The Deep Love of God for Brothers [and Sisters]
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The Deep Love of God for Brothers [and Sisters]

(Recently I saw what happened between brothers 
and because I knew that both sides were beloved that the Lord loves I felt the sad heart of the Lord. 
I praised and worshiped God and prayed. 
While offering up fiery thanksgiving and prayer of love I wrote down what God said.)

*Word of God* 

A person has only one brain and their eyes can only see one place at a time. 
In the same way, when you see the weaknesses of the other person, 
that person's weaknesses fill your brain up so you are not able to see that person properly. 
Please become one. Please know how to embrace your brother. Do not speak ill of them. 
Just as I love you so much, I love that person very, very much. 
However because things are in process many things are wanting. 
At times they make mistakes and at times they cannot show you perfection. 
I am the Almighty Divine being so how much can they get on their good side before Me?
I know that if that person lacks and has faults, 
then they, more than anyone else, would be having the hardest time. 
So before pointing out that person's wrongs, I try to embrace them. 
Because of that I acknowledge how painful it must have been for that person 
and how difficult it must have been. 
I acknowledge that and embrace [them] with love. 

Become a person who is full of love
Become a person full of My love in your heart, words and actions. 
Don't just speak about that person by what you see with your eyes, 
by what you hear but look at the other person with My eyes and think 
from that person's shoes and embrace that person. 
Therefore, I hope that you will treat that person with the same heart as Mine.  
Just as I would not trade that person for anything else in the world, 
just as I treat him in a valuable way, I hope you would also treat him in a valuable way. 
The reason I tell you this is not [just to tell you] that I only love that person that way, 
but just as I love that person I also love you in the same way. 

In the process of living with other people, 
in the process of a body living with another body, difficulties arise even just once. 
Just as you were hurt by others you could also hurt others. 
In a human relationship there is nothing that is absolute. 
On earth, the victim and the attacker are not set. 
Rather, there are exceptions. You receive according to what you have done. 
If you treat another warmly with My love then, although not necessarily through that person, 
I repay you according to what you have done through others. 
People never know. 
From the moment you expect to be acknowledged you feel distressed. 
Know 100% that people never know and realise that you will not receive 100% from people. 
Remember that every day and know that I look at all the things you have done 
and when the time comes I make sure to repay you. 
If you know that you will never feel left out by other people. 

People see things according to their level. People only see others according to their point of view. 
People think that the person whom they saw is everything about them 
so without realising people make judgments about others and treat the other person accordingly.  
You have no idea how scary that kind of judgment is.
When you look at people and treat them, if you think according to the thoughts in your head 
and do whatever you want to do then you will be in trouble. 
Accidents will happen physically and spiritually. 
Look at the person from My perspective 
and just as I, Jehovah, value the other person, treat that other person 
with the same heart and value as I do.
Even if you did your best and embraced your brothers, if your brothers don't turn back, 
then because you have done your best in your own position entrust it to Me. 
However, without doing your best don't think to yourself that you have done your best, 
according to your thoughts, will and own perspective. 
People are people so they cannot see the whole picture. 
They only see a part so they make judgments and misunderstand. 
I love you so don't get tested because of your brothers and don't turn your backs on Me. 

People are created in a way in which they live and grow 
in the process of difficulties, tribulations and training. 
When you overcome those difficulties within Me, you turn out like gold. 
When gold is mixed with other metals you cannot call it pure gold. 
This is a process of making you into pure gold. 
So even though it is difficult and hard, know that I am making you into pure gold and be thankful. 
Love Me forever in My embrace. 
I love you. Jehovah, who is all about you, spoke. Shalom.

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