Human Beings Live at Two Extremes.
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Human Beings Live at Two Extremes.

Human beings live at one of ‘the two extremes,’ on this side or that side.
A person who takes action zealously lives at ‘the extreme of zealousness’
while working hard to the extreme; 
a person who is lazy lives at ‘the extreme of laziness’ because they are lazy to the extreme.   
About loving me, the Holy Son, also, some people live a life at the extreme 
while loving Me, the Holy Son, to the extreme. 
Some live a life at the extreme while loving the world which is the opposite side 
and loving themselves to the extreme. 
Between the two extremes, which side are you living on?
With the Word also, some people live at the extreme where they learn and believe the Word 100%. 
Some live at the extreme of the opposite side 
while learning [the Word] half-heartedly and believing it only in part.

The brain of human beings works in one of the two ways. 
It flows either to ‘the physical extreme’ or ‘the spiritual extreme.’ 
The same is true with the heart. 
In this way, if a human being does not believe in God the Almighty, Me, the Holy Son, 
they live at the unbelieving extreme of life.
Also, even if people believe and follow, 
there are those who believe, love, and take action to the extreme degree, 
and there are those who live at the extreme of the opposite side, believing, loving, 
and taking action to a mediocre degree.
Out of the two extremes, at which end are you living your life?
The needle of a compass also always stands at one extreme. The same is true with life. 
You must always live at the extreme of love of Heaven. 

You should know this. 
Whether it is ‘the physical extreme world’ or ‘the spiritual extreme world,’ whichever side they go to, 
human beings become immersed there and live an extreme life. 
Those who belong to the body live placed at the physical extreme. 
That is why they dislike leaving the world that is physical. 
Therefore, testify to them about the ideal world, tell them about the eternal world, 
preach to them that there is a world that is extremely better than where they are living, 
and thus lead them in.

The world of physical extremes is a world from which it is hard to come back once you enter it. 
Therefore, no matter what you do, 
you must live an extreme life being united with Me, the Holy Son every hour, every day. 
Then you will not slip out from My, the Holy Son’s, domain 
even briefly in the midst of your daily life.
If you are walking on boulders holding a raw egg in your hands, 
you will not open your hand even for a moment.  
Likewise, you must live at the extreme, holding onto Me, the Holy Son tightly in your heart. 
If you let go of Me, the Holy Son, both your hope and rapture will vanish. 

I want you to live at the extreme within My, the Holy Son’s, domain. 
Live at the extreme where you pray with all your heart. 
Live at the extreme where you listen to the Word and act upon it with your whole heart.
Remember the message that says, “Human beings live at the extremes” 
and do not ever stray from the extreme life on my, the Holy Son’s side 
in the midst of your daily life. 
If you go astray in a small matter, you will end up going astray in a big matter also. 
As a result, you will ultimately, lose Heaven. 

Among the ten virgins that awaited the bridegroom, five virgins prepared the oil of love 
and lived at ‘the extreme where they were full of love,’ 
and the other five did not prepare the oil of love and lived at ‘the extreme where they were foolish.’ 
Those who have put the Word to action are the living and have lived at ‘the extreme of life.’ 
Those who have not put the Word to action are the dead and have lived at ‘the extreme of death.’
Cain lived at ‘the extreme of wickedness’; Abel lived at ‘the extreme of goodness.’
Those who do not know believe that the body will rapture to the heavens 
and they are living at ‘the extreme of ignorance.’ 
Those who know believe that the body lives the life of the Rapture on earth 
and only the spirit raptures to Heaven, and they are living at ‘the extreme of truth.’ 
Judas Iscariot lived at ‘the extreme of disbelief’ 
and Peter and [other] disciples lived at ‘the extreme of obedience.’ 
Therefore, the spirit of Judas Iscariot has been living in the fire of Hell for [the past] 2000 years. 
He has to live there forever. Disbelieving in the Messiah is that grave a sin.

Live loving Me, the Holy Son, extremely. Only then will you not regret. 
Invest all your love, action, and obedience, as much as you possess.  
No matter where you live, whether you live at ‘the extreme of goodness’ or at ‘the extreme of wickedness,’
each has its own merit and joy. 
However, whether it is ‘the extreme of goodness’ or ‘the extreme of wickedness,’ 
once you go there you become accustomed to it. 
Therefore, you will continue to live there without being able to escape. 
However, in the end, good and evil will be separated through judgment and come to an end. 

Everyone, I bless that you will live being completely attached to ‘My, the Holy Son’s extreme.’
I am the Holy Son, the Almighty, who has told you about extreme lives of two extremes. Shalom!

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