Give Thanks to the Lord God. You Will Reap What You Sow.
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Give Thanks to the Lord God. You Will Reap What You Sow.

‘Thanksgiving’ needs to be done both in the physical aspect and spiritual aspect. 
It is because you have received both physical [blessings] and spiritual [blessings.]   
People who live next to a body of water forget to appreciate the water 
since it has become a part of their daily lives 
and they forget to be thankful to the Being who created water. 
However, if they were without water for an entire year and could barely wet their mouths, 
and they had to suffer digging in the ground [looking for water], 
then they would call out to God with deafening voices, begging for water, 
and would be thankful for [God] having let them use water before. 
It is the same with people of this time period. 
The rich hardly give thanks while the poor are so much more grateful 
so they give thanks whenever they gain something.     

Give thanks for whatever you receive regardless of whether it is big or small. 
Whether it is big or small, as you eat and wear clothing, 
you must set up an alter of thanksgiving
Do not forget it. 
Individuals, families, and nations that do not give thanks 
will eventually go to a world where there is no thanksgiving. 
Always give thanks [to God] and be joyful in your daily life 
that God has given blessings for the body of the physical world 
and blessings for the spirit of the spiritual world. 
Even with your beloved ones, if they only receive but are not thankful, 
you would not want to give them [anything] anymore because they do not have a right mindset. 
Just as a farmer sows seeds to harvest, 
you, too, should sow seeds to reap by doing things with sincerity 
before the Heavenly Father to harvest within faith. 

Think of what you have received from God and give thanks. 
Do not just think of money or materials that are directly related to you but realize 
and give thanks that the Holy Trinity had created the Universe and the Earth, 
taking over thirteen billion years per human beings’ calculation 
and thus God helps you in reality through nature. 
[God] has helped you in all aspects of your life even before you started leading a life of faith, 
so give thanks. 
When giving thanks, do not think that you should give thanks only with money or materials 
but set up an alter of thanksgiving through prayers in all situations 
and give thanks to God in everyday life 
whenever you realize something for which you should be thankful for. 
Give thanks with your lips and give thanks with your actions.   
Do not leave your lips and body idle but bear fruit of thanksgiving with your lips 
before you become old. 

If you do not lead a life of thanksgiving, you will always feel agony in your heart. 
If you lead a life of thanksgiving, you will always feel joy in your heart. 
Even if you face tribulations, persecutions, or hardships at times, be thankful and pray. 
It is because the adversities are sometimes a process of God leading you to something better.    
Maintaining your faith and keeping it alive without letting it die is good management of your faith. 
If you do so, you are the wealthiest [people]. 
More than anything, each of you who live in the end time must become a multi-billionaire in faith. 
Righteousness is money. Goodness is money. The merits of faith are wealth. 
You say you have nothing but you have gained many things. 
You must gain eternal things of faith. When your spirit goes well, your body goes well also.        

When I, the Holy Son, came to Israel in the physical body and lived for thirty-three years in this world, 
I had lived half of My life according to the lifespan of that time. 
At that time, people got old and died around the age of sixty. 
Even though I had lived half of My life, I had no wealth. 
Even though people followed Me saying to Me, “Lord! Lord! You are the Son of God,”
I died leaving not even one building of this world. 
[I left behind] only ‘faith’ and only ‘the Word.’ I left only ‘the path of salvation’ [as My legacy].
As for food and clothes, if there was food, I ate, and if there was none, I went hungry. 
Not being able to eat even what people offered Me and having no time to eat meals, 
I just preached the gospel. So I only left the wealth of the gospel behind. 
What did I leave to them [as an inheritance]? I passed down ‘the eternal wealth’ to the disciples.
To you in this time period also, I gave the wealth of faith, which is an eternal fortune, as an inheritance. 
So do not only think that you have no physical wealth. 
The purpose is the salvation of the spirits. What matters is wealth of faith.

The body must be raptured on earth and the spirit must be raptured into Heaven. 
However, you must have the ‘wealth of faith’ in order to receive Me. 
You must be spiritual in order to receive Me. 
Your faith must be alive in order for you to receive Me. 
Wealth of faith is love, truth, prayer, and faith in Me, the Holy Son. 
The thing that holds the highest value in the capital of faith is ‘love.’ 
If you want to transform into My bride, 
which is the greatest hope of those who believe in Me on earth, 
[you must have] ‘love,’ the capital of the highest value. 
Do not be poor in faith but have love, truth, and faith. With them, pray more deeply 
and become a person of great spiritual wealth, who is extremely rich in faith.  
Receive Me everyday with love, truth, prayer, and faith, which are the wealth of faith. 

You must receive the blessing of faith in order for it to last forever. 
I want you, who have received My love of this time period and My truth of the times, 
to harvest eternal things by believing in Me with a grateful heart, loving Me, 
and putting My Word into action. 

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