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Receive My Love and an Abundance of the Holy Spirit,
And Shine Your Light by Overcoming Tribulations.

When a person disobeys the law of God, they cannot shine their light. 
Only when they repent and make themselves perfect, can they shine their light once again. 
If you are not perfect in faith, and instead deny or doubt, 
you cannot shine the light that is made possible through faith. 
If [a person] does not repent of what they need to repent about and does not make themselves clean, 
they cannot shine the light of life before me, or my Father. 
They cannot shine their light 
unless they value lives, preach the gospel, and save and manage lives with me. 
Like Abraham who is the ancestor of faith, 
you need to set the conditions of perfect faith, 
repent of what you need to repent about, make your heart and deeds clean,
and build merits of lives through evangelism, then you will be able to shine your light. 
Like this, you have to do things that need to be done. Then you can shine your light. 
Those who disobey the Word, fail to endure to the end because it is difficult, 
and break God’s law will not shine the light of life in those areas. 
No matter how much talent you possess, 
if you do not live abiding by God’s laws, you cannot properly shine the light of life.
By listening to my, the Holy Son’ words, 
truly realize what prevents each of you from shining the light of life, repent, 
and take action [upon them] diligently. 
Even if it may be hard, troublesome, and difficult, 
you need to put to practice the things you need to do, in order to shine the light of your life. 
Those who take action will take action even if there were difficulties, 
while those who don’t take action will not take action even if there were no difficulties. 

After Adam, [people in] Noah’s time were extremely promiscuous and corrupt. 
Thus, they couldn’t meet their partners according to the Will of God and receive blessings, 
and instead they married whoever they wanted. 
Hence, [in Noah’s time], it evolved into a world centered on people, 
and they were unable to fulfill Heavens’ Will. 
But Noah kept his faith and followed God’s Will only. He was obedient and lived a relatively perfect life. 
Consequently, he received blessings and shone the light of the time period.
[In that time period,] the wickedness had reached its limit, 
and God judged them according to their deeds through water, which symbolizes the conscience. 
[However,] righteous Noah received God's revelation beforehand and made an ark, 
and he saved himself and his whole family.
He shone the light of saving lives in that time period and also shone the light of fulfilling God's Will. 
[Everyone] in that region of that time period was destroyed, 
but for Noah, because he obeyed God's words even in the midst of hardships and suffering, 
he was able to set the condition of saving not only himself and his family, 
but also for his descendants to receive blessings as well. 
I also want you to live soundly and perfectly in faith as Noah did. 
This time period, just like Noah’s time, is the time when it is sexually and worldly corrupt. 
Therefore, each individual and nation will receive judgment just as people did in Noah’s time. 
Only those who lived obeying the Word of God as Noah 
did will be able to escape the judgment in spirit and in body. 
Live only according to the Word that I give you in this time period 
and shine the ultimate light of life, 
and save yourself, your bloodlines, and brothers and sisters into the ark of the Word

How many people there are in this time period that believe and serve people, making them into idols? 
Those who serve idols cannot receive salvation. 
How many people there are, that are so caught up in things they like, 
and do those things as if they are serving idols? 
Therefore, can [such people] receive salvation? Do not have other gods before me. 
Those who put other gods before me and serve them 
will receive punishment down to three to four generations including themselves, 
or receive punishment up to four hundred years, 
and as a price for their sins, their spirits will go to the [domain of] death, Hell.  
Know that God never forgives the time period, regions, or individuals that live caught up in idol [worship]. 
Whichever time period it is, God judges [such peoples’] bodies and spirits.    
Abraham was born in a household where they served idols. 
But after receiving the call of God and coming to the land of Canaan, he believed in God absolutely, 
gave sacrifice to Him morning and evening, and lived keeping his absolute faith. 
Consequently, he became the ancestor of faith and shone the light of faith. 
Following that, he received blessings down to three to four generations, 
and his son Isaac also shone the light; 
Abraham’s grandson Jacob also shone the light, 
and his descendent Joseph also shone the light of the times. 
This is why they call Abraham, the ancestor of faith, don’t they? 
Joseph was hated by his brothers, and was sold to Egypt. 
There, he was unfairly accused of committing a sexual crime, and was sent to prison. 
However, he made his faith even more solid, and loved and served God all the more, 
so he shone the light wherever he went. 
Eventually he became the prime minister of Egypt, 
and shone the light for his entire life, and made his brothers also shine the light. 
Even if you go through the same kind of ordeal as Jacob and Joseph, 
if you live your life only loving me, the Holy Son, and God, 
you will shine the light regardless of the environment. 
When the time comes, and the time of suffering passes, 
you will rise up and shine the light like the sun so that everyone will see and be shocked. 

Listen to my words.
You are [mere] human beings who live your lives not knowing what I, the Holy Son, know. 
It is because you don’t know that you are harmed; it is because you don’t know that you receive suffering; 
and it is because you don’t know that you end up receiving even the eternal suffering. 
-People don’t know that they have an illness 
and they live their lives not knowing that they will die as a result of that illness. 
-People live their lives not knowing that they will die unexpectedly due to various accidents.
-When they do “this,” they will be really successful, but because they don’t know, they fail to do it. 
-People live their lives not knowing, and only choosing to do things that will bring them loss.
-If they go on ‘that path’, they will die, but there are people who go on the path of death. 
-When they hear those words, they will go to Hell. 
But still, people live their lives preaching it saying that it is good.
-Some people are caught up in an idol worshiping religion, 
and serve the idol putting their lives on the line instead of serving God, whom they should serve. 
They don’t know that as much as they serve God, there are blessings and salvation. 
But instead, they serve the idol and things that they like.  
In this way, people live their lives [really] not knowing. How good is it that you live your lives knowing?
If going to Heaven, receiving salvation, receiving blessings, and being successful 
are easy as going to a public bath house, having a bath and washing your body, 
then everyone will come to Heaven and live there worthlessly without knowing the value. 
You need to make the ideal world in a valuable way, by going through difficulties and suffering. 
Then, because you’ve earned it preciously, 
it will be rewarding for eternity and you will be very happy as well. 

Check to see how much you’ve struggled in your life of faith. 
How much did you pray in order to shine the light, 
and how much did you obey my words in the midst of tribulations, 
and how much have you been trained receiving persecution and suffering.  
Look at the central figures of [each] time period in the Bible and learn. 
How much difficulties, injustices, hunger, pain, suffering from the environment, mental suffering, 
and tribulations at the national level did they go through, but still fought against Satan and won? 
They were persecuted from kings of that time, and [they were persecuted] from the former time period. 
But even as they were pursued to stone caves, caves in the ground, and also to faraway lands 
and received suffering from the wicked people, they still fulfilled God’s Will. 
Learn this as you live your life.

I bless you that you may listen to my words,
think about what you should shine more brightly, and take action.
I am the Holy Son who loves you and has taught you to shine. Shalom!
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