Take Hold of the Sword of Time.
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Take Hold of the Sword of Time.

In the physical world, when you do something, you need to complete it within a limited amount of time. 
When people in the flesh work they only have a short time 
because they have to complete it within a limited amount of time. 
In other words, if they lose the opportune time that they need 
in order to complete something by getting involved in something else, they will end in failure. 
The almighty God set a certain time for human beings 
and made them complete [what they had to do] on time.
If you lose time, no matter how much skill, strength, power,
and help from others you may have, and even if all kinds of conditions are met, 
you will be unable even to start it and you will become a loser. 
To succeed and triumph, human beings 
must have ‘a resource called time’ and the ‘skill to use that time.’ 
If you fail to take hold of the sword of time, you will fail in all things.

Take hold of ‘the sword of time’ that you have lost to Satan. 
The sword is power, strength, and authority. Therefore, it displays the power to win. 
‘The sword of time’ is the handle of victory. 
Realize and know why time is compared to ‘a sword’ 
and why you are told to grab the handle of the sword of time. 
First, the blade of a sword is sharp. 
Time passes also sharply divided into the second arm, the minute arm, and the hour arm respectively. 
To grab the handle of the sword of time means that you should use time sharply. 
Just as you would swiftly cut things with a sword, you need to cut time without hesitation 
and use it properly when you need to use it.
Second, a sword is scary. It is dreadful. 
It means that you should use time in a scary and dreadful way.
Third, a sword is authoritative, powerful, and strong. 
Time is also authoritative, powerful, and strong. So you should use it properly.
Fourth, a knife is used on a battlefield, when a soldier has to combat their enemy up close up.
It means that you also should grab the knife of time in your hand and fight closely. 
Just as you wouldn’t be able to fight without a knife, you cannot fight without time. 

When Satan, your opponent, is fighting using a sword, if you take the sword away from him, you will win. 
There is only one sword called ‘time’ between Satan and you. Therefore, whoever grabs it wins. 
Therefore, you must spend time frugally and take it away through prayer.
If you lose the sword of time to Satan and end up spending time on what you like to do, 
you will fail in all things and eventually kneel down to Satan. 

Look at the Olympic games. 
Whether in swimming or a relay race, they fight for even ‘a second.’ 
They again split ‘that second’ and calculate it down to a hundredth of a second. 
Ultimately, the one who reduces their time the best wears a gold medal around their neck, don’t they? 
Soccer, volleyball, and various other ball games also have a set time
and the players must achieve victory within that time.
Likewise, in living your life, if you want to gain the victory of life you must grab the sword called ‘time.’ 
You should wake up early, from the predawn, and pray 
and grab the sword of time being united with Me, the Holy Son. 
Only then, will Satan be unable to disturb you. 
Those who fail to do this will lose the sword called ‘time’ to Satan.
Regardless of the reason, anyone who has lost the sword of time to Satan will always be ruled by Satan. 
Therefore, they will lose all their time and they will be unable to do what they need to do 
or have their body and spirit be transformed as well. 
They will spend their time—which they should be spending on what they must do—on worthless things. 
As a result, they will lose time, so they will be unable to do what they have to do and will fail. 
In all things, whatever you do, no matter how much skill and strength you may have, 
you must have ‘time’ in order to win by taking action within that time.

Satan takes away your time in hundreds of ways. 
He steals your time by making you watch TV, steals your time by making you get caught up in the internet,
and steals your time by making you indulge in games. 
Satan makes you spend time by being preoccupied with the things you like, 
takes away your time through love of the world, 
and makes you spend time on eating, drinking, and enjoying yourselves. 
Through all these things, he keeps you from spending time for your eternal life.
There is not a single person in the world who lost ‘time’ and triumphed. 
First, you have to take hold of ‘the sword of time’ and succeed in conquering time. 
Then you will be able to grab the sword of love with Me, the Holy Son, 
the sword of the Word, and the sword of victory in hundreds of things. 
Those who have lost ‘time’ are people who are incomplete both in the spirit and body.
Most of the people of the world failed to be saved because they have lost their time to the world. 
“You have to take away time from Satan and take hold of the sword of time.” 
This one line is My, the Holy Son’s, special revelation that enables you to defeat and triumph over Satan.

Grab the handle of the sword of time. Grab the sword of the Word. 
Grab the sword of My, the Holy Son’s, love. Grab the sword of brotherly love. 
And fight against Satan and win.
I am the Holy Son who told you to grab the handle of the sword of time, fight, and defeat Satan 
and control time in your everyday life. Shalom!

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