Those on Whom the Lord Can Lay His Head.
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Those on Whom the Lord Can Lay His Head.

Those who accept my words are people who accept me in their hearts, 
and I have laid my head in their hearts. 
Be crazy about me and love me so that by loving me, I can lay my head on you. 
Then you will become the one whom I laid my head on through love, 
and you will not be lonely in your love. 
Instead, you will rejoice, eat, and drink with me. 

Those who failed a day are people who failed a year. 
Know how great/(important) a day is, and don’t forget about me but live walking with me every hour. 
If you keep me at a distance, even if you struggle with [all] your power, strength, mind and heart, 
you cannot do it. 
Make sure to do it with me, the Holy Son. 
Think about me in your heart and mind, and always discuss with me and take action. 
You need to live making my mind become your mind. 
Then, even if you live one day, it is worth as much as living one year. 
Overcome tribulations, persecutions, problems that trouble you, 
and live defeating worries, anxieties and concerns with my mind. 
If your heart doesn’t become united with my heart, you will worry, 
and you will be concerned and anxious about needless things; 
and, you will do useless things and even suffer. 
Therefore, always pray that my mind will become [your mind]. 
Always listen to the Word that I preach in this time period, realize, and take action. 
Also, pray so that you can receive my words, and live with the words you have realized.
Then the darkness cannot come near you, and you will live in the light with me. 

I, the Holy Son, am the one teaching you, and you are the ones that should take action.
If I do everything for you because I am the Messiah, would there be people that will go to Hell? 
Then why would I worry?
[But] you are the ones who need to do it. That is why I worry. 
You need to do it. Then I can help you. 
Pour out your heart, and get it done with a determined and focused mind. 
You always do it making me nervous and as if a lover’s heart burns. 
How powerfully would I work on those who take action? 
You need to take action. Then my heart will not be anguished, but I will help you with joy. 
If you take action, my words will become power 
and [they will become] me, so that I can help you and take action together. 
My words are me. [My words are] the Holy Spirit. They are my Father God. 
Those who received the Word are gods. 
If you receive my words, you will be bold; you will receive power; 
you will be certain; you will be confident; and the power will come. 
If you discern well and accept when I speak to you, the power of the Word will come. 
Only those who do things persistently from the beginning until the end 
are people who let me have a place to lay my head. 
I have spoken to you a lot of words, but if you don’t keep them, 
it is better that you haven’t heard them at all. 
So I will lessen my words. Obey what I have said until now. 
Those who treat my words carelessly and make me not have any place to lay my head 
will be buried in [the domain of] darkness, [where] they will struggle and seek me. 
When that time comes, they will have to do again all the things they couldn’t do before. 
Only after they do all of those things will they be a place where I can lay my head.

I go to each of you often. 
But since you take action caught up with other thoughts, 
I watch you for a moment, and come back miserably. 
Make your body and heart the place where I can rest comfortably, 
and make a place where I can lay my head.  
Even if I speak to you all night long delivering a long message, 
if you don’t receive it and don’t take action, it’s only my lips that will hurt. 
Control your heart, and make me, be inspired and happy, and go to you. 
Since I am anxious in my heart, I, as the Messiah, end up having a crush on you.
If I plead with you, you do it, but you still treat me [in a way that shows] you are unaware of me. 
For those that I love, I don’t need a lot of words. 
If they follow me when I say one thing, I will continue to tell them more. 
Love is walking together. It is one heart. It is one action. Whatever [you] petition will be heard. 
It is joy. It is hope. It is not showing the back, but showing the face always, and loving. 

When I, the Holy Son, the Holy Spirit, and my Father come to the earth, 
[make it so that it is like] we go to our lover’s place. 
[In this way,] live a life of always waiting and preparing, so that we can go to you without any burdens.  
Even if I go to you ten times, or twenty times, 
you need to treat me and welcome me as if you have met your lover after ten years. 
Then I will go to you often. 
The more I visit you, the more you need to treat me by welcoming me, more joyfully and with more love,
giving me your heart and environment. 
Then I can stretch my legs without being conscious, and I will go see you breathlessly [with excitement]. 
After looking at your heart, I hesitate to go [to see you] or not. 
When you don’t even receive me happily, what if I go to you and I am put to shame? 
I hesitate for this very reason. 
I was burning with love so I went to see you because I missed you, 
but there are those who put me to shame saying, “Oh Lord, you have come again?” 
Those who receive me in this way will regret forever. 
Whether you believe in me perfectly or believe in me in a mediocre way, 
depending on how you make up your mind, the day’s efforts can be easy or difficult. 
If you treat me with a faith that’s neither standing up nor sitting down, it is difficult for both you and me. 
The one who works diligently is the standard. Take after his example, and do it like he does. 

Be successful in loving me and serving me. This is eternal success. 
What’s the use if they are well-known in the world? You need to know where their spirits are at. 
Some people’s spirits are in Hell, and people follow and serve that person like a god not knowing that. 
They are really frustrating. 
People teach that they are great. People like them and learn their mentality and mindset. 
However, because those who liked them and followed lived with their mentality and ideas, 
they will also end up in the place where the ones they liked have gone. 
Don’t [judge things] base on the body just because they are physically alive, 
but look at the realities of their spirits in the spiritual world.  
Even if I said the same thing, what I, the Holy Son said, will fulfill eternal life, 
but words of the gentiles are not words of life, no matter how good they sound. So they will end there. 
Learn my teachings and life from me, and take action according to it. 
Then, you will go to Heaven with me. 

Before I died on the cross for the sake of all mankind’s sins, the thief on the right said to me, 
“I am punished justly for my sins as a sinner. But you are a righteous person and you have no sin. 
Please let me go to your Kingdom, too.” 
At that time, I told him, “Today, you will be with me in paradise.” (Luke 23:43) 
That day, he went to Paradise, which is below Heaven, with me.
However the thief on the left who committed the same sin as the thief on the right criticized me saying, 
“If you are the Messiah, why don’t you save yourself and save me, too?” 
Just like his words, mentality and heart, he failed to receive salvation and his spirit went to Hell that day. 
Until I took my last breath, I saved lives and spirits. 
[However], you are living comfortably, so why can’t you save lives? 
It is [all about] the mind and the heart. 
I never gave up even when I was hanging on the cross. 
If you cannot do it now, when are you going to do it? 
The thief on the right who accepted me became the place where I can lay my head. 
He spoke to me regarding me as a good person, and accepted me.  
He knew that he was a sinner, and recognizing/(seeing) me correctly, 
he asked me to have mercy on him and asked me to take him to my Kingdom. 
It was fulfilled according to that heart, mind, and speech. 
In this time period too, those who do things like that thief on the right 
will be saved and I will take them to my Kingdom. 
However, the thief on the left didn’t know and spoke recklessly. 
Those who speak recklessly before me in this time period are also like the thief on the left. 
It will be done according to that mentality, heart, and speech. 
Whoever you are in the world, depending on how you treat me
your salvation and life will be determined. 

You should make a place where I can lay my head. 
Then, I will also make a place where you can lay your head. Come to me sincerely. 
I bid you peace. 
I am the Holy Son who, even today, loves each one of you. 
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