Just as you have to look in order to see, you have to think....
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Just as you have to look in order to see, you have to think. 
Then you will see.

【Scriptures】 Proverbs 4:23
Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. 

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son,
and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be fully moved, inspired, and affected by the Word.

Thoughts move the body, let the soul and spirit connect, 
and are the source of life that determines the destiny of your body, soul, and spirit.
Therefore, you have to think good thoughts. 
People who achieved success whether physically or spiritually 
are people who chose the best thoughts from among the countless thoughts 
and took action with those thoughts.
It is to choose one good [thought] from among countless thoughts and take action on it.
If you want to achieve eternal success, you must listen to the Word of the savior
and receive the Trinity’s thoughts and thus make your thoughts into ‘a god’ and take action.
[If you do that], since you are taking action having received the Divine Being’s thoughts, 
it will be as if you are taking action like the Divine Being. 
So, a history that is like the Divine Being’s will happen.

A person has to look with his eyes in order to see, right? 
You cannot see something you haven’t looked at. The same is true with thoughts.
You have to look in order to see. 
In the same way, you have to think. Then you will see and feel. 
This is the core of thoughts.
If you don’t think, you cannot see it even if something exists 
and you cannot feel it even if it is visible to your eyes.
On the other hand, if you think, you can see it and feel it even if it is not visible to your eyes.   
Just as you have to look in order to see, you have to think. Then you will see.
Just as the taste of food is determined by how you cook it, 
the taste of the heart is determined by how you think.
If you think incorrectly, you will be swayed even if it is regarding something that is right.
If you entrust your life and your thoughts to God, there is nothing to be shaken. 

Even if it is the same object, its form will seem different depending on the angle of view.
In this way, when it comes to people, depending on how they think,  ‘the feeling’ changes, 
‘their actions’ change, ‘the results’ change, ‘the life of their bodies’ changes, 
and ‘the destiny of their souls and spirits’ changes.  
In the brains of people the image of things are formed according to the person’s thoughts
and it looks just how they think.
Food that you like looks delicious and also appetizing, right? 
In this way, people see things and feel things according to what they think and what they like.
Therefore, even though other people see something as ordinary, you see it as the best because you like it.
You have to use your brain with knowledge of its functions.
Even if something is good, if you look at it thinking in your brain, ‘I’m going to see it as a bad thing,’ 
then it will seem bad.
Even if it is something bad, if you look at it thinking in your brain, ‘I’m going to see at it as a good thing,’
then it will seem good.
Whether it is something good or something bad, if you are determined to ‘do it!’ in your brain, 
then you will surely end up doing it no matter what.
Since your brain thinks that ‘you are going to do it!’ and permits it, 
your brain operates with joy and your body also takes action with joy. 
Therefore, if it is something good, you have to be determined to ‘do it!’ in your brain 
and thus make it so doing that work is put into operation with joy. 
And when it comes to something bad, you should be determined to ‘not do it!’ in your brain 
and make it so not doing that work is put into operation with joy.     
If it is something bad and something unrighteous, you should hold back and refrain from doing it.
If it is something good and something righteous, 
it is important that you decide you want to do it and set your heart to do it.

It is with thoughts that you control your thoughts 
and it is with thoughts that you make your thoughts perfect.
Even if there is a problem, hardship, or tribulation, 
you should first solve it and win with ‘thoughts.’
And according to those thoughts, you will also solve problems through actual actions 
and overcome the hardships and tribulations.
You cannot do it if you do not have a heart of wanting to do it.
You must first make a decision with your thoughts.
Then your body will take action according to those thoughts. 
When listening to the Word too. 
If you don’t have a heart of wanting to listen to it, you cannot listen to it, right? 
When taking action on the Word too. 
If you don’t have a heart of wanting to do it, you cannot do it, right?
First, you decide at [the level of] your thoughts and then you will take action with your body.
Therefore, you should discern in your ‘thoughts’ whether something is right or something is not right 
and then do what is right and don’t do what is not right. 
Because people think incorrectly, they get hurt, have accidents, sin, and fail.
Because people think correctly, they turn out well, do acts of righteousness, and succeed.
Thoughts that come through the operations of your body’s brain are weak and lack certainty.
The thoughts of the spirit are like ‘a god.’
So they are more than capable of controlling your body.
And, if you receive God’s thoughts, you will control your own body even more clearly. 
God created the brains of human beings to be flexible.
Therefore, their thoughts move and their brains operate according to how they think and what they like.
If the brain was fixed to one kind of thought, 
people would not exist properly because they live thinking only that one thing.
Therefore, you have to develop and improve your brain.
If you don’t do that, you will use only 1/10th of it, use it only in a general way, 
and use it only at a basic level and no further. 
If you want to develop your brain, you must live according to ‘the thoughts of your spirit.’
Also, you have to pray and always receive ‘the Trinity’s thoughts’ through the Word.
Then the thoughts of the spirit will become stronger 
and so you will control the body more powerfully. 
I bless that the powerful thoughts of the Lord enter into all of you 
and let you control the thoughts of the body, take action powerfully, 
and thus a history of achieving victory and raising your levels will happen to you every day. 
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