Be Connected With Me, the Holy Son.
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Be Connected With Me, the Holy Son.

Connecting with Me, the Holy Son, is that great. A person who connects with Me receives My words also. 
[It is good that] you love Me and are fond of Me, the Holy Son. Yet, shouldn’t you connect with Me? 
If you don’t, what is the satisfaction of being in love, 
what is the satisfaction of being fond of Me, and what is the satisfaction of believing in Me?  
A person who connects with Me is one that is loving Me and being loved by Me spiritually.
It is a truly tremendous thing that your brain, that is, your heart, connects with Me, the Holy Son. 
If you do not connect, then love cools down and Satan attacks also.

I, the Holy Son, send My heart to your heart, like making a phone call. 
Sometimes, I, the Holy Son, go to you in person and send My heart 
while being next to you, wanting to be connected. 
But your heart is on the other line. 
I wait, thinking, ‘When she* ends the call with someone else, she will connect with My heart.’ 
{Translator’s note: gender unspecified, so ‘she’ is used as a bride, the Lord’s counterpart}
But after hanging up, you connect with another person again. 
When you are connecting with others, your own thoughts, your own will, and your own ideas 
are spinning like a fan, so you are unable to connect with Me. 
Your lover is standing behind you, but you do not look, so you do not know. 

Also, even though I, the Holy Son, am following you around the whole day, 
because you do not look with ‘the eye of thoughts, and the eyes of the heart,’ 
you cannot realize and notice. 
You should look for Me, the Holy Son, with the eyes of the heart 
and turn your eyes of the heart to Me, the Holy Son, then you can connect with Me. 
I tell you to pray because you connect with Me well when you pray. 
Throughout your daily life also, look at Me with your eyes of the heart. 
Seek Me first by concentrating your heart. 
You need to think of me in order to connect with Me. 
This is the most effective way to connect with Me. 
The prophets and the central figures of the old times also had wholehearted devotion like that, 
and that is how they connected with God, received revelations, and left the records in the Bible. 
Such revelations—both the ones for themselves and the ones for history
—are to come true when the time comes. 
They came to carry out the work of history by connecting with God. 

Even if I, the Holy Son, try to connect with you, if your heart, mind, and thoughts are elsewhere, 
then connection is definitely not possible. 
[I] desire to connect with you because there is something important [to tell you] at that moment, 
because [I] love you and because [I] want to give you an answer to the things you prayed about, 
but you live pouring your heart and mind into something else, so you are unable to communicate with Me. 
Even though I am watching you the whole day, 
you do not open the door of your heart to Me, so you do not connect with Me. 
Sometimes, for three days, or sometimes, for a week, 
you do not open the door of your heart to Me, the Holy Son. 
Sometimes, My plan was to connect with you through the Sunday, Wednesday, or predawn messages, 
but because you do not listen to them deeply with a concentrated mind, 
you let it pass even though the words that would enable you to connect with Me are being spoken from the pulpit. 

Always keep the frequency of your heart tuned to Me at the set prayer time of predawn as well as other times. 
Just as a radio station broadcast is heard as long as it is tuned to the right frequency, 
you will definitely connect with Me, as long as your heart is tuned to Me at the right frequency. 
If you live being caught up in your own thoughts and perspectives, 
then you cannot connect with Me, the Holy Son. 
It is ‘communicating with Me, the Holy Son.’ 
If you have absolute faith, you will connect through faith; 
if you love absolutely, you will connect through love; if you give thanks, 
you will connect through thanksgiving; if you pray, you will connect through prayer; 
and if you believe the Word and obey, then you will connect through the Word. 
The stage in which you communicate is the stage in which you connect with your lover in love. 
If you do not connect with Me, the Holy Son, you will become sick—in faith,
—you will moan and then die, not to mention that you will not be able to become My bride.

If you learn the Word properly and testify, 
then you will become a hero with a faith that is like iron. 
It is upon that foundation that you should love Me, the Holy Son. 
Therefore, take the Words as ‘food for the spirit,’ 
and live listening to them every day and taking action.
Consider trees that have weak roots. 
Since the roots, which are the fundamental of a tree, are weak, [the tree] gradually dies day-by-day. 
Even if it manages to bear some fruit, the fruit is not healthy. 
In this way, those who live without knowing the fundamentals of the Word clearly have weak roots of faith, 
so their faith dies day-by-day, and their spirits are completely emaciated.
On the other hand, consider trees that have strong roots. 
Since the roots, which are the fundamental of a tree, are strong, the trees are sturdy, 
and when they bear fruit, they bear healthy fruit. 
In this way, those who live knowing the fundamentals of the Word 
clearly have strong roots of faith, so their spirits are robust.

When it comes to connecting with Me, the Holy Son, the best and most fundamental [medium] 
is ‘the Word.’ 
When the wire of the Word is solidly installed, the high voltage of love runs through the wire of the Word. 
Love that does not have the fundamental of the Word is weak. 
Blessings also always go to you through the Word. 
You must make the Word your foundation, then you will not lose blessings either. 
Those who do not have the Word as their foundation collapse in a second 
when they go through a trial just like trees that collapse in a typhoon. 
It is because their heads are not filled with the Word fully. 
Examine the intensity of your own ‘light of the Word.’ Is it 5 watts? 10 watts? 
30 watts? 60 watts? 90 watts? 120 watts? Or 2000 watts? 
See on which tier you stand. 

Communicate with Me with all your heart, will, and life.
You must transform your spirit into My bride 100%. 
For that, you need to reach the stage in which you communicate with Me, 
in other words, the stage in which you and I love. 
Your line should not be ‘busy’ when I, the Holy Son, call the telephone of your heart. 
You should not be on the other line with someone else or something else. 
When I am trying to reach you because it is urgent, 
should you be on the other line, caught up with something else? 
Those of you who do not have the desire to communicate, 
aren’t you the ones who do not have much interest neither in the Rapture nor in Heaven? 
So then, you have nothing to do with Me, don’t you? 

Communicate with Me. 
I am the Holy Son of the Trinity who has given you the Word to communicate with you. Shalom!
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