Receive training till the end, win and gain.
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Receive training till the end, win and gain.

【Scriptures】 Psalms 23:5
You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. 
You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. 

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son,
and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be fully moved, inspired, and affected by the Word.

When I asked about what we must do 
in order to keep God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son from worrying, 
the Holy Spirit said, “You must do things till the end.”
There are difficulties when you are starting 
and there are tribulations, persecutions, and hardships during the process as well. 
However, if you ultimately set your heart saying, “Truly, I will go till the end,” and do it, 
then fundamentally, They will not worry.  
There are people whom God, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Son all worry greatly about. 
They are people who fail to do things till the end, and people who give up mid-way.
Even those who did really well at first may have a change of heart in the middle, turn their backs on the Lord.
However, despite going through tribulations, persecutions, and hardships, 
if you win by holding onto the Holy Trinity and taking action till the end, 
then you are ‘a person who keeps the Trinity from worrying about you.’

In a track and field race, you cannot be sure who the winner is until the end.
The person who goes all the way to the end and crosses the finish-line becomes the winner.
You have to do things till the end. Only then are you certain of victory. You have to do things till the end. 
Only then will questions be answered and misunderstandings be cleared up. You have to do things till the end. 
Only then will you be compensated for the losses you have incurred until then and gain.
You have to do things till the end. Only then will you resolve the grief you’ve had until then.
You have to do things till the end. Only then will you come to know why God did things as He did 
and about the story and the Will behind.
A house too, has to be built until the end. 
Only then can you complete it and live in it.
Reward for your hard work too. You have to do the work till the end. Only then will it be given to you.
The daily wage too. You have to work all day. Only then is it given to you at the end.
Even the most beautiful writing must be finished till the end. Only then will it shine. 

If everything was given at first or given during the process, 
then how can you find a true person, a righteous person, 
or someone who remains without changing until the end?
God gives only a little at first, gives a little more in the middle, 
and gives the most amount at the end.
To those who do not change until the end but love the Holy Trinity 
and take action according to God’s Will, 
He gives big and abundant rewards according to what they have done.
A farmer has to grow his fruit crops and crops in his rice paddies and fields until the end. 
Only then will he gain for the investments he has made until then, 
harvest everything, and enjoy the satisfaction. 

-The Prophet Samuel regretted and was grieved as a result of Saul. 
However, by receiving God’s revelation, taking action till the end, and appointed David as king, 
he resolved all the grief and injustice brought on by Saul, was respected till his death, and lived with joy.  
-David suffered a lot of suffering and threat of death from Saul. 
However, by relying on God and loving Him till the end, 
he was ultimately given a table in the presence of his enemy 
and resolved the grief and suffering he received until then.
-Joseph was also unjustly accused and was imprisoned. 
However, because he relied only on God and loved Him till the end, by interpreting the Pharaoh’s dream, 
he became the vizier of Egypt.
Through that he resolved all the injustices he suffered until then 
and even his brothers who sold him to Egypt out of hatred submitted to him.

All the people in the Bible went through training and hardships 
whether they were great people or little people.
Through that process they polished themselves even more, received training till the end, 
did work that God entrusted to them according to God’s Will, 
and ultimately ascended to the seat of glory.
Job too. While going through various trials and suffering, he fought against Satan and human satans. 
Because he went through a time of extreme training, even Satan could not bring charges against him 
and he got back double what was taken from him.
Jacob too. While being pursued by his brother Esau, 
he received training while going through various suffering.
He also received training even after going to his uncle’s house.
However, by not giving up but receiving training and taking action till the end, 
he ultimately gained Rachel whom he loved, gained wealth, 
and through that, he fulfilled his own wishes and even God’s wishes.

If you do something without receiving training, you cannot handle yourself, 
you cannot handle those you should govern, you cannot handle your work and mission, 
and you cannot fight against and defeat the opponent who is fighting against you.
Training is ‘learning.’
Training is ‘making yourself strong.’
Training is ‘experiencing while taking action.’
Training is ‘polishing yourself so that you can do things that are impossible.’
Therefore, if God wants to use a great person, a standard, or a leader, by giving him a mission,
He trains him. 
It is to make him defeat Satan and achieve victory, 
enable him to control and lead crowds of people well according to God’s Will, 
and be victorious by handling his mission well.

Even if things don’t work out well along the way and even if things are difficult and hard, 
you have to do things until the end.
By taking action till the end with your good tendency to do things till the end, 
you will even discover the treasure hidden in a field 
You have to do things till the end!
At the end, you will gain because you have gone all the way to the line of victory.
If you love the Holy Trinity and take action according to Their Will till the end, 
on the appointed day, all the problems will be solved and your grief will be resolved.

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