding a lot of interesting discoveries/realizing a lot of things 
about ‘brains’ through the words that are recently preached.
Then, I realized that our brain is being corrected and being reformed while we are praying.
and I could hear the Holy Son’ voice saying, “Today I will tell/speak to you about Human’s Body.”)

You human beings have bodies.
Like the computers that have bodies of machines, human beings have bodies too. 
That is called your ’brain.’
Brain have numerous abilities.
Those abilities can be used depending on how you could develop them, 
and use them as much as you know.
If you leave brain as it is don’t develop them, they will rot away.
You cannot avoid leaving it to its same level, same place, and same position.
The more you use ‘the brain,’ the better/more it will develop.
Its principal of building muscle is the same with the brain.
The more you use, the more developed it will be and the more beautiful it will be formed.
The more you use your brain that I have made, you will know how miraculous it is so realize/feel.
‘The brain’ is a masterpiece of the creator.
It manages and controls your action, thoughts, feelings, minds, 
do you know how important position it is taking? 
It is not overly said that your destiny depends on the development/success of your brain.
Develop your brain. Know correctly about brain. Brain is unlimited.

In your brain, everything about the earth and the universe are in there.
Because when living on the Earth I gave you all the necessary knowledge and wisdom
and I also allowed you with the spiritual knowledge and abilities 
that you will need to come to my nation, spiritual world that is past the physical world.
You can develop your brain so you come to my world, the Heaven.
That brain can only be used at the highest level 
only when it is used for the creator, who created the brain.
There are limits even the human beings struggle to use it. It is the human beings’ limitation.
If it is used for the heaven, and for me, 
it is/means that you are using the brain completely/100%.
What would be the use if you only use it in the physical world?

If you leave your brain it will be hardened, 
so you must use it as if you are continuously taking exercises.
You must input in your brains with my words to make it work for me.
Your brain is like computer machines, so however you give inputs, it will perform/take actions.
You are the core machine of Love, so only perform/practice Love. 
Only input Love, my words, faith, wish, hope, the fruits of Holy Spirit.

The brain that empties oneself out, but fills with the thoughts of the creator  
is the most miraculous, majestic and great brain.
It is the brain that is developed all evenly, left, right, front and back side of the brain.
Because I am never/not never biased or go wrong to any one sides (front, back, left, right).
Because I am the Lord of knowledge and abilities, I am the almighty God in both heaven and earth.
With the brain of human beings, can never come near me.
The differences between your thoughts and my thoughts 
are like the differences between the sky and the soil/ground.

Don’t leave your brain unused but use it diligently.
Use it to learn about me and about the Heaven.
I am watching/overlooking your brain.
Use it preciously and worthy by checking every hour whether you are using It for me or for yourself.
Receive fire on your marrow, that is your brain!
As your brain does/takes actions according to how much you receive, 
wouldn’t you take actions with fire when you receive fire?
Earnestly ask/Petition to me so you receive fire in your brain.
Don’t use your brain only for the sake of your individuals 
but become a brain that is used for me, the Lord of Heavens.
I love you.
-I, the Holy Son who have created your brain.            
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