Even if it looks upside down, look at it correctly.
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Even if it looks upside down, look at it correctly.

【Scriptures】 Proverbs 4:25-26
Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you. 
Give careful thoughts to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son,
and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be fully moved, inspired, and affected by the Word.

God allows ‘the person who receives that’ to know it first and be its owner.
Therefore, so that other people don’t become the owner*, 
[God] shows the image secretly - showing its form upside down.
(*Translation note: the person it was intended for.)
And [He] desires for the one who receives it to see it correctly. 
With all objects and lives - when you look at them according to your own perspectives, 
in self-centered ways, and by your own desires, they look upside down.
If a person is not the owner, he/she sees things backwards and lives backwards.
Even though God gives correctly, the one who receives will receive it upside down.
Even though people receive it upside down at first, 
the person who later sees it correctly through wise discernment 
becomes the owner of that being, creation, or goods.    
The person who possesses it but continues to see it upside down 
can only be a keeper [of that entity] instead of its owner.
The person who sees it correctly becomes the owner, feels joy and excitement from it, 
makes it his throughout the body’s lifetime, and even forever in their soul and spirit.

Even a bowl too - if you turn a bowl upside down and look at it upside down,
it will not be seen as a bowl because it cannot contain even one cup of water. 
Therefore, you will consider its value to be only 1/10th [of its actual value].
The same happens with those who look at people, creation, works of art, the Word of truth, 
and the Lord upside down.
Even if it is the same object or the same person, 
the person who sees it correctly becomes the person who has found the treasure.
People too – if you look at them upside down, 
you will see their image and form as something completely different [than what they really are].
People too – if you look at them upside down, you will see them as nothing special. 
When you see correctly, you will see their form and image correctly 
and thus, you will be impressed by their beauty, wonder, and majesty. 
A person who cannot see correctly is a person who sees upside down.
Time in an unconscious state is time spent thinking upside down.
Time spent with dozing thoughts and in a hazy state of mind is time that passes backwards.
If you look at creation upside down, it will not be attractive, not be beautiful, and not be wondrous. 
Look at a nose upside down. Does it look attractive?
The same is true with creation, lives, works of art, and the Word. 
A person who think in the right ways is a person who thinks correctly.
A watch too – See what happens if you wear it upside down. It lacks beauty or wonder. 
And you can’t tell time correctly either. 
In this way, a person who sees things upside down sees something good as bad, 
sees a good person as being evil and end up slandering that person. 
They are people of unsound minds. 
They are people who go on seeing and thinking of even hell as Heaven. 

Even trees and plants are hideous if you see them upside down.
Imagine how desolate it would look if a tree’s trunk was buried in the ground
and its roots were rising to the sky? It cannot even exist properly. 
All the people who live seeing and thinking upside down are like this. 
People who live failing to see the Almighty and all-knowing God correctly 
are people who live seeing everything upside down 
like a tree with its trunk in the ground and its roots rising into the sky. 
You must look at people, creation, and buildings correctly. Only then will you find the treasure. 
A person who looks at people while looking down at them is a person who sees upside down.
A person who fails to see the person of mission sent by God correctly is a person who sees upside down.  

If you look at it upside down, it is insignificant. It is not beautiful, wondrous, profound or majestic. 
Pictures too – if you look at them upside down, they will immediately seem confusing. 
The same is true if you fail to look at God’s Word and the Bible correctly.
Those who look at the Bible upside down say that the people of that era lived till 930 and 969 years old. 
However,  when  looked at the Bible correctly, came to know that the way they calculated age was different
because it was before [the modern] calendar started and came to know 
that therefore, the people of that era also lived and died like the people of this time period. 
People who preach while looking at the Bible upside down 
are like people who go around wearing the tops as bottoms and bottoms as the tops. 

People who live upside down live with all their blood rushed into their heads 
because it is like living with their heads placed on the ground.
People who live before God while putting their opinions placed high are people who live upside down.
Satans think differently from God’s thoughts and think upside down.
It means that they think their thoughts are correct.
And they inject their thoughts into people and make them also live by those thoughts. 
They make people not believe in God 
and even if they do believe in God, they make them think [of God] upside down. 
Wicked people start upside down and make things majestic at first. 
But they will deteriorate with time and [ultimately] come to an end. That end is Hell.
Righteous people who live by God’s Will start correctly. Therefore, they start small at first. 
But they gradually become wider, higher, and more prosperous over time.
In the end, they will go to Heaven.

Ignorant religious people interpret the Bible upside down and keep following that path even if it is wrong. 
It is spiritual resurrection but they think upside down and say it is physical resurrection.
A decayed corpse will never come to life 
even if 7.3 billion people in the world pray 100 years for it to come to life. 
You have to see correctly, believe, and take action. 
Then ‘the resurrection in which the spirit lives’ will happen. 
Those who see it as the physical resurrection interpret the Bible upside down 
and anxiously wait for ‘the physical resurrection and the physical advent.’
They wait for Jesus’ body to come riding on the clouds of the sky.
Even though they waited that way for 2000 years, he did not come that way. 
Jesus’ body did not appear even once for 2000 years. Only Jesus’ spirit appeared. 
When you look at John 6:63, Jesus said, 
“It is the spirit that gives life. The body counts for nothing. The words I have given you are spirit.” 
Yet, people neither think about those words nor believe in them. 

A person who cannot see correctly cannot travel correctly.      
You have to meet the Lord. 
Then you will learn the truth correctly and properly and live correctly.  
“God, the Lord, the Bible, the Word, creation, people, love, the things God gave you 
– live seeing all of them correctly!”
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