Resemble the Heart and Thoughts of the Holy Son.
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Resemble the Heart and Thoughts of the Holy Son.

[Think about] how much struggling would be needed to chisel and carve a rock 
into your image and likeness. 
It is not something you can do just because you have strength and just because you struggle. 
You need to have the ‘skill.’ 
In this way, in order for you to resemble the heart, mind, and thoughts 
of the Almighty God, the Holy Spirit, and Me, the Holy Son, 
you must put in effort, listen to the Word, take action, and pray, and each of you need to have skill. 

If you do not resemble the heart and thoughts of God the Creator, who is the Origin of love and goodness,
the heart and thoughts of the Holy Spirit, and Me, the Holy Son, 
you cannot enter Heaven, the Heavenly Kingdom. 
In the world too, if a person’s heart, mind, and thoughts are not compatible with [someone], 
they won’t like conversing with them and they cannot live close to them either. 
If your heart, mind, thoughts, and actions do not resemble the Almighty God of Heaven, 
the Holy Spirit, and Me, the Holy Son, with ‘love’ and ‘goodness,’ 
you will be unable to come to Heaven at all. 
How can you resemble Us? You can resemble Us if you listen to ‘the Word of life’ and take action every day.
If you listen to ‘the Word of life’ and take action every day, 
your heart, mind, and thoughts will change and resemble the Holy Trinity. 
It is about resembling My, the Holy Son’s heart.

Whether it is someone making a sculpture, a painting, a house, or a garden, 
do you know how hopeful they feel and how deeply they are engrossed in? 
and feel delight in it when they work on it?
You, too, with joy and overflowing hope, work on ‘the artwork of the spirit’ that is created to live forever! 
Be crazy about and delight in making your heart into My, the Holy Son’s, heart. 
Save your spirit in that way and use it forever! And receive Heaven as an inheritance! 
[This] making is done as the heart of your body transforms into My, the Holy Sons, heart 
and as you live with that transformed heart, sharing love with Me. 

The image and likeness of human beings’ bodies are awesome and beautiful. 
But their hearts are wicked in various ways—their hearts and thoughts are weak, lazy or critical, 
or they hate their brothers, or become hot-tempered, or badmouth their brothers, etc. 
And that is the problem.
Because people refuse to have God in their hearts and thoughts, 
God who created [them] in His image and likeness 
will naturally leave the human beings as they are with their depraved hearts. 
Depending on how they make the conditions of their hearts and thoughts, 
human beings call judgment upon themselves because of their hearts and deeds.

Every hour, every day, you need to control your own heart. 
You need to control your heart and thoughts while sternly commanding yourself, instructing yourself, 
and influencing yourself. 
If you fail to control your heart and thoughts, you turn bad in an instant. 
When your heart turns bad, you end up committing ‘a sin of the heart’
when you do things as prompted by the heart that has turned bad,
you end up committing ‘a sin of action.’
No matter who it may be, it is difficult to control your own heart 
and make it good as you would like. 
After you hear the great Almighty and My, the Holy Son’s, 
Word and become reborn through the Holy Spirit,  
you can control it through prayer and repentance. 

Everyone, control your own heart. 
Just as you cut the weeds and pull out thorny plants, 
just as you drain the rotten water, clean up [the pond],
and fill it up with clean water again when the water goes bad, and just as you cut, prune, 
and control the branches when they grow;
control your heart, mind, thoughts, and actions! 
The Almighty God, I, the Holy Son also, we all look at your heart, mind, and thoughts 
when we choose and use a person. 
It means that we ‘look at the center.’ We ‘look at the heart.’ 
By making a strong determination and by praying truthfully, 
[you] make [your heart and thoughts] into the Holy Son’s heart and thoughts. 
Constantly hear My Word, realize it, put it into action, and pray. 

You should make it perfectly then your heart will become like the heart I, the Holy Son, have. 
So you will connect with Me day and night, share love with Me intimately, 
and with a heart like Mine, you will not collide with other people or hurt them, 
hence [I ] will be able to entrust work to you confidently.
Every time you do the work of your mission, you have to face and interact with people. 
If you do not make your heart into My, the Holy Son’s, heart, 
you will collide with your brothers in word, in heart and in action as well. 
That is why, at every moment, you should do things while watching yourselves, being on alert, 
and thinking wisely.

Those who do things absolutely resembling Me, the Holy Son never shake their heart, mind, and thoughts  
no matter what kind of temptation Satan and human satans may entice them with 
and no matter whether the storms or typhoons of trials and tribulations blow. 
I bless that you will make your heart into My, the Holy Son’, heart and that you will live resembling Me. 
You have to resemble Me then I can love you and use you to [My] heart’s content. 
You will transform as much as you make yourself. You will shine. 
Know and realize how important human beings’ heart, mind, and thoughts are. 
Realize how critical the kind of heart, the kind of mind, and the kind of thoughts human beings live with are. 
[God] is a God who examines the heart. 
You, too, examine your own heart so that it will not turn bad. 
I hope that your heart will be filled with love for Me, the Holy Son.

I, the Holy Son, go to you in a symbolic way looking at your heart, mind, and thoughts. 
Human beings either go to ruin or thrive because of their heart, mind, and thoughts. 
Their spirits either go to Hell or go to Heaven because of their heart, mind, and thoughts. 
You will resemble My, the Holy Son’s, heart through fiery love, the Word, 
the Holy Spirit, prayer, and action
Resemble Me, the Holy Son. And let’s live together; live with Me, the Holy Son!
I am the Holy Son, your love. Shalom! 

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