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Your responsibilities and powers. 
You can do everything through the one who gives you power. 

【Scriptures】 Philippians 4:13
I can do everything through him who gives me strength. 

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son,
and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be fully moved, inspired, and affected by the Word.

Apostle Paul confessed that he can do everything in him who gives him power. 
And he lived doing everything like he said. 
If you do all your responsibilities and the Lord gives you power on top of that, 
you can do everything and nothing is impossible for you. 
If you don’t do the things you must do, then the power God gives you is not enough. 
No matter who they are, if they don’t do their responsibilities and don’t do the things they must do, 
they don’t get made.
If people don’t do their responsibilities with repenting, serving, doing righteous deeds, being merciful,
evangelizing, making peace, and polishing/improving their minds and actions, 
they do not get made into righteous people. 

Praying and repenting, receiving grace, receiving the intense fire of the Holy Spirit, 
receiving God’s power are all things that come as a result of you taking action. 
The Holy Trinity work on top of that foundation. They give you power. 
If you only think but don’t take action, you become bodies in the domain of death. 
If you think and are moved only in your minds, 
then only your minds are happy and nothing further happens. 
If you take action, changes happen, you bear fruits, and things become reality. 
The Lord said, “You are moved, happy, and full of joy when you hear my word. 
If you don’t put them to practice, however, you cannot gain anything 
and you go no further than just being happy. 
As soon as you are moved, as soon as you are inspired you must immediately take action.” 
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son make things happen by giving people inspirations 
but they don’t give inspirations continually. 
If you don’t take action when they give you inspirations and work on you, 
that inspiration will cool down and stop when the time passes. 
You will end up not getting the work done 
because you didn’t take action when God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son gave you power. 
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son give you appropriate power 
because those tasks can’t be done even if you all your strength and do all your responsibilities. 
They work on you by giving you strength and inspiring you. 
You must take decisive action when that happens. You must take action.
There are things you must do and responsibilities you must fulfill every day and every hour. 
The Lord said, “Everyone has things/work they must do at their time 
but if they don’t do them out of laziness, neglect, or a lack of a sense of responsibility, 
they can’t get it done because the work will get backed up. 
Once work gets backed up, people will eventually not finish them 
because they become twice a hard. 
You must do the work at the right time. You must take action. Then I will work on that too.”

People who took action are already living outside their domain and living in other worlds. 
People are living having been divided into people who have taken action 
and people who haven’t taken action. 
Only those who take action become changed in new ways in their minds and actions 
and live in the domain the Lord wants them to. 
Some people don’t struggle with all their might and just give up thinking, 
“Living perfectly according to the Lord’s Will is great but doing so is so hard. 
So I have no choice but to receive less and live an ordinary life. 
If I were to live like that, I can’t do it because it is so hard.” This is wrong thinking. 
In addition they think, “In the world one has to suffer in order to live better and it’s great 
because you live a good life according to how much you do. 
I think it will be good for me to just do what I have the strength to do and just live an average life. 
I will do that with my faith too.” 
If life of faith were like life in the world would the lord speak with such aching heart? 
No. [What He says] does not pertain to the body. 
[He says those things because] they affect the eternal destiny 
and people will go to the world of destruction. 
If people give up on their life of faith, their spirits will go to hell 
and they will suffer gnashing their teeth forever. 
If your bodies do not do their responsibilities your spirits live in the domain of death 
even during the time your bodies are alive.  

The pain of hell that people go through in their bodies during the time they live in this world 
can be divided into three types. 
First, there is suffering of hell one goes through in which they get physical illness or injury to the body. 
Second, there is the pain of hell in which a person’s heart feels bone wrenching pain 
due to worries or anxieties. 
Third, there is the pain of hell one goes through 
because their spirits visit hell and remain in that domain. 
Everyone, you’ve experienced times when you experienced pain and suffering in your body, 
pain and suffering in your mind, or extreme spiritual pain and suffering that was so bad 
that you called out to God and the Lord gnashing your teeth and struggling with all your might, right? 
I wish you not forget that. You must always think about that and live being alert. 
If you forget that pain, you become lazy, slow, negligent, and don’t do the things you must do. 
You must get out of that domain by taking action yourself. 

Saving yourself is to put the words from the Lord to practice and doing all your responsibilities. 
Even if the Lord gives the same message, the level of understanding between people 
who listen doing all their responsibilities and people who listen without doing their responsibilities 
are completely different.  The inspiration each receives is different. 
Even if people hear the same message the way the message is heard and felt in the heart 
between a person who has repented of his/her sins and a person who hasn’t repented of his/her sins 
is different. 
The very first responsibility we must fulfill in living a life of faith is to, ‘repent of your sins.’
People go to hell because of their sins. 
‘Sin’ refers to breaking God’s laws and doing wrong. It is to not do the things God wants. 
You must repent of each and all of these things and receive personal forgiveness from the Lord. 
After that, you must build up your merits by doing acts of righteousness 
for yourselves and for the Lord. 
By doing this your bodies and spirits receive [rewards] in this world 
and your spirits [are rewarded] in heaven. 

You must not be lazy but do them diligently and steadily always being alert. 
People who give up are people who fail completely. 
Right now is the time of opportunity in which we must do it. 
You must do it because the Lord is with you!

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