There is NO giving-up.
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There is NO giving-up.

(I met a life who felt disheartened and wanted to give up on everything because of that. 
While talking with them, I could feel how broken the Lord’s heart was for them. 
The next day during the predawn hour prayer, the Lord came and spoke.)

There is no giving-up with Me. In My world, such a notion does not exist at all.
I, the Holy Son, am an eternal Being, a Being fundamentally without an end.
You, human beings, are also created as ‘spiritual’ beings [first] 
and then created as beings of (physical) matter later. 
Because you are eternal beings, your original hearts do not have a yearning for an ‘end.’ 
However, there is an end in the world of the darkness. 
Hell is a place where those who are finished spiritually, in other words, those who are dead, go to. 
They do exist forever, but the Trinity does not call them ‘living.’

It is Satan that so tenaciously pulls people to ‘the world of the end.’ 
He keeps planting a desire for ‘an end’ in their thoughts.
In their daily lives also, they just want to finish everything they do as quickly as possible. 
When things do not go well, they call it an end without knowing, and they give up on the things. 
Human beings, that are eternal beings, had lived dreaming of ‘eternity.’ 
But as they did not know about the spirit, they lost the longing for ‘eternity’ in the course of time. 
Satan controls people’s thoughts, 
causing them to continue falling into the physical world, which is a world with an end, 
and makes them quickly give up on the spiritual world. 

Those who live their lives looking at Me, the Holy Son, and looking at Heaven, an eternal world, 
do not know about giving-up. 
Whatever they do, they do it until it works, and they take action forever. 
On the other hand, those who live their lives only looking at the physical world, a world with an end, 
often say, “I’ll give up,” and some of them actually do give up. 
As a result, they cannot be successful in the physical world 
and they cannot be successful in the spiritual world either. Everything in their lives comes to an end. 

Do not give up!
There is no giving-up with Me, the Holy Son. 
We should take action forever while dreaming of and gazing upon the eternal world 
and praying even more for your spirits that are eternal beings. 
Because I love you, even if everyone in the whole world may give up on you, 
I, the Holy Son, do not give up on you. 
Do not give up on Me and on the eternal world, Heaven. 
Do not give up on yourself. 
As long as you do not give up, it will certainly be fulfilled in the end. 
There are quite a lot of people who want to give up.
At the moment you give up, the door of eternal suffering will open.
Even if your love for yourself has cooled, 
even if the fire of the Holy Spirit has died down making your heart cold, 
and even if things of the world enter and occupy your heart, do not give up. 
Call upon Me, the Holy Son, once more.

I am looking at each and every one of you of the world.
I am watching to see if anybody calls upon Me and petitions Me, 
or if anybody struggles to hold onto Me once again and tries to get up without giving up.
I am waiting ready to run right away to those who call upon Me and seek to take hold of Me; 
I am ready to love them. 
Whether you are aware of the fact or not, 
your spirit, that is an eternal being is well-matched with the life of Heaven which is an eternal world;
and your spirit is well-matched with Me, the Holy Son, who is an eternal being. 
Therefore, do not give up but do it with Me. 
Take action little by little. Then you will transform. 
And you will be able to live with Me, the Holy Son, forever. 
I speak to you with a burning heart because I love you.
I love you, truly. It is the endless love of the Lord . 

(The next day, I saw a person who was agonized because their heart had cooled. 
The Lord continued speaking.)

Looking at those whose hearts have cooled, My heart feels so cold. 
My love becomes more fiery day after day. 
But even though I weep holding onto your hearts that are cooling, many of you do not regard My tears.
Your cooled heart is hardened, and it hurts My heart. 
Come to Me and tell Me everything. Hold My hand. 
If you turn away from Me, I have to turn away also because the time has come. 
Then it means eternal separation [between you and I], doesn’t it? 
How can all that pain be described in words?  
Your heart cooling down is the greatest tribulation. 
The heart is the forbidden fruit, so if you do not give it to Me, you lose it.
Why is it that you do not know this?

Do not give up. Tell me everything.
They say that they do not know what to do with their own hearts. 
But I know their hearts fully. So tell Me everything.
My, the Holy Son’, words will become the sunlight, 
which will shine upon the hearts of those who have become cold, 
and will dry up their hearts which are wet with greed, their own ideas, and their own thoughts. 
They have to become dry wood, then they will catch the fire of the Holy Spirit 
and they will want to do things. 
Do not forget that I am with you. 
I am next to you because I love you. I love you.
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