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Repent of the physical nature of getting impulsively angry and fix it.

Once you have repented in ‘words,’ next, you need to repent in ‘action.’ 
Then I will forgive you. 
If I do not forgive [you], the impulsive physical nature will keep surging in your heart, 
and therefore you will eventually cause a big problem. 
If you do not repent of your impulsive physical nature and if you are not forgiven completely, 
you will end up saying and doing things impulsively 
when you are with other brothers as well as when you are alone. 
When you speak to your brothers impulsively, 
I, the Holy Son, am standing before you together with angels. 
So then, [imagine] how awkward it must be for Me to hear that? 
The angels standing next to you are troubled to see how your personality is, 
and I, the Holy Son, feel the same. 
When you interact with your brothers, I, the Holy Son hear your words and see your actions. 
Know this and speak politely and treat your brothers well. 

When you are alone also, you may become impulsive on your own, so always watch yourself. 
Impulsively, you pour out your physical heart and do all kinds of things that you like. Do not be that way. 
If you are that way, it is like you knocking yourself down, 
twisting your arm backward, and stepping on yourself. 
As a result, the house of the heart called ‘yourself’ is being set on fire by itself and burning. 

The tongue is fire! Personality is fire! Anger and fury are also fire!
Do not speak or do things out of impulsiveness, 
but control yourself well with the power of the Word
Also, even when your brother incorrectly insists on their own opinion and frustrates you, 
help them realize through reason and teach 
and speak to them peacefully with a humble heart as My spokesperson. 

Church-leaders, do not break others with the force of your words using the knowledge you have, 
as if knocking down weak people and twisting their arms backward. 
Encourage them and instruct them peacefully, and speak to them meekly 
and kindly as My, the Holy Son’s, body. 
What you do with an impulsive heart 
is like spiritually knocking your brothers down, twisting their arm, and stepping on them. 
Deeply realize that in being that way, a person could even end up committing physical murder. 

My brides, be kind. Be meek. Be good. And through that, become strong. 
You should not be strong with an impulsive, physical heart. 
A bride must not have a strong character. A bride has to be strong in goodness. 
Be kind, be good, have a gentle heart, 
keep your heart like a field of rich soil wherever and whenever [you go], 
and treat [everyone] with beautiful words and smiles, as if you are interacting with God, Me, the Holy Son. 
Your words and actions both need to be that way. 
Then when I, the Holy Son, interact with you, I will be comfortable and not have a heavy heart, 
and the fire of true love will burn even stronger. 
Not only in regards to speaking, but also when listening, 
you should politely listen to what [others] say and treat them nicely. 
I want all of you to become virtuous people. 

Especially those of you who are in charge of My work, whether it is big or small, 
I want you to have My, the Holy Son’s, heart and character 
and refrain from impulsive words and actions, and from a hot temper, fury, and anger. 
Even if what you say is correct, teach [others] with humility. 
How polished your heart is is revealed when your words and actions are examined. 
Leaders should do things discussing with the followers. 
[I ] have told you leaders so many times to discuss [things] with the followers. 
If you still do things according to your physical nature without discussion, 
then you will certainly face problems, and bad things will befall you. 
Now that I have delivered My words to you, 
I will watch to see whether you will continue to do things mindlessly in the same way as before 
or whether you do things in the fixed ways.

You must absolutely discard the murderous deeply rooted physical nature 
and hot temper of ‘Cain’, lived on the side of evil while getting upset and hot-tempered.
Being impulsive is the character of the goat and the character of wild bulls, 
which become angry and butt [others]. 
If you treat your brothers in a way in which you are upset, you are not only simply treating them that way, 
but you are also treating Me, the Holy Son, who is standing next to the brothers in that way also. 
If you wish to become My true bride, discard the deeply rooted impulsive tendencies 
and take on a perfect and good heart. 
You should not have anger and fury inside your heart. 

‘Satan’ is the origin of surging fury. 
Since My brides have Satan’s personality, 
shouldn’t I, the Holy Son, perform surgery on you with the sword of the Word? 
If you are unable to fix yourselves, 
shouldn’t [I ] perform surgery on you by at least giving you fear and pain 
and remove Satan’s personality from you? 
You yourselves are not very aware of your impulsive character 
because it became your habit and mannerism. 
You became immune to that. 
A bride must resemble the heart of her bridegroom. If not, the two cannot be in love with each other. 
I want you to resemble My heart, the heart of the Holy Son.

From TV or newspapers, 
you can see that people start terrorism or war also out of an impulsive hot temper or fury, don’t they? 
Also, because of a surging hot temper, how severe a political conflict a nation goes through! 
Treating your brothers, sisters, parents, and those whom I am with out of an impulsive physical nature 
is just like knocking Me, the Holy Son, down, twisting My arm backward, twisting My leg, and trampling on Me. 
What you do to your brothers, you are doing the same to Me, the Holy Son.
You just need to fix your sharpness that is like a needle and your impulsive words, hearts, and actions that
are like the tip of a spear and the tip of a sword. 
Only then, will you be led to peace so that you will not face an embarrassing situation. 

When a mother gives birth to a child, there is nothing that the child does. 
Likewise, you did nothing until God, the Holy Spirit, and I, the Holy Son, 
completely created the entire heavens and earth so that you will be able to live, 
and you did nothing until [We] created you in the world. 
[We] have done everything for you in this way, but are you still unable to live with a good and kind heart, 
believing in and loving the Creator and Me, the Holy Son, whom He sent, according to the Holy Spirit’s inspiration? 
But then, what else should I do for you and how else should I help you? 
[We] have created all the conditions 100% so that you will be able to live. 
So you just need to serve and love God and Me, the Holy Son, respectively according to your individuality, 
and you just need to sustain your own life.
But you cannot even do that. So then will you not be judged by Heaven’s laws when the time comes? 

When your body lives on earth, 
you need to make your heart and actions into those of a perfect heavenly person, 
and make your spirit into the perfect heavenly form,  and then go to Heaven. 
It requires perfect words, heart, thoughts, and actions. 

Be peaceful and harmonious. 
I hope you will speak being mindful that I, the Holy Son, am standing among you. 
I am the Holy Son of the Trinity who loves you. Shalom!
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