A world of order
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A world of order

【Scriptures】 1 Corinthians 14:40
But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way. 

Hallelujah! I bless you to be filled abundantly with the love of the eternal God, the peace of the Holy Son,
and the fiery love of the Holy Spirit. 
And I bless you to be fully moved, inspired, and affected by the Word.

God said.
“I created all the body parts of human beings with ‘order.’  
I created all the creation in heaven and on earth so that they are orderly. 
Therefore, you have to live life by order. Then you will prosper.”

Order is ‘law.’  It means that ‘the law is established and that a person is established correctly.’ 
The center is established only when a certain quality, 
that is, the path, is made and established corrected.
God’s world is a world of order.
Therefore, it is ‘a world where order, that is, the path, is established correctly.’ 
It means it is ‘perfect, complete.’
When a path/road is made and established, people travel that road in the way it is made. 
When a path is made for a train and [train tracks] are laid, 
the train travels over it in the way the tracks are laid. 
The same is true for life and the same is true for faith.
When order is broken, you will collapse without lasting long 
because it is like a person who walks around with a stiff neck, twisted back, and crooked knees and pelvis.
When correcting the posture, the very first thing you do is to keep your bones straight as you go around. 
In the same way, you must go around with the quality of your heart and actions set straight.
Animals too – they turn out according to how they are trained. The same is true with people. 
There are people of good quality and there are people of bad quality. 
God measures the quality justly by measuring [all] the angles.
He sees anything that deviates from the path of what is normal as sin.

It is [about] ’quality and quantity.’
If there is high quantity but low quality it has low value. 
If there is low quantity but high quality it has high value. 
If something is high quality and high quantity,  it has the highest value.
If something is a false truth, since the quality is bad even though many people may follow, it is of low value.
If something is the truth, since the quality is good even if a few people may follow, it is of high value.
God chooses places and people ‘of the highest quality even if they are small,’ 
and carries out history through them.     
Both grain and fruit are also valued and their seeds are stored [for future planting] based on their quality.
Their variety is expressed as quality. Quality is ‘product quality.’
Bad quality products turn into trash quickly and get thrown in the trash early. 
If the quality of your heart, thoughts, and actions are bad, it can’t be used valuably.
You have to make yourself into a valuable person 
by fixing yourself with the Lord’s Word and the Holy Spirit’s inspiration 
so that your quality is established correctly and you are trained properly. 

‘Your constitution’ is your body’s quality. 
If your constitution is bad, you will keep getting sick even if you treat your sickness.  
Therefore, it is to make your constitution into a good [constitution].
If a person uses his body as is without training it, 
it is weak because its quality is mediocre and it is not trained well.
Therefore, he can’t endure it even if it is a little hot, 
he can’t endure it even if it is a little cold because he gets sick from the cold and contract aches all over, 
he has a hard time because he is so easily affected by the environment, 
even when small problems arise, he has a nervous breakdown and suffers, 
gets depressed easily and can’t function properly.
Therefore, he experiences too much pain in life.  
Therefore, you have to make your constitution strong by training and strengthening it.
The heart and thoughts too – if you just use them as they are without making them [better], 
you will have too much conflict with people 
and will be stunned and tormented even at insignificant words and actions [of others]. 
Just as you would strengthen your body by exercising and training it, 
you have to also make your heart and thoughts and faith into strong constitutions 
and then use them. 
Only then will you live comfortably. 

With products, cars, recorders, and smartphones – when they are of bad quality, 
they can’t function properly because their sensitivity is weak. 
If you paid the regular price for a piece of merchandise but it turns out to be bad quality, 
you will be so upset that you will buy and use something else. 
The same is true with people who are of bad quality.
[People] don’t like people with thoughts and actions that are [too] strong or of rough quality. 
The ideal world is a world with good quality words, hearts and actions.  
When people are orderly, it doesn’t get chaotic even if many people live together. 
When people are disorderly, there are conflicts and chaos even if just a few people live together. 

Order is ‘reason.’ Order is ‘[the correct] sequence.’ Order is ‘being organized.’
Order is ‘what is true.’ Order is ‘to exist in the right position.’
Order is ‘to take action perfectly.’ Order is ‘God’s method.’
Order is doing first what must be done first at each time.
You have to treat all creation in heaven and on earth according to order. 
Then creation will also treat you according to reason and you will prosper.
When order crumbles, chaos and pain come.
Order is ‘God’s law.’ You have to live according to God’s laws. 
Then it will be easy, you will succeed, and you will prosper. 
When you violate order, you become like the Archangel Lucifer who left his position. 
When order, that is, when the sequence is reversed, even machine [parts] will not combine [correctly]. 
The same is true in everything you do in life. 
See what happens if you run after first eating till you are full. 
It will be too hard and you can’t run because the order was reversed. 
With the sequence of one day’s life too 
– if the order is reversed, the work you do will not go well and it will be painful instead. 
God does everything in life in an orderly way. 

In the world, there are many things that conflict with you in various ways.
However, if you do not train and strengthen yourself, 
even if a small rabbit comes after you because it likes you, you will faint thinking that it will bite you.
If you are trained and strengthened, even if a snake comes after you, you will catch it in an instant 
and even if a big animal comes after you, you will control it.  
If you are trained and strengthened, 
you will handle any situation you face and you will even get big things done.
Make both your heart and thoughts into ‘ones with a brave quality.’ 
It is to train!  It is to strengthen! 
You have to be of good quality.
Then when there is the Lord’s Word and the work of the Holy Spirit, 
your heart and thoughts can feel it well,
and numerous thoughts that are much better will come to mind. 
Both the body and the spirit must be of good ‘quality.’ 
Then they will shine, function properly, become the Trinity’s counterparts of love 
and stand at a precious position. 
Bad quality things are not used valuably.
Just as iron is turned into strong and high-quality tools and instruments 
by quenching it in the foundry by putting it in fire and water, 
you have to make your heart and thoughts into the masterpiece of life 
by quenching it with the truth, which is like water and the holy spirit, which is like fire! 

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