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The Level of Love between Counterparts
(Level of Love Depending on the Counterpart of Love)

There is a purpose for which God the Creator, the Holy Spirit, and I, the Holy Son 
created heaven, earth, all things in it, and human beings. 
[We] created heaven, earth, all things in it, and human beings 
in order to create ‘the spirit that belongs to Heaven’ through the body.
The spirit that is born through the body is “God’s relative counterpart of love”; 
this world where the spirit is being made through the body is “God’s relative world of love.” 
The angels in Heaven, God’s workers, and spirits of Heaven are not spirits that are born through the body, 
but they are spiritual entities that began as spirits in the world of spirits. 
Therefore, angels are spiritual entities that are born with elements that have the same nature as God, 
and they are “God’s counterpart of love at the position of children.” 
I will speak using a parable, so let’s listen well.

Your siblings at your home were born from the bodies of one father and one mother, so you are one blood. 
Within a single bloodline, father and mother are decided, 
and the first son and the second son are determined. 
Therefore, [people] of one bloodline exchange brotherly love, 
and they can love [each other] only with love that is at a psychological and mental level but not more than that. 
They cannot exchange the love of counterparts, a physical love. 
Even if they were to have a love relationship that is physical, as counterparts, 
it would be a love that is like masturbation, in which the feelings and joy would not go beyond a certain limit.
Your father and mother are not united from one bloodline. 
They met as counterparts of love from different bloodlines, they loved each other,
and they united to produce you. 
If not, [your] lives would have been unable to exist properly, 
and [they] would have been unable to produce normal lives. 
Your brothers and sisters at home also have to meet someone who was born from a different family, 
take that person as their object of counterpart love, and love them and be united with them. 
Only then, will they be 100% [perfectly] corresponding according to God’s law of creation, 
and their love will be fulfilled in a satisfying way. 
In this way, the angels in Heaven live like brothers and sisters of one [family], 
centering on the almighty God through the Holy Spirit Mother. 
So they exchange brotherly mental love among themselves 
and live serving God and the Holy Spirit like parents. 
It is because angels are spiritual entities that were born as spirits in Heaven which is like one home, 
so they are not beings that are God’s counterparts but are like one family with God. 
Therefore, [they] cannot exchange love, either mentally or in thought, 
like the love between a man and a woman who unite with each other.
In other words, angels live like brothers of one family in Heaven, 
and you can think in this way that the Trinity lives as the parents of the angels. 
Love at the brotherly level within one family 
and love as counterparts at the level of lovers are different. 
Likewise, love at the level that spirits in Heaven share among themselves
and love [shared] with the bodies and spirits of the earthly world as counterparts, 
which is like a different family, are different. 

The Almighty God, the Holy Spirit, and I, the Holy Son are the essence of love. 
So We cannot be satisfied only with love that comes from children. 
But angels are satisfied with the love of the Trinity, 
just as children are satisfied when they receive their parent’s love. 
The Trinity, who is the essence of love, 
was not satisfied with the child-level love from the angels who are like their children. 
In order to share love as counterparts at the level of lovers, 
the Trinity created the body and spirit of human beings. 
They created another family because they would be satisfied 
only when they receive love from the counterpart. 
This family that is different is none other than your spirits that are made through your bodies.
The spirit that is born through the body 
is ‘a being that is in the position of the Trinity’s counterpart.’ 

The love between human beings that people share in the world 
is at a lower level than the love between God and human beings, 
even if it is the love of counterparts between a man and a woman. 
Their love is like brotherly love that is shared among members of one family. 
‘The counterpart mate’ of those who were born in the flesh in the world 
is no one but the Creator God, the Holy Spirit, and I, the Holy Son who exist as spirits in Heaven. 
Therefore, both in the body and in the spirit that is born through the body, 
truly love the Trinity according to God’s purpose of creation and see. 
It is like loving someone from a different family that has different genes 
after having loved your own brothers and sisters with a heart at the level of brothers. 
So you will feel love that is a hundred times or a thousand times more intense. 
It is because that love is ‘counterpart love.’ 

Just by loving God through ‘thoughts,’ you can feel His love. 
Just as a man and a woman have love relations, 
if you have a spiritual communion of love with God and Me, the Holy Son, through ‘thoughts,’ 
you can feel Our love a thousand times or ten thousand times stronger. 
Just as a man and a woman feel love when they converse or work together, giving and taking their hearts, 
even if they do not share physical love, 
both your spirit and body feel that way with God and Me, the Holy Son. 
The spirit feels tens of trillion times more intensely than the body. 
You feel it when you pray. You feel it when you obey the Word. 
You feel it when you truly love God and Me, the Holy Son.
This is how much you feel when your body, which is fragile and weak, 
experiences the love of the Almighty God, the Holy Spirit, and Me, the Holy Son 
while living as Our counterpart of love.
So then, if your spirit loves and experiences the Trinity, 
it feels [Our love] hundreds of times, or thousands of times more powerfully than the body. 
The love of Heaven is so intense that only the spirit can bear that love fully. 
Therefore, God, the Holy Spirit, and I, the Holy Son 
created heaven, the earth, and all things in it as the foundation for life 
in order to create the spirit through the body of the world. 
Next, [We] created the body of human beings, and through the body, created the spirit. 
[We] made heaven, the earth, and all things in order to make the environment and set the atmosphere 
for your body and spirit to live loving the Trinity. 
Also, [We] created heaven, earth, and all things 
so that your bodies will live breathing, eating, being clothed, and sleeping. 
It was all for you to make your spirit through your body while loving the Trinity upon that foundation. 

When you receive love from God, the Holy Spirit, and Me, the Holy Son, 
you will escape the domain of physical love 
that is like love among siblings who belong to the world. 
You will receive Heaven’s eternal love, 
fulfill the purpose for which God created human beings through your body on earth, 
and fulfill [that purpose] through your spirit in Heaven forever.
In this time period, do not live a pitiful life being caught up only in the love for the flesh of the world 
like the life of a dayfly. 
I am the Holy Son of love, who is your object of counterpart love. Shalom!

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