Take possession of the core.
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Take possession of the core.

【Scriptures】 John 14:6
Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. 
No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son,
and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be fully moved, inspired, and affected by the Word.

While people are good at giving time to the Devil, 
they are stingy and don’t give time to God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son. 
They seek the Trinity and ask Them to solve their problems for them only when they have problems. 
God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son are the core of everything. 
However, because people don’t give time to the core but lose the core, 
they are unable to solve their problems because that affects the whole.
Even though ‘the core’ may be small, the core plays the role of being the energy for the whole. 
Therefore, even though the core may be small, if it is taken out, it affects the whole.
Let’s say that a family has an ox, a pig, a horse, and a dog. Among the many livestock, a dog is small.
However, if it is taken out because it is small, 
since it cannot do the work of protecting the house, it will affect the whole. 
In the same way, if the people of mission for particular tasks are taken out just because they are small, 
it will affect the whole.
‘The savior’ plays the role of the energy for the earthly world.
Therefore, even though he is small compared to the whole, if the savior is left out, it will affect the whole.
The eyes are small compared to the entire body.
However, if the eyes are closed and not doing their mission, it affects the whole. 
The same is true with the savior before this world.

I will explain to you how you should not leave out the core by using a parable.
A certain person went to a friend and talked with him. 
The purpose of talking with his friend was to spend his birthday with his friend 
by informing him of his birthday and inviting him to come.  
So that person met his friend and spoke with him. 
“My birthday is coming up soon. 
I know you are busy, but since it is my birthday, please come and celebrate it.”
The friend heard this, understood it well, and set his heart to make sure to come on the person’s birthday.  
However, even though his birthday came, his friend did not come no matter how long he waited. 
Feeling quite hurt, he ate some food and talked with other people. 
When he said, “He told me he would surely come. Why didn’t he come?”
Others around him said, “Maybe that friend doesn’t know the day of your birthday.” 
Then the person finally realized that he had told his friend 
only that his birthday was in spring but failed to inform him of the core, which was the date.
In this way, when you are delivering sermons, testifying, lecturing, speaking, conversing, 
praying, evangelizing, working, making works of art, writing a written work, 
you have to surely say the core that pertains to that.
You have to include the core. 
Only then will lives come to life, will history happen, and will the whole shine!

I will give you the Word about the core at the next level.
‘The body’ is the background; the heart-mind-thoughts, that is, ‘the brain’ is the core.
The body acts according to the brain’s thoughts, and [your] fate is determined by that.
When God the Creator sees human beings, 
their spirits are the core and their bodies are the background.
God created ‘the body’ that is the background for the sake of ‘the spirit’ that is the core.
In order to make ‘the spirit’ into the heavenly form, and thus save and rapture it, 
God created the spirit to transform through the deeds of the body as the body takes action, 
while using ‘the body’ as the background.
God created people as ‘the core of the Earth’ and all things in nature as ‘the background.’ 
If God had not created all things in nature that are the background 
but had created only the human body that is the core, 
the body would not be able to exist because there is no foundation to live on.
Therefore, God created all things in nature that are the background 
so that the human body that is the core can exist. 
Likewise, ‘the body’ that is the background had to be created in order for ‘the spirit’ 
that is the core to live using the body as the background. 
So God created the body for the spirit. 
God created the background, the body for the core, the spirit with a fundamental purpose 
that the spirit is transformed according to the deeds of the body 
as the body listens to the words of the savior and loves the Trinity 
and that when the body dies, God ultimately takes the spirit and lives with it in love forever. 

God makes history with ‘love’ as the core. 
Therefore, indeed, the Trinity also truly love the best, 
those who truly love God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son as the highest priority every day.
Even if you believe in God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son and hear the Word and obey them, 
if love, which is the core is missing, God’s purpose for creating human beings will not be fulfilled.
The core must be present. Only then will the purpose be fulfilled.
‘Love,’ which is the core, must be present. 
Only then will God’s Purpose of Creation be fulfilled.

A foolish and ignorant person tries to take possession of only the whole. 
A wise person takes possession of the core and then makes the background [around it].
The core is like ‘the diamond’ that adorns the center of a ring; 
the background is like ‘the gold’ which is the mounting of the ring. 
As long as you have a diamond which is the core, 
you can buy gold which is the background and make [a ring].
A person who does not know does not center on the core, 
but instead, centers on the background that surrounds the core.
Let’s say that a person purchased a mountain and a field. That person purchased them for the core.
However, the core is not visible because it is hidden.
Because the core is not visible, a person who does not know thinks 
that the mountain and the field are the core and only grows crops and tends to trees in them. 
[On the other hand], a wise person finds the core of that mountain and that field and develops that.  
A person who doesn’t know takes only the oyster 
but a wise person finds the pearl, the core that is contained in the oyster, pulls it out, and takes it.

The whole exists for the core. The whole makes the core. And the core is used for the whole.
And [the whole] will gain as a result of the core.
Therefore, if [the whole] does not center on the core they cannot gain.
The core is none other than ‘the savior.’ The core solves problems. 
That is, ‘the savior, who is the core,’ solves the problem of life, solves the problem of salvation, 
and solves the problems of the soul and spirit. 
The core is the answer.
That is, ‘the savior, the core,’ is the answer to life, the answer to salvation, 
and the answer to the rapture!
The fundamental core is ‘God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son!’

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