Repentance and Love
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Repentance and Love

‘Faith and salvation’ are all about the relationship with me, the Holy Son. 
I will explain what this means so listen. 
When ‘faith’ is mentioned, are you not reminded of me, 
and when ‘salvation’ is mentioned, are you also not reminded of me? 
‘Your relationship with me, the Holy Son’ means ‘how much are you related/(connected) to me or not,’ 
‘how close are you to me or how distant are you to me’, ‘how interested are you in me or not,’ and so on. 
Also, it means, ‘What is your relationship with me? Are you a servant, a brother, or a lover to me?’ 
Whether it is the world of the spirit or of the body, 
you will see realities according to your deeds and you will receive according to your deeds. 
Depending on your relationship with me, the Holy Son, 
your faith is determined and it also determines the status/(level) of your salvation. 
If you want to live your life in a more ideal level, 
listen to my words and live raising your level in action(s).

If you love me only at certain times, you are close to me only at the times you love me. 
If you want to love me, you need to become create a bond with me. 
You need to make me bond with you with love. 
You need to do the works of my love. You need to fulfill the Will of my love. 
There are things that I have planned and intended so you need to listen to my words and act upon them. 
Your heart, thoughts, physical life, soul and spirit are changed and made with faith and actions 
as much as you keep my words. 
You need to repent in order for you to be clean; you need to love in order for love to be fulfilled; 
and you need to take action in order for something to be done. 
If you want your spirit and body to be clean, you need to repent of your sins, 
receive the price for your sins, and do [righteous deeds to] build up your merits.
In addition, if you want to fulfill love with me, 
you need to get acquainted with me, live a life where you will be attached to me, and love me. 
Only when a builder who constructs houses does the job, a house can be built. 
A person who does the work of making the road must work on the road for it to be made, 
and a person who cooks must cook for a meal to be prepared.  
Even if you live a day, you need to have a purpose and do it until the end. 
Then you will fulfill that purpose and it will be fruitful.  
All of you must learn about sin, realize and know about it, so that you do not commit sins. 
And you need to learn about righteousness and goodness. 
Then you will know what they are and take action, 
so that you can live a worthy life while living on earth 
and your spirit will live an eternally worthy life. 

(Regarding Sin) 
I along with the Holy Spirit want you to repent every day. 
Repentance is one of the most essential factors of a bride. It purifies you and makes you clean. 
When the opportunity is given to you to repent, you must repent. 
If you don’t repent quickly when I give you the chance to repent, 
you will be judged when the time comes, and you will receive suffering. 
Whether you have sins in your thought or not, repent. 
Repent regardless of sin, and make yourself clean. 
Unless you learn about my Father God’s laws, and my laws, 
you cannot distinguish between righteousness and sin. You cannot discern what is good or evil. 
Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable and goes against your heart is sin. 
Anything that makes you conscience-stricken and guilty is sin.
I have revealed what righteousness is, what sin is, what unlawfulness is, and what goodness is, 
in the Bible. 
Even if you have only thought about it in your heart, it is a sin; committing evil deeds is a sin; 
and not doing righteous deeds even after knowing what they were is also sin. 
There are thousands of different types of sins. 
Not believing in God who created you and the world is the biggest sin. 
If you believe in me and God absolutely, and live obeying our laws,
then you will live having nothing to do with the thousands of types of sin. 

If you don’t wash dirty clothes that give off stench, then they will stay that way all day long. 
If you do nothing, then after a month, or a year, 
they will decay, giving off even more of an unpleasant smell and they will be dirtier. 
Clothes will be clean if you wash them, 
and in the same way, your sins will be cleansed only with ‘repentance.’ 
By washing clothes, your clothes will be clean and shine.
[In the same way,] if you repent, your spirit and heart will shine, 
and clothes that your spirit wears will also shine. 
The clothes your spirit wears depends on your actions, 
and also depending on your actions, your spirit will shine or will be dark. 
By repenting every day, wash your actions clean.
If you don’t repent, your sins will never leave you. 
When you live your daily life, you will find that your clothes become saturated with filth and dirt, 
and in the same way, in the course of living, 
you will find that your actions become dirty due to sin just as your clothes get dirty. 
Just as you wash your undergarments everyday, 
make your heart and actions clean by repentance 
so that you will live making your spiritual clothes clean, and making your spirit shine. 

If you sin, then both your spirit and body will suffer due to that sin. So it incurs an incredible loss. 
If you fail to repent, then you will not be able to get out of the world of sin, 
and the domain of death due to that sin. 
You will go to the eternal [domain of] death due to that sin, 
and receive billions of times the suffering of sin. 
Therefore, you should repent and not receive suffering. 
Instead, do righteous deeds every day, so that you can receive my blessings and my Father’s blessings, 
and come to Heaven and live in eternal joy. 

(Regarding righteousness)
‘Righteousness’ is to believe in me, the Holy Son, and my Father God, 
and accepting words I gave you and putting them into action. 
Doing good deeds within me is righteousness. 
‘Goodness’ is to live believing in me, the Holy Son, who is good, 
and loving me, obeying my words, and putting them into action. 
What was the difference between those who did not believe in me, ostracized, and distrusted me, 
and those who believed in me and followed? 
Those who distrusted my words did not listen to my words because they did not love me, 
but those who followed, listened to my words and followed by loving me. 
What is the fundamental? 
The fact that they ‘believed in me, followed, and kept my words,’ meant that they ‘loved me.’ 
The fact that ‘they did not believe in me nor followed me, and did not listen to my words,’ 
meant that they ‘hated me.’ 
Because they hated me, they distrusted me, kept me at a distance, and even killed me, didn’t they?
Therefore, whoever they may be in whatever time period they live in, 
they cannot gain eternal life unless they love me. 
It is because they can [only] gain eternal life by loving me and obeying my words. 
Those who love me keep my words, believe in me and follow me. 
Whichever time period it may be, loving me is to have kept the greatest law. 
Unless you love me, you cannot listen to my words valuably and you cannot keep them. 
As much as you love me, you will listen to my words valuably, obey them, 
and put them to practice. 
Those who keep my commandments are people who love me. 
Didn’t I say that whether it is faith or salvation, it is all about ‘the relationship with me, the Holy Son?’ 
You must become one with me just as a branch becomes one with the vine, 
but if you don’t love me, you cannot become one with me. 

It is a life of love with me day by day. 
No matter how sincerely I speak to you about the eternal value of your life, 
you have to be willing, make efforts, be determined, and take action. Then you will be able to do it.
Set conditions respectively for the work each one of you should do. 
It is the mind and the body; the heart and the body; prayer and action. 
It is a time when each one of you should be running and working hard 
so that you will not fall into temptation and so that difficulties and tribulations may not strike you. 
I bid you peace. I am the Holy Son who is always with you and loves you. 

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