Serve the Lord with Diligence and Zeal.
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Serve the Lord with Diligence and Zeal.

In order to be successful in body and spirit, you must not just live comfortably. 
If you live only comfortably, your life will fail. 
But if you live according to My, the Holy Son’, will even though it means hardship and toil, 
you will be successful.
You must live in a way that will make your spirit successful
As for the body, even if it becomes successful, 
it will leave the world with empty hands in the end. 
If you live only for the body, since you have done nothing for the spirit, 
your spirit will go to the world of eternal suffering when the body dies. 
If you live for the spirit, even after the body dies and becomes dust, 
‘the spirit’ will take all the merits that your body built while living on earth 
—believing in the Lord, serving, and loving Him, and toiling and working according to His will—
to Heaven. 

Just as you live as a physical body in the earthly world, 
when your body dies, you will live as a spiritual being in the spiritual world. 
Your spirit will receive all the achievements your body has built while living on earth, 
and when the body dies, your spirit will go to a spiritual domain 
that is appropriate for you and live there forever. 
‘Live spiritually’ means, first, that your body should live for your spirit. 
‘Live spiritually’ means, second, that both your body and spirit 
should live according to My, the Holy Son’, will. 
How can you live according to My will? I always deliver ‘My will’ through sermons, 
and at times I also reveal it through revelation-receivers. 
Also, I, the Holy Son, make you realize it through the Holy Spirit if you pray. 

Modern day people try all kinds of ways to live a comfortable life 
and they seek to make their heart and body comfortable first. 
Whether a person is young or old, the first thing they do is to live in such a way 
that they delight in what they like and they laugh and enjoy things only in the present. 
However, if a person lives a life that is comfortable only in the present, a successful life will not come.
A truly comfortable life will not come. 
Ultimately, what will come will be suffering, lamenting, agony, 
and a life in the dark shadow of the valley of death. Therefore, their life will be a failure. 
What will happen if a farmer does not farm but only sleeps, sits idly, and rests 
while fanning himself in the shade just to be comfortable every day? 
Won’t he become like a grasshopper who begs for food in a winter snow blizzard? 

Modern day people live their lives having made all kinds of things convenient for their body and heart. 
Science and civilization have developed to an extreme degree. 
Electronic systems, transportation, everyday gadgets, and so on are all developed to the highest level. 
All they need to do is to press a switch or operate some device with their hand. 
With a machine, they complete tasks that they used their entire body to complete before, 
they drive to places that they used to walk to, and so on. 
The world has become a comfortable place. 
This world almost seems to have become a second ‘Heaven.’ 
But then, they seek to be even more comfortable in this situation by not doing what they have to do! 
They enjoy entertainment and all kinds of games. 
They eat, play, and just want to live with their legs comfortably stretched out. 
Now that it has become a comfortable world due to the advanced civilization, 
people should worship God the Creator, and love Him and exalt Him with joy even more. 
But they think that such a life is cumbersome, 
and they criticize and slander those who serve and give glory to God instead. 

No matter how much a person enjoys and indulges in a comfortable life that is only for the body, 
their youthful days ultimately have a limit. It quickly passes by. 
The body’s childhood, young adult period, middle-age period, and advanced age period all pass quickly. 
With the spirit also, there is a limited amount of time for the spirit to be completed.
When time passes, the spirit withers, just as the body withers, 
and goes toward the domain of death, Hell, if the person dies after living only for the body. 
The fate of the spirit is determined in that way 
because its body only lived comfortably as the body. 
Since it is the spirit, not the body, that goes to the domain of death, the body says, 
“I don’t know about the spirit. It’s not the body but the spirit that suffers, 
so whether it suffers or not has nothing to do with me. The body dies and disappears, so I don’t care.” 
The spirit is the same as the body. 
The mentality, thoughts, and soul of the body are transferred to the spirit, 
and they go together with the spirit to the domain of death. 
Hence it is the same as the body itself going to death. 
If I explain it in an easier way, when the soul, not the body,
is tormented or chased after by many demons in a dream, 
is the body not frightened just because the body is not the one [chased in the dream]?
If a person has a nightmare, doesn’t their body convulse, scream, sweat, and even go crazy? 
In this way, when the body dies, 
the mind, mentality, thoughts, and soul of the body are transferred to the spirit 
and go together with the spirit. 
So if the body dies without having lived according to God’s will during its life on earth, 
its mind, mentality, thoughts, and soul are transferred to the spirit, 
and go to the Hell of death together with the spirit. 
So it is the same as the body itself going there. 
In spirit, your thoughts and feelings are a hundred times or a thousand times more acute and definite 
than in the flesh. 
So when the spirit goes to the domain of death, 
it feels the fear and pain a hundred times or a thousand times more intensely than the body would. 

Do not lean toward what you like or toward the world, and do not live loving those things. 
Instead, run with Me, the Holy Son, fulfilling My will, even if it is hard. 
If you do not do what you must do in order to be just a little bit comfortable, 
then the results will show immediately. 
If you do not brush your teeth after eating just to be a little bit comfortable, 
its effect shows immediately because [your mouth] will smell bad, you will have cavities, 
your teeth will fall out, and you will have to live [eating] with your gums. Isn’t this what happens? 
Those who do not do what they must do in order to be just a little bit comfortable are like this. 
Those who dislike moving their body are lazy people. 
To be comfortable, they do not pray; to be comfortable, they do not pray deeply when they pray; 
to be comfortable, they do not come to church; 
to be comfortable, they do not evangelize those whom they should evangelize; 
and to be comfortable, they do not manage those whom they should manage. 
People do not go to church because they are lazy 
and they live without believing in the Almighty and Me, the Holy Son. 
Those who live according to their own thoughts and live seeking only comfort of the body 
will fail in both their body and spirit. 

I want you to be diligent, to love and serve the Almighty with enthusiasm, 
and to repent thoroughly while putting the Word of the time period to action even more. 
In addition, move up from your current level and raise your level one notch higher. 
Only when you do this will you be able to receive Me. 
No matter who you may be, if you seek comfort 
and this becomes your habit and disposition for one day, two days, and so on, 
you will be victimized just like a negligent animal that is hunted down by a predator. 
This is true no matter who you are. 
Live running and flying off the ground like a cheetah. 
Then you will be the hunter and not the hunted, right? 
Run together with Me, the Holy Son, like a cheetah. Fly like an eagle. 
I bless you and bid you peace. Keep My words with action. 
I am the Holy Son who saves you. Shalom!

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