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Keep the Promise You, Yourself, Have Made to My Father and Me, the Holy Son.
Then You will Receive the Things That Pertain to The Promise.

Whoever you may be, keep the time that you have promised Me, the Holy Son, who saved you. 
Keep what you have promised. Prepare beforehand and keep it absolutely. 
If you do not keep the promise, I cannot keep My promise either, even if I have made a promise to you.  
Think about the difference between the time when you kept the promise that you made to Me 
and the time when you did not keep it.  
Things probably turned out well for those who kept their promise to Me, 
and things probably did not turn out well for those who did not keep it. 

My Father, Jehovah, promised in the Bible that He would send the Messiah 
to the nation of Israel that believed in My Father, and promised that Jehovah would come to Israel. 
However, was that promise fulfilled properly for that nation after the Israelites received that promise? 
Even though the promise of God was eventually fulfilled, they did not know, did they? 
What was the reason for that? 
After listening to Moses’ Law that was from God and the words from the Bible,
the Israelites promised to the almighty God that they would live according to the Word. 
However, they failed to live according to their promise. 
The first commandment of the Law was to love and serve the Lord God with all their heart, will, and life; 
and the second commandment was to love their neighbor and their brothers as themselves. 
Yet, the Israelites only made a promise centering on this commandment, 
but they failed to follow through on that promise. 
Therefore, even though God came as He had promised through Jesus’ body,
they did not recognize [God] even when they saw me. 
Moses had said, “God will elect someone like me among you, and you shall listen to him.”
Moses meant that the awaited Messiah would come from among them, 
who were brothers to one another, just like Moses. 
But they did not recognize [Me] even though I, came in the flesh. 
God came as He had promised. It was through Jesus’ body that God came. 
However, the nation of Israel did not recognize His coming 
because they had not kept their promise to God. 
People who were under Moses’ Law read the Word of life and promised to obey the Word, 
but they [actually] did not obey it. 
They strayed from God’s Will and led a life of faith that focused on the system, formality, and rituals.
Consequently, even though God came through Jesus’ body, they did not realize it. 

Whether in the past or in the present, both the almighty God and I, 
work through the body of the one who is elected and who is [most] worthy of the age, 
and We work using that person as Our messenger. 
God is a Spirit, so when He makes history on earth, He works through the body [of human beings]. 
When carrying out the Will of each time period on earth, 
both the omnipotent God and I, the Holy Son, elect a central figure who is ready for their time period. 
Whether or not you keep the promises you have made to My Father, the Almighty, and to Me, the Holy Son,
determines whether or not you can receive God and Me. 
If you do not keep your promise, you cannot see Me even if I come, because I am a Spirit. 
Thus, even if your physical eyes are seeing the man-of-mission who was sent by Me 
and who is doing My work of this time period, you will be unable to believe in him. 
It means that you will become blind. 
Doesn’t the Bible say that people may see but do not perceive, they may hear but do not understand?
Only those who keep My Word are able to see the work that I am doing on earth and are able to follow. 

You must keep the time that you have promised to Me, 
keep the confessions you have made before Me, and keep other various promises also. 
Only then will I grant you things as it is appropriate, show you signs, 
prepare a table for you before your enemies, give you wisdom, and give you the Word as well. 
If you do not keep the promises you made to Me, will you be able to come to Heaven, My Kingdom? 
No matter how much official work you may do for Me, 
if you do not keep your promise to Me, you cannot receive what you could receive. 
Understand why other people receive but you do not. 
[It is because] I cannot give you blessings since you have not kept your promise to Me. 
A promise is a law. 
You do not know what you will receive after you have kept the promise [you made] to Me. 
Only those who have kept their promise will receive. 
Hence, only those who have kept their promise will know. 
A person who takes action becomes a living person and they benefit according to their actions. 
Only if you keep your promise and take action 
will you become a living person both in the body and the spirit, 
and you can live properly before Me.  
Didn’t I say that you had to keep your promises or vows even if it may be harmful to you? 
(Psalms 15:4, Ecclesiastes 5:4~6) 
I, the Holy Son, give you blessings on the foundation that you have fulfilled your promises. 

A person, who does not keep their promise, 
whether it was made to God, to Me, the Holy Son, or to their brothers, is a dead person. 
Keeping a promise you make to Me is very difficult. 
You can fulfill it only if you put all other things aside and make that as the top priority. 
You must keep your promise in order for Me, also, to keep My promise to you and carry it out. 
A person who makes a promise to Heaven, yet does not keep it, is a liar and a deceiver.
Your ancestors of faith—Abraham, Jacob, and many other people
—made promises to God and kept those promises. As a result, they received [blessings], didn’t they? 
You should take action believing in the promise that I have made to you. 
Only then, will I give you what I have prepared. 
If you keep that promise, I continuously give you bigger and better things.

You promised that you would offer a certain amount of prayer and praise. 
You made promises about how you would live your life. 
You promised you would love your brothers like My, the Holy Son’, body. 
You promised that you would live, loving Me first and utmost and live doing My work. 
You promised that you would live offering tithes and thanksgiving gifts. 
You promised that you would live without blaming your brothers and sisters, 
blaming the world, or blaming Heaven. 
Also, you promised that you would not complain, grumble, or speak ill. 
You promised that you would pray, awakening the dawn. 
You promised that you would become someone who will comfort Me always 
so that I, the Holy Son, would not feel lonely. 
You promised that you would have a never-changing heart toward Me, 
and that you would not betray Me in love. 
You promised that you would evangelize with zeal and save one person, or two, ten, or a hundred people. 
Also, you promised to thoroughly take care of the lives that have been preciously evangelized 
and that you would unite them with Me, the Holy Son,
You promised that you would diligently attend the predawn services, Sunday services, 
Wednesday services, and the Holy Spirit revival assemblies. 
You promised that you would not serve both Me and the world at the same time 
and that you would make your body and spirit prosper by loving Me [only]. 

I know every promise that you have made to Me. 
Upon hearing your promises, I have recorded all of them in ‘the book of promise’ in Heaven. 
But who do you think I am, that you make promises [to Me] but do not keep them? 
As I speak, you will remember the promises that you have made to Me. 
So take action according to those promises. 
Only then will you gain [the things] pertaining to each promise. 
Only then will you be able to see the work I am doing, 
and you will know what I am currently doing by seeing and hearing 
the things of the spiritual world and the physical world. 

Everyone, you must keep your promises then miracles will take place. 
You must keep your promises then a joyful and ideal world will come. 
You must keep your promises then you will become more united with Me. 
You must keep your promises then Satan. 
I am the Holy Son who, out of love, has delivered the Word of vigor to keep your promises. Shalom!

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