The World of the Brain and Mentality
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The World of the Brain and Mentality

The brain is like a minimized spiritual world. 
Numerous actions are processed in an instant and it is expressed through movement. 
That is what the spiritual world is like in reality.
Even if it cannot be seen, 
numerous movements and numerous actions are processed in the twinkling of an eye. 
And sometimes that is reflected in the physical world.

Nerve cells are moved as it is processed in the brain, but it also moves the cells of the heart. 
It operates the cell of the thoughts and that moves the cell of action. 
Brain causes numerous actions, 
but actions of thoughts and actions of the heart influences the spirit and that causes huge movement.
And this is the biggest secret of human beings and the deepest secret of creation. 
This is the biggest core of God’s creation. 

‘Human’s brain’ is the greatest, the most beautiful and it shines the most of all creations. 
It causes huge change from truly small things.
This causes the action that shakes the whole world and that moves the spiritual world. 
This is a great and mysterious secret.

The existence of the spirit is actually in the brain that is in your head. 
If there is a brain, everyone can feel, see and experience the spiritual world. 
Going to the spiritual world is through your brain. 
Brain, that is your heart, mentality, thought. This is ‘the soul.’
Didn’t I tell you that you are going into the spiritual world through your soul?
You open the door of the spiritual world through your brain. 

Empty your brain. This means, ‘Empty your heart, empty your thoughts.’
What is activated in the brain gets transmitted to the heart, then moves the heart, 
transforms your thoughts, creates your mentality, 
and even guides to body to action and even affects the depth of the spiritual world. 
The body is over as the body but ‘the brain,’ which is like a treasure hidden within, 
affects the body, soul, mind and the world of the spirit. 

The door that connects you to God is your ‘brain.’ 
They way that you can connect your body and Heaven together is your ‘brain.’
Your brain should not fall asleep. Your brain should work and move all the time. 
Thoughts make the person and keep the person alive. 
The fundamental is your brain. 
It means that it is the brain that makes the person and it keeps the person alive. 
It hugely influences on the formation of character, spirit and the body of a human being. 
People always live with thoughts.
If your thoughts stop, the action of your body, action of your heart, and the action of your spirit also stops. 
When your thoughts are alive, everything moves and comes to life. 

In order for your thoughts to be alive, take hold of your brain.  
Make your brain entirely into mine. 
Everyone in the world lives with thoughts. 
But what do you think is the thing that determines your path, and life and death? 
‘The brain and thoughts’ determine your body, soul and spirit 
so what kind of thoughts should people live with?
Make the structure of your brain as God and me, the Holy Son.
Then, your thoughts become me, the Holy Son, 
and action and situation in the spiritual world become mine, the Holy Son’.

‘The brain’ cannot be explained everything with words. 
It is a world of great truths and reason, and it is deep.
It cannot be explained everything with words of a human being. 
This is the hidden secret in the spiritual world. This is the subject of your research. 
Everything is the study of the spiritual.
If you study only physically, it is only blood, skin, and cells. 
When you study spiritually, the deep logic of Heaven will be unraveled.

God’s one word gives variety of realizations. You need to know all that. That is inspiration. 
The word of God that cannot be expressed with one word: 
it is important to realize and feel each and every one is important. 
That inspiration is the communication with Heaven through your brain. 
Therefore, even if you read one word, you need to read it deeply.
If you read deeply, you will receive variety of thoughts and realizations. That is inspiration

The deep word of the spiritual world should not be heard with the physical ears 
but should be heard with the spiritual ears opening the door of your heart. 
You should listen opening your thoughts 
and concentrating your thoughts with inspiration and realization. 
When you listen like this, the nutrition seeps directly to your spirit 
and that becomes your nutrients and food. 
Listening only with your ears does not become the food for your spirit. 
Inspirations and realizations become food for your spirit. Do you understand?

Truly you need to know that the brain determines the spiritual world. 
Brain is not just one of the organs of your body but it is a whole world. It is the world of the soul. 
It cannot be proved only with science. This deep world can only be proved with the spirit. 

Isn’t it mysterious? It is another taste of the world. 
The door of the spiritual world is your brain and your thoughts so make it perfect 
and always lock up and always  be clean. 
Do you understand? Bye. I am the Lord, the Holy Son. 

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