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Separation of Good and Evil, History of Judgment and Salvation.

From the beginning, animals are born as goats or wild beasts 
and they live as wicked goats or as beasts their entire lives. 
However, human beings are not determined to be a good person or an evil person from the beginning. 
It is not that ‘the body’ is a good person or an evil person. 
[But] it is ‘the heart’ that becomes good or evil, causing the body to act following the heart, 
and then the person becomes a good person or an evil person. 
You, human beings, can make yourselves to be good as much as you want. 
[But] if you do not perfect yourselves, no one else can. 
Both God and I, the Holy Son, help you. 
However, God and I are not factory managers that make you into a [certain type of] person. 
God, the Holy Spirit, and I, provide you with the resources to use in making yourselves. 
When God gives you power, when the Holy Spirit gives you inspiration, 
and when I, the Holy Son, give you the Word, you should use those as resources, 
and you should work hard and make your heart become good. 
You, yourself, know well what is good and what is evil. 
If you make yourself perfect, you will go toward good, 
but if you fail to make yourself perfect, you will go toward evil. 
Good and evil are separated according to the way you live your life. 
Then when the time comes, God will separate the good and the evil 
just as He would separate sheep and goats. 

Human beings live by ‘the heart.’ You live as you think with your heart. 
However, you, human beings, do not know on your own how to live your lives. 
So you should live by the heart of God who is the Origin of Goodness, 
and you should live by His thoughts and His Word. 
[Things] are designed in such an absolute way that you will be saved 
when you listen to the Word of salvation with your ears, accept it with your heart, 
and then take action. 
Unless you get rid of your human thoughts and your own thoughts, 
you cannot escape the domain of human beings. 
Only God’s and My, the Holy Son’, thoughts alone can change your spirits into the heavenly form 
and enable you to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. 
Therefore, divide and sort out human thoughts and discard them, 
and then take in God’s and My, the Holy Son’, thoughts. 
God’s and My, the Holy Son’, thoughts alone are life and salvation. 

You must have the same heart and thoughts 
as the heart and thoughts of My Father, My, the Holy Son’, heart and thoughts. 
Only then will God and I both be satisfied. 
Having a different heart from Mine and having different thoughts from Mine is evil and sin. 
And this is how one becomes a wicked person and a sinful person. 
If you do things according to your own thoughts, it is evil. It is sin. 
This becomes the channel through which Satan invades and builds his domain. 
Your own thoughts and heart are physical in nature. It is Cain’s heart. 
In that situation, Satan controls you momentarily. 
Problems come upon you because of your own wrongdoings. Control your heart and make it good. 
Apostle Paul was able to acquire a spiritual heart by killing his physical nature every day, 
and thus he came to have a heart that is united with Me. 

Satan is a spirit of hot-temper, fury, anger, and hatred. 
Therefore, when you have that kind of heart, Satan will conquer the land of your heart and rule over you. 
Because of your own personality, you cause yourself to undergo suffering 
and you bring pain upon yourself. 
[You should have a heart of] gentleness, humility, and righteousness. 
If you have anything in your heart, thoughts, and actions 
that are not worthy from My, the Holy Son’, standpoint, 
you need to separate them and throw them away on your own based on the Word, 
and in this way make yourself into a perfect person. 
I judge looking at the heart and I separate good and evil looking at the heart. 
In your heart, keep only righteousness and goodness and throw away everything else. 

When a jar is filled to its brim with water, there is sediment at the bottom of the jar. 
Likewise, your characteristics are buried deep in the bottom of your heart. 
You will ultimately cause problems because of them. 
In normal situations, even you do not know your personality. 
But when your human nature is revealed, your personality comes out. 
When you have a certain problem with someone, your personality comes out. 
If you remain in that state, you will become distant from Me. 
What you must do finally is to repent of the sediment at the bottom of your heart 
and get rid of it completely. 
Satan is waiting for that sediment to float up to the surface and cause madness. 
Because of [that sediment], you cause the wind and waves to rage upon yourself 
and you give yourself a hard time. 
That sediment will eventually separate you and Me. 

Who did I say that you should be like? I said that you should be like a child. 
Have the heart of a child. The heart of a child is a mature heart. 
A person with a meek heart gains people. 
They will gain Me, the Holy Son. They will earn the good land, that is, Heaven. 
In order to be united with My, the Holy Son’, perfect heart, mind, thoughts, and personality 
and in order to shine as I shine, you need to make your heart flawless and perfect. 
A heart that is not made flawless and perfect will not be united with Me even after a thousand years. 
The shiniest heart is a heart 
that is united with My, the Holy Son’, heart, without any blemish. 
Do not let your heart be jagged like a needle, a razor, a thorny tree, or tree bark. 
But let it be broad and compassionate, loving and kind, and soft and meek like a baby’s skin. 
Even a beauty who is excellent in all aspects, 
who would like her if she turns out to be prickly, narrow, and harsh when you get to know her? 
Make your heart as if you are polishing a rough stone 
and make it smooth to the point that it feels smooth even to your bare hand.
This is the management method to separate evil and sort out sin from your hearts. 
When your heart is good, your actions will also be good. 

God judges all evil without sparing even one dot or one stroke. 
Pray and confess to God. It is not for anyone else’s [benefit]. 
It is not that you should correct your heart in order to not fight or quarrel with people either.
It is for you to go to Heaven. In Heaven, there is no evil, not even as much as a grain of sand.
In order to go to Heaven, you must perfect your heart and actions through My Word 
and thus you must transform while your body lives on earth. 
Only then will your spirit transform into the heavenly form. 
Repent for the sake of perfect transformation 
and discard all the bad characteristics, anger, and sediment in your heart. 

I am the Holy Son who has taught you, hoping that you will separate and discard 
injustice, malice, and all kinds of bad characteristics from your heart
and hoping that you will manage both your heart and your actions to become blameless. 

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