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(While praying in the predawn hours, I asked the Lord to be with me from the beginning to the end of my life. 
Then suddenly the Lord spoke about ‘life.’)

One person’s life is long if it’s viewed to be long and it is short if it’s viewed to be short.
I, the Holy Son, is always with human beings throughout their lives 
and sees all their happiness, sorrow, joy and worries.
When they are happy, I am happy too.
When they are sorrowful, I mourn with them also.
The Trinity dwells within human beings’ hearts.
Naturally, we feel what they feel. This is the principle and the law.
Whether they know Me or not,  I am filled with joy, affection, and happiness when I see a person. 
That is how My heart feels.
Without exception, each and every person of the world is a part of My body they are like My body.
So I clearly see everything about them and accompany them.

(Lord~ How is it possible that you always respond whenever we call you?)

The way I see the deeds of each person of the world is as clear as seeing an ant on My palm. 
The way I see the heart of each person of the world is as clear as seeing someone face to face. 
The way the Trinity appears to human beings, one on one, 
and watches them like flames of fire, helps them, and accompanies them 
can only be expressed as ‘omnipotence and omniscience.’
Just as two people who are looking at each other can immediately answer and reply,
whoever calls the Trinity, We immediately reply and dwell in each and every person.
We dwell in you in the form of spiritual waves, in the form of the energy of love, 
or in the form of the fundamental love.
I Myself may appear in their life and dwell in them also. 
All the people of different images are I.
Even if I may appear to each one in different forms, I love them in the same way. There is no difference. 

Life does not consist of joy and happiness only.
But through difficulties and hardship you acquire perseverance, growth and maturity
and find joy and happiness in it. This is life
When it comes to difficulties, they come from wickedness, the fall, and Satan.
However, difficulties also come for the sake of your growth.
Those hardship and difficulties are like growing pain.
While going through the difficulties, some people make their hearts bigger
while some others ruin the vessels of their hearts.
Their responses are different because they endure or deal with them in different ways.
And also because their mentality, hearts and thoughts are different. 

Living their lives, human beings overcome their own limitations, and grow because of that.
Growth is hard because overcoming limitation is hard.
Something that you can easily overcome cannot be called a limitation. 
The difficulty is that you need to discard your old self and create a new self. 
Life requires endeavor and hard work as if you were paddling in order to continue to live and move forward.
Naturally, there are difficulties.
Therefore, leave all the tiring burden of life to the Trinity.
We will be with you, love you, walk with you, and bear the entire burden on Us. 
My beloved, My limbs, My hearts!
Follow I, the Holy Son, who is a beam of light in your tiring life.
Your difficult life will turn into a joyful life.

You may not know how profound human life is.
The life of each and every person is created mysteriously and grandly.
Each person’s ‘vessel’ is created with a different program
and each person lives with their own unique genes, personalities, and emotions.
All people of the world are different from one another. They can’t be the same.
Each one walks alone on their own path of life.
The only companions in your life are God, and the Holy Spirit, I, the Holy Son and no one else.
Therefore, in the end, the destination and purpose of human life is finding the Trinity in it. 
A life that has met the Trinity is a successful life, a joyful life, and life that pleases the Trinity
even if it may go through difficulty, hardship, challenges, or suffering.

When one life meets another life, there are lives that encourage each other to rise upward
and there are lives that drive each other to the negative end.
You can say that the results are brought by ‘good and evil.’ 
There are lives born with good and there are lives born with evil.
The good and the evil are placed in the memory basket of humankind, which is called ‘genes.’ 
Their ancestors’ deeds are imbedded in the genes.
So through the genes, good and evil are also inherited
and this becomes their personalities which they are born with. 
In a bad meeting between a person who was born with good and another who was born with evil,  
they only negatively affect each other So they give and take bad influence in each other’s life. 

(What is a good meeting between the good and the evil and what is a bad meeting?)

A good meeting between the good and the evil 
happens when the good is stronger, so it pulls the evil toward itself,
or when the good and the good meet and fulfill greater good.
A bad meeting happens when the evil torments the good and turn the good into the evil
or when the evil meets with the evil and induce more evil, causing harms to people around them. 

(Lord, good people suffer losses because of evil ones, who at times even take people’s lives.
Why do you not punish them immediately?)

The Trinity never forces [human beings] with anything
because we granted free will, hearts, and thoughts to human beings.  
But the Trinity repays the evil who harm the good and rewards the good.
There is the time for the Trinity executes plans. 
Our time is different from human being’s time, yet the Trinity is watching everything that people do.
People say that there is no God when the evil prevail.
However, the thoughts of human beings and the thoughts of the Trinity are different.
So you should pray that the evil will be handled according to the will of the Trinity.

Human life is lonely by nature. It is a path that you have to walk alone. 
You may walk together with others, but no one can walk your path.
they cannot feel what you feel since they cannot become you. 
As for Me, however, I am with everyone and share joy and difficulty with them.
Seek to see Me, the Holy Son, walking with them. 
Only look at Me whatever situation you may be in.
Then the difficulty, hardship, and loneliness of life will be nothing
and you will only feel hope and satisfaction, instead.

(Lord, why do you suddenly speak about life?)

Anyone who is born in the world lives a ‘life.’ So whoever it may be, they all need to meet Me.
I understand the difficulty, hardship, loneliness, and solitude of human lives and I move their hearts. 
Success, love, and all other things that human lives need are within Me. 
I give you these words so that you will let Me known to them. 
- The Savior of human beings, the Holy Son. 

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