If you invest in the spirit...
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If you invest in the spirit...

(I offered a prayer of thanksgiving and pleaded that I wanted to know more about the spirit. 
The Lord gave the following words in response.)

The spirit is made by My Father, My Mother and Myself,
it is heaven’s most precious and deepest secret.
And it is a creation ambitiously made by Our greatest effort and investment. 
It was made in the way that Human beings can communicate with Me by the spirit
And if it’s not by the spirit, 
they can never connect with Me, My Father or My Mother. It is an absolute system. 
Your spirit resembles Me.
And if your spirit do not meet with Me, you will feel empty and distressed,
even if you live a hundred or a thousand years. That is how you are created to be.
Those who give up on their life, those who have no satisfaction in life...
Their agony stems from not having met with Me in spirit. 

Open your eyes to the spirit! Invest in the spirit!
Meet with My eternal love in spirit!
It’s the spirit! Spirit! Nothing but the spirit matters.

Without the spirit, you will feel agony for your whole life because the body has no value.
But My love, you have the spirit. Except the spirit, everything is valueless.
The body is the protecting shell that envelops the spirit. 
The body will go back to where it came from. It’s nothing but a handful of dirt.
Invest in the spirit! Open your eyes to the value of the spirit!
The body is useless but the body used for the spirit is valuable.
The spirit is the only channel, only method, and only secret, through which you can come to Me. 
Come to Me through the path of the spirit. 

(I asked the Lord, “More concretely, how do we invest in the spirit?”)

Feed it spiritual food. Feed it spiritual milk.
It is the Word! Eat the Word and let the nutrition go to the soul and the spirit. 
A spirit that does not eat the Word! -A premature spirit that is placed in an incubator. 
A spirit that stopped in the middle of eating.
-A spirit that was coming out of its mother’s womb and got stuck by the limbs.
On the other hand, a spirit that is not picky about the Word but eats it thankfully, savoring it, 
is a healthy spirit that is born at the right hour, in the right time. 
It will continue to grow well and healthy, and it will function properly and play its role. 

Only spend time in Me and in the Word of God:
Listen to the Word, reflect on it, engrave it on your heart and put it into action.
The outcome of the effort prepares the straight path to the heaven. It opens a short cut. 
It changes your spirit into a spirit of heaven so that you will be able to go to heaven.
It is the process. Don’t ever give up in the middle. 
It is painful struggle a caterpillar goes through before it is reborn in order to come out to the world.
It is the pain that a chick feels before it is hatched in order to come out to the world. The pain is beneficial. 
‘The world’ said in this context refers to the heavens.

(Lord, besides listening to the Word, what else is there for us to do in order to invest in the spirit?)

The righteous action that fulfills what I and My Father want, what We like, 
what We hope, what We wish you to do.
All these actions and deeds are investment in the spirit.
I want your spirit to be clean and pure.

(Lord~ How can we know that our spirits have been transformed? What are the signs that we will see?)

When your spirit is reborn, your mentality becomes bright, 
so whatever you do you will think and act according to My will, My intention, and My desire.
You will act like a person of heaven.
You live on earth, but you will live, behaving and thinking as a person of heaven.
You will not live a worldly and physical life any more.
Spiritual ideas! 
They are My ideas. Therefore, you will speak with My voice and you will see people with my eyes.
Also, you will be My ears so you will never be caught up in slander or swayed to and fro.
Be a spiritual person, a person of heaven!

Lastly, I will you this.
Do not invest in the things that will rot and disappear,
but invest in the things that will not decay forever.
I have poured out My whole energy in the spirit. Let’s communicate with each other in spirit.

Transform completely into a heavenly spirit.
Be perfect. Prepare yourself. Be ready. Put your life on the line and live for the spirit!
I love you. I am the King of kings, the Holy Son, who loves you.

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