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We Will Live Only When We Go to the Lord Who Loves Us.   
The Thoughts and the Treatment of the One who Loves 
Is Different Compared to a Stranger.

How a parent sees, feels, loves, treats and takes care of the children they gave birth to, 
is different from how a stranger would see, feel, love, treat, and take care of those children. 
How a lover thinks about, sees, feels, loves and treats the one they love 
is different from how a stranger would think about, see, feel, love and treat the lover. 
Also, how an owner manages, cherishes, protects, and loves his possessions 
is different from how a stranger would manage, cherish, protect and love those same things. 
Since he loves, he sees you differently from a stranger, thinks of you differently from a stranger, 
and takes care of you differently from a stranger. 
That is why even a person who will soon die will live if they get into the arms of the one who loves them.  
A stranger may look at the same thing but will see it 
with his own thoughts and from his own point of view. 
But the one who loves will do things considering the heart of the one that they love. 
They will try to see, treat, manage, and care from the point of view of the one that they love. 
That is why you need to go to the arms of the one who loves [you] always. 
Then your body and spirit will not receive the suffering you were bound to receive. 
Even the one who were to die lives because [I take care] of them with true love so that I can save them. 

You will live [only] when you go to the one who loves you. 
Who will love your spirit and body, love you, and treat you thinking of you as their own child? 
And who will become your beloved lover, love you, be truly interested in you, 
treat you (well) only looking at the good things, and covering mistakes with love?   
It is in people’s nature that they cherish, protect, manage, and like things that belong to them. 
Therefore, even if their own things have defects, they brag about them, love them, 
manage them with hope, and treat them well. 
Therefore, you must go to your beloved one. 
Then where your body, heart, and spirit are hurting will be healed and they will come to life.    
Therefore, always seek to be embraced in my arms 
and don’t withdraw and distance yourself from me. Only then can you live. 
Being in my arms is [being in the arms of] love; it is a refuge; it is a home; 
it is a nesting place; it is the place where you solve your problems; 
and it is the place where you will receive great help in the days of tribulations. 
Just as sheep do not leave the arms of their true shepherd, 
and just as chicks live not leaving the wings of their mother chicken, 
you should also come into these arms of mine, the Holy Son, who truly loves you, and be close to me. 
Make your eyes, heart, body, and spirit never part from me.    
You get hurt even more and receive more suffering 
because you seek a place of comfort from other people; 
you look for the path of salvation from other people; and you expect love from other people. 
Those who love the world and material wealth, and therefore seek satisfaction and ideals through them, 
are like people who seek other people [rather than seeking the Lord]. 

Bring lives to me, and make them come into my arms. 
You might not be able to save them, but I can save them 
because the way I treat them, my love for them, management, feeling, 
and heart [have for them] are different from yours. 
And even if you see the same things as I do, I am the one that they love, 
so I have a different relationship with them
and my treatment for them is different [than your treatment for them]. 
That’s why I can save them. I, the Holy Son, have bought each person giving all my body and blood, 
so they are my beloved ones and I treat each person differently than how other people treat them. 
Therefore, testify about me, and bring lives into my arms. 
You cannot save lives even with this treacherous world’s wealth, fame, environment, 
or through whatever other means. 
Even friends, brothers, parents, lovers or the love of the world 
cannot satisfy their spirit and body, nor can they save.   
Only I love them for eternity, and manage them. 
Even if they are crazy, I still like them, and even if they cause problems, I am still fond of them. 
The way you look at them and the way I look at them are different. 
Even if their parents forsake them, and their lovers forsake them, I don’t forsake them. 
As long as you don’t forsake me, and you believe in me, love me, keep my words, 
and take action following me, why would you go to the domain of death?
My words are true, so believe them, and take action without doubting. Your eternal hope is in me.   

Those who are out of my sight are people who are out of my heart. 
Those who are out of my heart say to me, 
“Lord, Lord,” but their spirits are living a life in a different world. 
The way you perceive things in this world is different from the spiritual realities. 
Didn’t I mention to you while I was preaching the gospel in the world with my body? 
I told you that not everyone who calls me, “Lord, Lord,” will enter Heaven. 
If you don’t live according to my Will, and if you don’t take action take action according to the Word, 
you can never come to my Kingdom, Heaven. 
Didn’t I say to the people who called me only with their lips, “Lord, Lord,” 
“You who have done unlawful things, away from me?” (Matthew 7:21-23)  
Don’t you think you should pray and check to see 
what kind of spiritual world your spirit is currently residing in depending on your faith, heart, and actions? 
For many people, the realities of what their spiritual conditions are like 
and where they are in the spiritual world are so different from what they think [on earth.] 
For some people’s spirits who live in my arms, their spirits are residing in a place that is much better 
and shines more than what their bodies have expected; 
and for some people, they are shocked to find out 
that their spirit is actually living bound in the domain of death; 
when, in fact, they thought that their spirit would be in a much better place.  
If a person lives day by day, expecting that they will do well 
and then sees their spirit ending up in a place they never thought they would, how lamentable it will be. 
How hopeless and dismayed they will be and how bitterly they will be weeping.
Therefore, you must listen to what I say and take perfect and fierce action now, 
while you are living in your body on this earth, and now when I am revealing my heart. 
Even in the physical world, once the body steps over the threshold of death, restoration is hard, isn’t it? 
In the spiritual world also, once the spirit goes over the line of death, 
its restoration is almost impossible. 
If the body suffers from a disease that leads to death, their body is essentially sentenced to death. 
They will be unable to cure that disease and eventually die from it. 
The same is also true in the spiritual world. Be perfect. Be zealous now! 

Truly, you can live only if you come into my arms of love. 
You can live only if I take care of you and pay attention to you. 
As for me, I [care for you with] interest, help, and praise, from the beginning to the end. 
I think of you with love and treat you with love from the beginning to the end.
I tell you the truth. Everyone, you can live only if you come into my arms. 
The way I see things, the way I love, and the way I think, are different. 
I, the Holy Son, am the beginning and the end. [I am] the start to the end. 
Just do not give up from your end. 
I bless that the peace I bid you and my love will fill all of you fully.
I am the Holy Son, who is your parent of faith who gave you birth with love 
and who is also your bridegroom of love. 
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