Great History of Change
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Great History of Change

When you sow seeds in the ground and plant trees, 
those seeds and trees will grow everyday to look like what they are meant to look like. 
They will initiate changes of life everyday and grow, and then eventually they will fulfill their goal. 
The crops will be abundant and even produce seeds, the trees will grow and bear fruits, 
and the fruit will even produce seeds. 
In this way, they need to change and go through several stages, in order to reach the completion [stage.]  
However, the seed itself, and the tree itself cannot change on their own. 
Seeds need to be sown in the ground, and trees need to be planted. 
Only then can the seed and trees develop, as they go through the changes of growth, 
and they will become crops and [trees that also] produce grain/ fruits. 

Let’s talk about what directly pertains to you. 
Your life also has a relative beginning. 
From the time the seed of life is placed securely in the mother’s womb, 
changes of life begin to occur towards the original look of man. 
Without even resting a second, it/(the fetus) continues to grow and change. 
It matures and endlessly performs changes of growth. 
Once changes cease to take place,
it/(the fetus) becomes a dead life that it cannot come out to the world and live. 
All of you were able to come out to the world and live, 
because the changes of life continued and you matured [following] a normal pattern. 
A life grows in the mother’s womb and gradually changes. 
However, it doesn’t grow and change by its own activity of life. 
It/(the fetus) absorbs nutrients that are provided through the mother’s umbilical cord, 
and it conducts [fetal] circulation using the mother’s blood. 
[In the process, the fetus] becomes one with the mother, fulfills the history of life, 
bring about the change of growth, and becomes a complete person, although not fully grown. 
And then ten months later, it comes out to the world, changes and grows to be a more perfect life. 
Now it has become what looks like you. 

Just as growth of ‘the physical life’ goes through different stages through ‘the mother’s womb,’ 
changes and is completed, 
your ‘spiritual life’ that will live forever also goes through the womb called ‘the body,’ 
where you develop and change. 
Just as a fetus in the mother’s womb cannot make changes of growth on its own, 
the spirit in its body also cannot make changes of growth take place on its own either. 
[The spirit] grows through the body, which is the womb for the spirit. 
Just as a fetus in the mother’s womb absorbs nutrients from the mother and grows, 
the spirit also absorbs all the deeds of the body, 
and through the activity of life as well as the deeds of the body, it makes changes of growth take place. 
A child is born inheriting their parents’ nature and temperament, blood types, mentality, 
and genes, and they mature. 
In this way, the spirit receives the body’s mentality, thoughts, deeds, 
and is influenced between good and evil. 
It inherits exactly according to the body’s nature and temperament, and grows. 
Depending on the food that people eat, the body is influenced. 
If you eat meat, the body is affected by the meat’s nutrients, 
and if you eat fruits, the body absorbs and obtains the fruit’s nutrients, right? 
In the same way, the spirit receives the body’s thoughts and deeds exactly. 
Therefore, you need to know how important the change of the body, the change of thoughts, 
and the change of actions are.  

The spirit fulfills the change of growth by taking on the deeds of the body
However, the deeds of the body alone cannot save the spirit. 
The body needs to believe in me, the Holy Son, as their savior, truly love me, 
listen to God’s words through me, believe in my Father, and live loving him. 
Then, the body will be reborn through my love, the Word, and the works of the Holy Spirit. 
Together with this, the body will perform righteous deeds, 
and change into the heavenly character.  
Also by doing my work, the body will change into the person living in the domain of life; 
as a result, depending on the body’s deeds, 
the change of life will also take place in the spirit, and it will grow. 
Unless you truly believe only in me and my Father and love us, 
your righteous and good deeds of the body alone cannot save the spirit. 
Even if a person has lived virtuously, serving others through righteous deeds, having compassion for them,
and has lived helping them, they are only repaid on earth for what they have done. 
Their spirits cannot receive salvation and go to heaven. 
However, among those who have lived virtuously, there are spirits that go to the good spiritual world. 
However, the good spiritual world is like a tree without fruits, 
that even though they go there, they cannot gain eternal life 
unless they believe in my Father and me, the Holy Son. 
When the spirit sheds off the body and lives only as the spiritual body, 
it is harder to perform acts of righteousness, it is hard to believe in me, and take action upon the Word 
because the spirit is without the body, and therefore, it is hard to save the spirit. 
Things end up like this because it missed a good opportunity while in the world. 
Also, the spirits that are in the Good Spiritual World cannot continue to live in that domain. 
If they do not listen to my Word, accept it, take action, and receive salvation; 
because they have failed to transform into the spirits of Heaven, 
they eventually are sent to the domain of death 
when time comes after their stay in the Good Spiritual World. 

In Hell, there are many spirits that lived as good people on earth. 
They simply lived as good people 
but they did not believe in my Father, nor did they believe in me, to be the Messiah. 
For this reason, they went to Hell. 
They realize the reason why they ended up in Hell as when the angels of Hell tell them 
or when they realize it on their own. 
However, it would have been too late. 
You must know that it is the greatest ‘goodness and righteousness’ to believe in my Father 
and my Word, to accept and observe the Word through action, 
and to love me and my Father while you live in the flesh. 
While your body is living, you must change your spirit into the image of Heaven 
by believing only in my Father, the Almighty, and me; by listening to our words and changing 
and by uniting with me in personality and in love. 
The spirit goes to “that” level of the world as much as it changes, 
and the body also lives receiving blessings on earth in that “level.”
{“that” level=the world of the level the spirit pertains to}

Let us make it a goal to change anew more. It is a blessing to change for the better. 
You have to change for the better in order for your body, your heart, 
and your environment to become better and for your spirit to change, too. 
If the spirit does not change, it will end sadly as an incomplete spirit. 
Your spirit is formed and transformed depending on how your body lives 
and depending on what kind of Word you hear and have put to action. 
Whoever it may be, one’s spirit is formed according to the actions of the body. 
You need to make the effort with a willing heart to change further. 
Transform your spirit perfectly, listening to my words and putting them to action. 
You can make a great history only if you change according to my will and in the way I want. 
I will draw you close and bless you, 
and make a great history with individuals, families, and churches as much as you change. 
You ought to change by repenting and making yourself clean 
and live a life of only loving me first and utmost. Then all things can change. 
You should always, abide by the Word and keep your thoughts from running in the wrong direction. 
Then you will achieve a great transformation. 
You will realize while taking action; your spirit will become godly as much as you change; 
and the thoughts and heart of the body will become spiritual 
and you will be able to see the spiritual world, realize and grow more. 

Do not ever forget this word, ‘change.’ 
Only then the good changes you have experienced will not turn bad again, 
both small and big things will change for the better, 
your heart and actions too will change for the better, and [you will] shine; 
so you will walk with me and live within my love. 
I bless you; may the Holy Spirit be with you more and inspire you 
and may the omnipotence of my Father and my love and power be with you even more. 
I am the Holy Son who spoke to you so that you will change. 

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